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Readers’ Choice: Top Vets 2024

In our April 2024 issue, Orlando Family Magazine will honor Greater Orlando’s best veterinarians. As part of that coverage, we’d like to hear from you, our readers, about the vets who keep your pets healthy! To nominate your veterinarian, just use the form below. In addition to providing the vet’s name, please also include the name of their clinic and specialty. Nominations... Read More


TOP FIVE: CAKE A quintet of tasty things to try this month MANDARIN ORANGE CAKE at Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster      LEE ROAD This signature dish offers a slice of sweet citrus cake with a tropical pineapple-orange whipped cream icing. It is served à la mode with a smooth orange sauce. NEAPOLITAN POUND CAKE  at Sister Honey’s Bakery SODO An ice cream-inspired... Read More

Orlando Family Stars

Each month, Stars features exceptional students, student-athletes, educators and all-around boons to the Greater Orlando area. Amelie Halon Halon, a senior International Baccalaureate Candidate at Winter Park High School, is a member of the UNICEF USA National Youth Council. She is passionate about children’s rights and was inspired to join UNICEF in response to political actions... Read More

Getting to the Pointe

With his professional experience in roles onstage and off, Jorden Morris’ conceptual intellect touches every aspect of the performance to cast an unforgettable and emotional impression upon the audience. Jorden Morris became Orlando Ballet’s artistic director two years ago, and his creative capabilities continue to soar—evidenced by the three productions he showcased in his... Read More

For the Love of Pets

Local veterinarians both highlight modern advancements and offer their advice for keeping our four-legged family members optimally healthy, whether it’s during the holiday season or every day of the year. Any good pet parent considers their furry, feathered, fishy or four-legged friends part of the family, and will approach their animal companions’ health with the same dogged... Read More

Holiday Hang-Ups

As joyous as the holiday season can be, many people find it is often accompanied by varying degrees of stress. Local experts weigh in on how to best prepare for and handle all the anxiety you or your loved ones may encounter this month. Around this time of year, most people look forward to family gatherings and get-togethers with friends to celebrate the many wondrous holidays... Read More

The Best of the Brunch

Who among us doesn’t appreciate sleeping in a little late and then heading out for a leisurely brunch with family or friends? From the numerous sweet and savory options to the mimosas and bloody marys, sitting down for a mid-morning meal always delivers feel-good vibes. Here in Central Florida, there are many wonderful places to order brunch and so we decided to pick some of... Read More

The Eyes Have It

  The eyes might be the window to the soul but, for ocular doctors, they provide insight into the overall health of the body, too. “We get a lot of information in a non-invasive way by looking at the vasculature in the eye,” explains Dr. Sarah Eid of Uptown Eyecare. “Is it going to show me how the vessels are in the leg? No, but if a patient is hypertensive, the blood... Read More

Orlando Family Stars

Each month, Stars features exceptional students, student-athletes, educators and all-around boons to the Greater Orlando area. Sid Kasi         Kasi, a Lake Highland Preparatory (LHP) School senior, recently implemented software he developed through LHP’s ASPIRE program. By making a user interface for it, he was able to use it at SALT Outreach, a local homeless shelter,... Read More

Strength in Numbers

With the national shortage of health care providers affecting Florida’s doctors, nurses, specialists and more, medical professionals are doing everything they can to avert those incoming issues—and minimize the challenges that patients are already experiencing. It’s no small task ensuring that Central Florida residents have access to the high-quality health care they deserve.... Read More

Home Is Where the Heart Is

November is National Adoption Month, signifying a celebration of families coming together through adoption,  as well as spreading awareness of the modern options available to help Floridians experience the joy of becoming a parent while changing a child’s life for the better. The unification of a child and a parent is a beautiful occurrence, and it is something that adoption... Read More

Room to Grow

As more and more people find themselves relocating to the Orlando area, officials are eyeing a future full of potential. It seems that folks across the country are steadily realizing what locals have known for quite some time: Central Florida is the place to be. For the first time since the late ’50s, Florida is the nation’s fastest-growing state, according to the U.S. Census... Read More


TOP FIVE: EGGS A quintet of tasty things to try this month PARMA HASH at First Watch MULTIPLE LOCATIONS This plate consists of two cage-free eggs cooked to your preferred style and placed along with seasoned potatoes, Italian sausage, house-roasted crimini mushrooms, onions and tomatoes with finishing touches of both Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses.  EL MONTADITO at Egg-Celente INTERNATIONAL... Read More

Private School Report Card 2023

With the new school year underway, it’s time for us to take our annual look at how some of the region’s leading private high schools are challenging students academically while also engaging them socially to give them the tools needed to succeed. We worked directly with several schools across the region to glean information in key areas like average SAT scores, graduation rates,... Read More


TOP FIVE: BBQ A quintet of tasty things to try this month KOREAN BBQ CHEESESTEAK at Yard House ICON PARK A unique twist on the typical cheesesteak, this sandwich is made with chopped ribeye, white American cheese, kimchi, gochujang, caramelized onions, green onions and roasted garlic aioli. It is served on a toasted hoagie roll with a side of house fries. BBQ MEATBALLS at the... Read More

Inspired to Take Action

Progress continues to be made in women’s health thanks to dedicated providers throughout Central Florida who are researching and implementing new treatment methods. Although Lindsay Kissane, MD, long knew that she wanted to pursue a career in health care, it wasn’t until medical school that her goals really started to come into focus. That’s when a beloved family member suffered... Read More

Leading the Way

Seb Hines is originally from London, but is quite familiar with the Orlando area. Having previously been a player for Orlando City, he followed his playing career by joining the front office of the Pride, working as a scout and in player development. In 2020, he became an assistant coach with the team before being named the Pride’s head coach in 2022—a historic hire that made... Read More

Leading Ladies

A look at some of the area’s female business leaders as they reflect on their various paths to success and share their advice for the next generation of young women following in their footsteps. Over the past few decades, there have been modest gains in gender equality in the workplace; however, women are still significantly underrepresented in leadership roles. Although there... Read More

Top Dentists 2023

Whether headed to the office for a routine check-up, cleaning or in desperate need of pain relief, trips to the dentist are an important piece of maintaining one’s overall health. Here in Central Florida, the region is filled with skilled dental professionals who provide the utmost care while forming meaningful bonds with their patients, young and old alike. Our... Read More

Orlando Family Stars

Each month, Stars features exceptional students, student-athletes, educators and all-around boons to the Greater Orlando area. Public Allies Central Florida                   A group of diverse young professionals from Central Florida recently took the trip of a lifetime to Washington, D.C., to witness policymaking at the highest level. Public Allies Central... Read More

Destination Relaxation

As summer draws to an end and school gets underway, many residents are not quite ready to get back into their fall routines. Thankfully, there are plenty of day trip and staycation options that can provide a fun and relaxing escape from day-to-day life.   One of the great things about living in Central Florida is the close proximity to all of the amazing things that the Sunshine... Read More