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Eye Care With Empathy

Guided by her own personal ocular-health experiences, Dr. Sarah Eid aims to make every patient of hers at Uptown Eyecare feel seen, supported and in good hands.

Dr. Sarah Eid knows a thing or two about how frustrating it is to navigate ocular issues.

“I had a lot of eye problems growing up,” Dr. Eid recalls. “I deliver care based on evidence-based medicine, but also using my personal experience.” 

A childhood of going in and out of eye doctors’ offices has encouraged her professional path, first nudging her toward the optician route. That hands-on, patient-facing position eventually directed her to optometry school, where she learned that the eyes are truly a window to patients’ all-over health. 

“Some people are born knowing exactly what they want to do with their life, and some people spend their whole life figuring it out—and I was neither,” she says. “Optometry was a subtle theme in my life, and this was my calling. During school, I was exposed to amazing ocular-disease cases that made me really appreciate just how much the eye can give insight into the body.”

While pursuing her career route, Dr. Eid engaged in numerous hands-on, immersive opportunities to strengthen her natural empathetic assets, both during her academic years and as a credentialed professional. From a decade in the optical field, to working in multiple VA clinics and Perkins School for the Blind, to being an active member of the American Optometric Association and Florida Optometric Association, her background has been a testament to the power of ongoing education providing rich insight into multiple facets of her field. 

A year and a half ago, Dr. Eid’s experience broadened to include Uptown Eyecare, which has locations in both Hunters Creek and Lake Nona. 

“I knew I wanted to work in a private practice and treat a wide spectrum of ocular disease and vision abnormalities, and provide tailored patient care for each case,” she says. 

She was drawn to its reputation for offering compassionate, full-service eye care with modern imaging advancements. Dr. Eid is especially well-acquainted with the FDA-approved MiSight contact lenses specifically designed for patients needing myopia control, a breakthrough that she notes would have been life-changing had it been available in her youth. 

Beyond the high-quality service and cutting-edge technology Uptown Eyecare offers, Dr. Eid appreciates that the practice prioritizes the holistic importance of regular checkups, even when patients’ vision seems to be unchanged. “A comprehensive eye exam has three parts: Assessing vision, identifying signs for systemic disease and evaluating an extension of the brain—the optic nerve.” The eye is the only part of the central nervous system exposed to the world. 

The stories the eyes tell can lead to diagnoses impacting the entire body. It’s not unprecedented for a patient to come in for a routine eye exam and learn that they show signs indicative of diabetes, hypertension, colon cancer, arthritis, stroke, brain and lung tumors, sickle cell anemia and more. 

“I had a patient who had asymmetric pupils: I sent the patient out and it was diagnosed as a lung tumor,” Dr. Eid says. “I examined a child and found pigment in his eye that correlated to a rare colon cancer. That’s why parents should bring their children in—that’s why everyone should see their eye doctor!” 

As she continues to uphold Uptown Eyecare’s mission of world-class patient care, Dr. Eid is grateful for the opportunity to embody her own philosophy: “Vision is a right, not a privilege.”

“I worked at a homeless shelter for a year,” she says. “The last thing they could afford was better vision. I promised myself I was going to offer anything and everything I could to give them access to an improved version of one of their five senses. As optometric physicians, we take an oath to provide the best care for every patient.” 


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