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Academic Achievement: The 2018 Private High School Report Card


For this year’s annual private high school report card we worked directly with several of the area’s top institutions to get a better understanding of how their academic approach is providing students with the tools to succeed. We obtained data and information in several key areas from average SAT scores, average class size, the percentage of students attending four-year colleges... Read More

Contestant Confidential


Local residents who have appeared on some of the most popular TV game shows clue us in on what it is like behind the scenes. Playing along at home with some of the most long-running and popular TV game shows like Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud is an American pas-time. But what is it like to actually get on stage with the likes of Alex Trebek or tell Pat Sajak that you’d... Read More

Mr. Versatility

Orlando-Family-September-Nick-Cannon-3-MAIN copy

Nick Cannon has proven throughout his career to be a man of many talents, but he feels like he’s only scratching the surface. To call Nick Cannon a Renaissance Man is a bit of an understatement. Since breaking into the entertainment world as a young teenager more than two decades ago, he has made an imprint in almost all aspects of the industry. Along the way he also became an... Read More

A Juicy Past, A Thrilling Future


Winter Garden embraces its history while keeping an eye toward what tomorrow brings. The streets of Downtown Winter Garden are almost always bustling with people and activity. “There isn’t a day or time where this street isn’t busy,” Melissa Braillard, director of patron development at the city’s historic Garden Theatre, says. “No matter what time of day it is, there... Read More

Reach for the Stars


These local standouts are just a few of the talented student-athletes to watch this fall season. Erika Smith, Lake Nona golf A senior, Smith’s stellar career at Lake Nona includes the Class 3A state championship in 2016. Last year she secured the region title by carding a course-record 64 at Orange Tree Country Club and went on to place second at states, and this summer she competed... Read More

Top Dentists 2018


Meet the Top Dentists who will leave you smiling with confidence. The confidence that comes with being able to flash a toothy smile is invaluable. But, of course, a mouth full of pearly whites needs the best care to keep up appearances. In that regard, Orlandoans are blessed because Central Florida has some of the most dedicated and highly skilled dental professionals. For our annual... Read More

Winning the Battle


Hospitals in the Greater Orlando area are turning the tide when it comes to battling childhood cancers and increasing cure rates. A mere one percent of all cancers diagnosed are childhood cancers, and although a childhood cancer diagnosis is rare it doesn’t change the fear linked with the disease. No parent wants to hear their child has cancer, but fortunately advancements in... Read More

A Wake-Up Call


The Boheme shows that hotel restaurants are much more than just glitz. The Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando prides itself on bringing together high-class and eclectic works of art for its in-house galleries. This artful theme extends to The Boheme restaurant, located steps from the piano lounge that is complete with an Imperial Grand Bösendorfer piano; one of only a handful in the... Read More

Living the Dream


It wasn’t always this easy, but Dwayne Johnson overcame the obstacles to become one of entertainment’s biggest and most beloved stars. Dwayne Johnson has appeared in countless films, yet his real life story could be its own movie. In fact, it reads like one of Hollywood’s true fairy tales. When he was 14, his family was evicted from their Hawaii home because his mother couldn’t... Read More

Top Physicians 2018


251 of Greater Orlando’s leading medical minds. From the family physicians we see for routine checkups to the specialists who help guide us through challenging times, finding doctors who not only care for you, but also care about you is no small feat. For our annual Top Physicians list this year we once again tapped our readers and asked them to vote for the doctors who have made... Read More

Smoke Signals


As vaping and e-cigarettes become more popular with teens, some worry that they are being led down a dangerous path. When electronic smoking devices were first introduced, they were marketed as a possible solution to help deter adults away from cigarettes and nicotine addiction. And while some folks did ditch tobacco to give them a try, so, too, did many of today’s youth. Now,... Read More

A Helping Hand


With the beginning of this school year, Florida students will be eligible for two new statewide grants. When the Florida Legislature passed HB 7055 in March, two new scholarship programs were created for Florida students: the Hope Scholarship and the Reading Scholarship. The Hope Scholarship is possibly the first of its kind anywhere. Fueled by a tax credit program through car sales,... Read More

All Bets are Off


A recent Supreme Court ruling has opened up the gates for states to legalize sports betting, but the future of Florida’s gambling industry was already in question. In May, the Supreme Court struck down a 1992 federal law that prohibited the legalization of sports betting in most states. Now that the law has been tossed out, states are considering whether or not they should get... Read More

Better With Age


Master Sommelier George Miliotes has forgotten more about wine than we’ll ever know and the opening of his new restaurant at Disney Springs is the culmination of his career. Before he rose to the height of hospitality, George Miliotes was just a 12-year-old kid working at his family’s restaurants right here in Orlando. One of only about 150 people in the Americas who can claim... Read More

Just Getting Started


Reese Witherspoon has had an accomplished Hollywood career that spans decades, earned her an Academy Award and led to her becoming a successful producer. Despite all that, the doting mother of three firmly believes her best days are still ahead of her. Reese Witherspoon feels more enlightened, empowered and emboldened today than at any other time in her life. She’s rebooted her... Read More

Modern Family


In some ways parenting in the 21st century looks a lot like how our mothers and fathers did it. Their parenting advice has stood the test of time and the guidance offered by them and our parents’ parents is so often the most valuable; it’s the stuff that you didn’t read in the baby book. But in many other ways being a parent in this modern world of cellphones, evolving education... Read More

High Tech


Orlando is making a name for itself in the technology industry, proving it’s not just a Mickey Mouse town. Orlando may seem synonymous with theme parks—after all, it’s the epicenter of Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios. However, as of late, Orlando is quietly becoming the epicenter of something bigger, as seen by its recent No. 6 ranking by Time in its “20... Read More

Perfect Pitch


After her breakout performance on America’s Got Talent last year, Mandy Harvey is charging ahead, creating new music and inspiring people everywhere she goes. Mandy Harvey first caught national attention when she appeared on the TV show America’s Got Talent in 2017 and sang her original song “Try,” which she wrote about not giving up in the face of adversity. The performance,... Read More

Fatal Distraction


After legislators failed to make texting while driving a primary offense, how much worse will Florida’s distracted driving problems get? Only four states in the U.S. do not consider texting while driving a primary offense: Ohio, Nebraska, South Dakota and Florida. In these states, drivers cannot be pulled over and ticketed solely for texting while driving; they must first be... Read More

Palate: Small Plates, Big Flavors


The Spanish word “bulla” (pronounced “boo-ya”) equates to “buzz,” and Bulla Gastrobar generates a lot of it as it sits in the Lakeside Crossing shopping center on the corner of Orlando Avenue and Morse Boulevard in a new trendy area of Winter Park. It is the brainchild of the former owner of Por Fin in Coral Gables, Carlos Centurion. The Centurion Group  now  has ... Read More

Ready for Anything


From Disney child star to Hollywood heartthrob, Ryan Gosling is comfortable wherever his career takes him. Sifting through Ryan Gosling’s accomplished career thus far, it’s hard to pigeonhole the actor into one specific genre. He’s stolen hears starring in romantic comedies, dazzled in dramatic roles, and of course, showed he’s a bit of a triple threat with his choreographed... Read More

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