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Private School Report Card 2023

With the new school year underway, it’s time for us to take our annual look at how some of the region’s leading private high schools are challenging students academically while also engaging them socially to give them the tools needed to succeed. We worked directly with several schools across the region to glean information in key areas like average SAT scores, graduation rates,... Read More


TOP FIVE: BBQ A quintet of tasty things to try this month KOREAN BBQ CHEESESTEAK at Yard House ICON PARK A unique twist on the typical cheesesteak, this sandwich is made with chopped ribeye, white American cheese, kimchi, gochujang, caramelized onions, green onions and roasted garlic aioli. It is served on a toasted hoagie roll with a side of house fries. BBQ MEATBALLS at the... Read More

Inspired to Take Action

Progress continues to be made in women’s health thanks to dedicated providers throughout Central Florida who are researching and implementing new treatment methods. Although Lindsay Kissane, MD, long knew that she wanted to pursue a career in health care, it wasn’t until medical school that her goals really started to come into focus. That’s when a beloved family member suffered... Read More

Leading the Way

Seb Hines is originally from London, but is quite familiar with the Orlando area. Having previously been a player for Orlando City, he followed his playing career by joining the front office of the Pride, working as a scout and in player development. In 2020, he became an assistant coach with the team before being named the Pride’s head coach in 2022—a historic hire that made... Read More

Leading Ladies

A look at some of the area’s female business leaders as they reflect on their various paths to success and share their advice for the next generation of young women following in their footsteps. Over the past few decades, there have been modest gains in gender equality in the workplace; however, women are still significantly underrepresented in leadership roles. Although there... Read More

Top Dentists 2023

Whether headed to the office for a routine check-up, cleaning or in desperate need of pain relief, trips to the dentist are an important piece of maintaining one’s overall health. Here in Central Florida, the region is filled with skilled dental professionals who provide the utmost care while forming meaningful bonds with their patients, young and old alike. Our... Read More

Orlando Family Stars

Each month, Stars features exceptional students, student-athletes, educators and all-around boons to the Greater Orlando area. Public Allies Central Florida                   A group of diverse young professionals from Central Florida recently took the trip of a lifetime to Washington, D.C., to witness policymaking at the highest level. Public Allies Central... Read More

Destination Relaxation

As summer draws to an end and school gets underway, many residents are not quite ready to get back into their fall routines. Thankfully, there are plenty of day trip and staycation options that can provide a fun and relaxing escape from day-to-day life.   One of the great things about living in Central Florida is the close proximity to all of the amazing things that the Sunshine... Read More

Suicide Awareness and Why Kindness is Key

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. suicide rate is at the highest it has ever been, with almost 50,000 Americans taking their own lives documented in 2022. Experts explain why a centuries-long epidemic is getting worse. Suicide has been a devastating epidemic in society that demonstrates no sign of losing momentum. The stigma surrounding mental... Read More

Reader’s Choice: Best of the Best 2023

Readers’ Choice: Best of the Best 2023 In our December 2023 issue, Orlando Family will present its annual Best of the Best—spotlighting our picks for Greater Orlando’s best food, retail, health & beauty, and lifestyle services—but we also want your input! To nominate your personal bests, just... Read More

Homegrown Star

Matt Lauria may often play a tough guy on TV, but in casual conversation, it only takes a few moments for his sensitive side to rise to the forefront. In fact, the first words out of his mouth, following a very polite greeting, involve an offer to move a phone call over to Zoom, just so his facial expressions can be seen and all of his answers during a wide-ranging interview can... Read More

2023 Top Physicians

As hard as one may try, living a completely healthy lifestyle is an impossible task, and sooner or later, illnesses and injuries are going to happen. Fortunately, when that time comes, the Central Florida region is blessed to be home to many skilled medical providers across a number of specialties. These doctors not only have the drive to push their fields further... Read More

The State of Tourism

Orlando, Florida, USA downtown city skyline on Eola Lake. It’s no stretch of the truth to say that Orlando is where people want to be, thanks to the likes of its rich cultural offerings, endless entertainment options and, of course, year-round beautiful weather. From fellow Floridians to globe-trotting international visitors, the town and the world-class service industry it boasts... Read More

Orlando Family Stars

Each month, Stars features exceptional students, student-athletes, educators and all-around boons to the Greater Orlando area. Dylan Crews  Crews, a 2020 graduate of Lake Mary High School, was chosen by the Washington Nationals with the second overall selection in the Major League Baseball Draft. An outfielder, Crews won the 2023 Golden Spikes Award, given annually to the best... Read More

An Open Book

Bestselling horror writer Chuck Wendig has had many writing jobs in his time, including storytelling for role-playing games, comics, television and film. On one writing job—his very first, in fact—he wrecked a van … but more on that later. Wendig has written fiction since 1997, but his reputation as a novelist reached a new height in 2019 with his pandemic thriller novel Wanderers.... Read More

Falling Short

There have been a lot of headlines made recently about the struggles school districts across the country are faced with as they grapple with a nationwide shortage of teachers. Closer to home, it’s certainly a cause for great concern and so Florida has taken measures to address the growing problem. But is it enough? The answer to that pressing question depends on who you ask. Clinton... Read More

In Perfect Harmony

Ever since Gloria Estefan was a young child she claims she “saw” or “knew” things that were going to come to pass at some point in the future. And as time went on and this happened frequently enough, she began to rely more and more on these instinctive feelings whenever they arose. So it should come as no surprise that after first meeting her now-husband Emilio and joining... Read More

Health and Wellness Resource Directory

HEALTH & WELLNESS  (CENTRAL)                               DENTAL Christine Nguyen, DDS 1330 S. Orlando Ave., Winter Park (407) 629-4077 Dr. Christine Nguyen provides comprehensive general dentistry for adults and children including annual preventive care, oral cancer screening, Invisalign, veneers, six-month smiles, Zoom!... Read More

Asking the Right Questions

Iconic sports broadcaster Dan Patrick brings The Art of Interviewing to Full Sail University with new short-form course.   Whether on TV, radio or in print, few have interviewed as many distinguished individuals as Dan Patrick. Now, the legendary sportscaster is taking his decades of experience and sharing his in-depth knowledge on the finer points of being a great interviewer... Read More

Parenting Guide: Senior Living

Having one’s affairs in order can make it easier on family members in the event of a medical emergency or death. Conversations about getting older and death are never easy to have, which is why so many people put off estate planning or making arrangements for if and when they suffer a medical emergency. But it is critical to address these issues not only to protect certain assets,... Read More

Parenting Guide: Education

Many families are recognizing the benefits of private education for their children, and Central Florida has plenty of options to meet their needs. With a career in private education that spans more than two decades and a range of positions at schools in five different states, Dr. Mitchell Salerno is somewhat of an authority on the subject. What most impresses him about Central Florida—an... Read More