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Meet the Team

Orlando Family Magazine was created with families in mind. Our team comes with a wealth of experience, talent and knowledge that allows us to successfully publish and deliver our magazine to you and your family each and every month. So with that in mind, let’s introduce the hardworking members of our family:

Eva Kelso, Founder & Director of Advertising

Eva Kelso moved to Orlando in 1991 where she graduated from the University of Central Florida and started her marketing career with a well-established advertising agency. She took her career to the next level and accepted prominent marketing positions with both a large national software company and a popular water theme park. A wife, mother of two and a business professional, Eva calls Orlando her home. Her dream to address a community need and start a local family publication was fueled by her creative energy, strong vision and a marketing-based knowledge that comes with over 15 years experience. Her ongoing mission is to create a quality publication to serve and showcase the Greater Orlando area and make the magazine the best it can be… Orlando’s Family Magazine.

Brittany Morrisey, Assistant Editor

Brittany Ann Morrisey was originally brought to the Orlando area after her parents moved here from Buffalo, New York, when she was just 2 years old. A graduate of the University of Florida, her writing has appeared in several Florida-based newspapers and magazines, in addition to national outlets online and in print. Brittany is proud to work with a team that is so dedicated to showcasing all that is great about Central Florida every month in Orlando Family Magazine.

Maria Foster, Sales Assistant

Maria Foster was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Her expertise in written and verbal communication came from her study of foreign languages. Maria moved to the United States in 1968 and has been living in Orlando since 1991. After enjoying a successful real estate career for many years, she decided to nurture her creative talents. A natural born artist, Maria created her own company, a Whimsical Touch, and spent several years painting beautiful murals in the homes of many Central Florida families. Her artistic talents, however, are not limited to a paint brush, as her writing ability equally matches her gifts of painting and drawing. She has written many insightful poems, and has edited various types of material for many writers. As a grandmother of three beautiful girls, Maria is very excited to contribute her natural writing talent to Orlando Family Magazine.

Account Executives

Donna Colona spent 14 years at the prestigious publishing company Congressional Quarterly, Inc. rising to creative director for the in-house direct marketing agency. After leaving CQ, she gave birth to her son Patrick, and subsequently moved to Orlando with her family. Donna re-entered the workforce and is currently a marketing/outreach coordinator for the medical directors of a Central Florida sleep program with a strong focus on community education. Donna is excited about the opportunity to work with Orlando Family Magazine to expand her professional horizons and help provide a quality resource for family fun and informative content as well as develop a valuable tool for businesses to advertise their goods and services.

David Levine
David Levine has more than 22 years experience in advertising and marketing. Before coming to Orlando he was an advertising director in Tampa Florida for a group of weekly newspapers where he spent 9 years. He then moved to Orlando where he worked for a daily newspaper in Lake county before coming back to Orlando to work for Orlando Family magazine. His favorite thing about working at Orlando Family Magazine is being able to build strong relationships with his clients and co-workers. When he’s not working Dave enjoys being with family and friends and traveling throughout the state.

Ali McMullen
Ali McMullan has more than 15 years of experience in advertising and marketing. Before coming to Orlando, she was a radio host in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she anchored and produced her own radio show called “Hitting Below the Belt.” She then started her own marketing company, consulting with a number of local businesses to help them reach their target customers and achieve their sales goals. Her favorite thing about working at Orlando Family Magazine is the opportunity to build long lasting relationships with clients. When she’s not working, this mother of two enjoys golfing, traveling and spending time with her children.

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