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Building a Solid Foundation

As Foundation Academy continues to grow physically, the Christian school is geared toward helping its students grow spiritually and academically to prepare them for the future. As a top Christian school in Central Florida, Foundation Academy is no stranger to spiritual and mental growth. And thanks to a $17 million expansion project, the school is getting used to quite a bit of... Read More

Giving the Gift of a Smile

Fravel Brewer Orthodontics continues its commitment to the community by offering free braces to children in need through a national nonprofit. Although Fravel Brewer Orthodontics has been a fixture in the Central Florida community for more than three decades, and has been able to restore the self-esteem for countless teens and young adults during that time, the feeling of helping... Read More

A New Road Ahead

  Whether looking to purchase or rent, Giant Recreation World offers wide selection of top-of-the-line RVs—and even a VIP club to help you embrace a new lifestyle and community. At Giant Recreation World, it’s not just about the destination. The journey is an equally important part of the adventure. Don McNamara started the business in 1976, and now his six children—including... Read More

The Eye Doctor is In

The multi-location Florida Retina Institute welcomed Nisarg P. Joshi, MD, this past September, and he’s already helping patients navigate and manage their diabetic retinopathy. When Nisarg P. Joshi, MD, joined the Florida Retina Institute (FRI) last month, he was drawn to its proven track record for being among The Sunshine State’s leading retina experts—as well as a harmony... Read More

A Guiding Light

The process of adoption can often be an emotional rollercoaster for both the birth mother and adoptive parent(s). A Chosen Child offers comprehensive support for all involved, ensuring that the child is placed in a forever home full of love and stability. Nestled in downtown Orlando, A Chosen Child has been making a difference in the lives of children and families for over 20 years.... Read More

A Lasting Impact

At Maitland Pediatric Dentistry, it’s all about creating smiles that last a lifetime. A child’s smile is a precious thing, and ensuring their dental health from a young age is essential for a lifetime of confident grins. In Maitland, parents are fortunate to have Dr. Domenic Aloise, a dedicated dental professional who specializes in the oral care of children. Dr. Aloise is not... Read More

Find Your Family

As a top Christian school in Central Florida, Foundation Academy is a place for students to excel in academics, fine arts and athletics. It’s a place for them to develop their faith and learn how to approach life from a biblical worldview. Foundation Academy is a place for friendships, mentorships and—above all else—family. “There is a family feel. We quickly get to know... Read More

Eye Care With Empathy

Guided by her own personal ocular-health experiences, Dr. Sarah Eid aims to make every patient of hers at Uptown Eyecare feel seen, supported and in good hands. Dr. Sarah Eid knows a thing or two about how frustrating it is to navigate ocular issues. “I had a lot of eye problems growing up,” Dr. Eid recalls. “I deliver care based on evidence-based medicine, but also using... Read More

Let the Good Times Roll

Orlando is known as the “Theme Park Capital of the World” to the millions of visitors who flock to Central Florida each year to enjoy the many entertaining attractions the area has to offer. Local residents, too, love to take advantage of living so close to these destinations, but they also long for new and exciting adventures that the whole family can partake in for an affordable... Read More

Exercise with Purpose

Nexxt Body Fitness and Aesthetics provides an exclusive, private fitness studio that showcases the numerous benefits of EMS workouts. At NexxtBody Fitness and Aesthetics, members can expect an ultra-private one-on-one personal training experience with a 21st-century workout. The exclusive private fitness studio located at Dellagio Town Center on Sand Lake Road in Orlando specializes... Read More

Individualized Education in a Christ-Centered Environment

Christ-centered education is at the heart of The Christ School. “It’s the core of who we are,” Dr. Aaron Farrant, head of school, says. “Obviously a great academic education is important, but so is the person you are and the person who you are growing into.” Every day starts with chapel, where an annual theme—this year it’s “Love God and Love Others”—helps guide... Read More

Uniquely Eclectic

Whether they are limiting their big day to a few special guests or hoping to spend it with 100 of their closest friends and family members, there is no question that most couples beginning their life together want it to start with an unforgettable wedding. No site in Central Florida is better suited to deliver that experience than Gallery J, a one-of-a-kind venue in Winter Springs... Read More

Identifying Retinal Risks

It’s vital to stay on top of one’s health in every aspect, as ailments in one part of the body can affect the system as a whole. The eyes are no exception—and with constantly evolving technologies and accessibility, ophthalmic disease can be detected earlier. Whether a person discovers retinal vascular disease from a check-up or after experiencing concerning indicators, Florida... Read More

Three Decades of Dedication

The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation has been an ardent advocate for the awareness, early detection, support and education that’s made a difference to patients, survivors and their families since 1993—and it’s only full steam ahead from here. Back in 1993, the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) was just three women spearheading the effort from a kitchen table, steadfast... Read More

Nurturing Excellence in Education and Character

Windermere Preparatory School has earned its reputation for preparing students to succeed both personally and professionally. Nestled in the picturesque town of Windermere, Windermere Preparatory School stands as a beacon of academic excellence, character development and holistic growth. Since its founding, this renowned institution has upheld a commitment to providing students... Read More

Ask the Expert: Your Oviedo Dentist

1. Why would my dentist recommend a “deep” cleaning? A deep cleaning, called ‘scaling and root planning’, is often recommended when there’s evidence of periodontal disease. Unlike regular cleanings that remove plaque and tartar above the gumline, a deep cleaning reaches bacteria below the gums. This procedure is essential to remove bacteria and prevent further... Read More

Family Theater Takes Center Stage in Central Florida

Orlando Family Stage’s new name exemplifies its mission to provide youth the experience and appreciation of the performing arts with a family-friendly spotlight. Interaction with the arts, especially from an early age, imparts life skills and lessons that last a lifetime. Within that immersive setting—whether from an audience, technical or performance perspective—-it’s... Read More

“Fall” in Love with the Great Outdoors

The cooler months can be a great time to fire up the RV and warm up to some on-the-road adventures. As the heat of summer gives way to the refreshing embrace of autumn, nature undergoes a remarkable transformation, adorning itself with vibrant hues throughout the country. This season provides the perfect backdrop for embarking on unforgettable RV trips, allowing travelers to experience... Read More

The Right Combination

Thanks to his expertise as a board-certified orthodontist and his ability to create a welcoming atmosphere, Dr. Scott Sakowitz gives his patients plenty of reasons to smile. Dr. Scott Sakowitz, owner of Sakowitz Smiles Orthodontics, is one of Orlando’s few board-certified orthodontists with locations in Winter Garden and Orlando. He is a Diamond level Invisalign provider, placing... Read More

In Alignment

Dr. Andre Baptiste, the founder of Baptiste Orthodontics and Baptiste Dentistry for Kids also known as #AndreTheFarmer, gives patients many reasons to smile. His job title may be orthodontist, but Andre Baptiste, D.D.S., sees himself in other terms—among them, an educator, a community pillar, and a relationship builder. “Some people think all I do is look in people’s mouths... Read More

Transforming Smiles

Fravel Brewer Orthodontics combines years of experience with the latest innovations in oral health to give patients restored confidence. In the world of orthodontics, where science meets artistry, Fravel Brewer Orthodontics stands out as a beacon of innovation and excellence. With a commitment to creating confident smiles and improving oral health, Fravel Brewer Orthodontics has... Read More