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Timing is Everything


Riding her recent wave of success, Emily Blunt revitalizes Mary Poppins for a new generation. It’s been more than five decades since Mary Poppins first graced the silver screen and would go on to become a beloved Disney classic, but Emily Blunt says the timing just feels right for her to reinvent the character for an entire new generation. “You shouldn’t rush a good thing,”... Read More

What Lies Ahead


To find out what the new year has in store for Orlando, we spoke with local officials and experts in their fields to get a glimpse of the changes 2019 will bring. With the beginning of another year, it’s time to look forward at what’s to come. To assess where we are and predict where we’ll end up. In our quest to investigate what the future holds for Central Florida, Orlando... Read More

Scout’s Honor


After 108 years, the Boy Scouts are carving out a new future by accepting girls into its troops and Central Florida is leading the way. The new year is here which means a new opportunity and new tradition for one organization that’s been focused on enriching the lives of boys. For over a century, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has been teaching younger and older boys how to... Read More

A Good Story


Comedian Bert Kreischer may just be the most interesting man in the world. Bert Kreischer is about to embark on the biggest stand-up tour of his career and all he can think about is finding the perfect lamb shank recipe for a dinner party he’s hosting later. Well, that and coming up with a new nickname for his friend Eric. “The guy he replaced at his new job is also named Eric... Read More

Destination Dining


Café de France serves up authentic and inspiring plates that whisk you away to the French countryside. For decades, Café de France has been one of Winter Park’s beloved dining destinations, proving that it can change with the times while staying true to its roots in serving up finely crafted French continental cuisine. The husband-and-wife team of German and Dominique Gutierrez,... Read More

Day Trip


For It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor Charlie Day, the path to stardom has been a wild and unexpected ride. Charlie Day fondly recalls the exact moment when he came to the realization that acting was his long-term future. He was in his early 20s and became inspired while appearing on stage at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachussets, a place where many Broadway... Read More

‘Tis the Season: Holiday Event Guide


Your guide to the finest in holiday celebrations throughout Greater Orlando. December 1 Songs of the Season The community is invited to share an evening of song, dance and entertainment at this annual holiday spectacular put on by Full Sail University and the Rollins College music department outside on the Dr. Phillip Center’s Seneff Arts Plaza. Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing... Read More

In the Spirit of Giving


A look at some of our region’s nonprofits and the causes they champion. As holiday celebrations begin, many of us will reflect on all that we have in life, from family to health. But we also recognize those who are less fortunate and the personal battles they face throughout the year, and whether it’s putting food on the table or watching a child fight a disease, their struggles... Read More

Still Hungry


Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco brings his chiding humor and exaggerated gesticulation to Orlando. Sebastian Maniscalco doesn’t know how to be complacent. Although he’s selling out comedy shows, has a top-ranked show on SiriusXM and is nabbing supporting roles in movies with some of Hollywood’s most revered performers and acclaimed directors, he’s always looking ahead to... Read More

Shopping Experienced


As the retail landscape changes, local malls are reinventing themselves, while boutique retailers are predicting a positive future. The holiday shopping season is ramping up once again with retailers big and small making their final push of the year to get consumers to buy. And buying, they are. In fact, the National Retail Federation expects Americans to spend as much as $720 billion... Read More

An Autonomous Future


Central Florida is taking a front seat in the research and development of self-driving vehicles. The future is near and here in Central Florida when it comes to self-driving vehicle technology. With the Florida Legislature working on bills to update the state’s motor vehicle laws to include autonomous vehicles (AVs) and the creation of the Central Florida Autonomous Vehicle Partnership—... Read More

The Final Farewell


As Elton John embarks on his last-ever live show in Orlando, the music icon assures fans he’s not walking away from the music. Elton John is facing an important crossroads in his life. After over 50 years at the top of the charts, wowing fans around the world with his legendary discography, the icon is hanging up his sparkly shades after one final tour. But this is far from a... Read More

Game Breakers


These elite athletes are ready for big things this winter. Rodolfo Motta Alvarez, Winter Park boys soccer A senior midfielder originally from Brazil, Alvarez recorded 16 goals and 13 assists last year as a junior to lead Winter Park to a district championship and 16-4-1 record. He hopes to guide the Wildcats to a state title in his final season. Are you feeling confident heading... Read More

Self-Defense or Indefensible


Florida’s controversial “stand your ground” law is once again in the spotlight. In 2005, Florida passed its “stand your ground” law, giving people the right to meet “force with force” if they believe they are in harm’s way. Now, thanks to several high-profile incidents that have gained national attention and a recent change that shifts the burden of proof onto the... Read More

A New Reality


For millions of Americans impacted by diabetes, their daily routines will never be the same,  but it doesn’t stop them from living. After a month-long absence from school, which doctors attributed to the flu or stomach bug, Elizabeth Forrest was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 10—just days before Halloween in 1999. Her new reality included pricking her finger to test... Read More

A Call to Action


As domestic violence incidents continue to rise in Central Florida, law enforcement agencies and other organizations are increasing their efforts. Almost two decades have gone by, but Raquel Gonzalez can still close her eyes and see her 2-year-old- daughter’s smile, clear as day. She can still hear Natalie singing along to her favorite song on the radio, can still feel the positive... Read More

Hitting the High Notes


Antonio’s blends an inviting atmosphere with elegant dishes in perfect harmony. There are plenty of great Italian restaurants in Orlando, but there are few that can manage to be smart and sophisticated without being imposing. Antonio’s in Maitland has that wonderful combination of warmth, hospitality and energy. The building overlooks the elegant Lake Lily and has undergone... Read More

Moore in Store


Growing up in Orlando, all Mandy Moore wanted to do was perform. But, even she couldn’t have envisioned transitioning from a successful music career into acting and a starring role on one of television’s biggest hit shows. Mandy Moore has long connected with adoring audiences during her heartfelt performances and now that excitement has reached a fevered pitch. While growing... Read More

Feeding the Mind and Body


Some college students are faced with a difficult decision: FOOD OR TEXTBOOKS. Colleges and universities are combating food hardship by providing students with pantries to satisfy their cravings and help them succeed in the classroom. The clock is ticking. Shawn Livermore sits in her final class of the day and has been eagerly waiting for this moment. As the professor releases the... Read More

Priced Out


Central Florida has found itself amid an affordable housing crisis that may only get worse before it gets better. Recently, Shelley Lauten, CEO of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, received an email from a local woman who works at a major hospital. It was one of many emails she receives from people who are at the end of their rope, wondering what else it is they need... Read More

Bringing out the Best


Local efforts to change the lives of those with breast cancer. Every October there is a nationwide surge in coverage and awareness about breast cancer. But for so many around the country and world, breast cancer research, treatment and support are year round. Whether it’s working to detect the disease sooner or volunteering their time to accompany someone to a chemotherapy treatment... Read More

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