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Parenting Guide: Special Needs

Transitioning to adulthood is a big step for individuals with special needs, but there are local organizations that can help lead them to a secure future. Of the many challenges that parents of special needs children face, one that keeps many mothers and fathers up at night regards their child’s transition into adulthood. While school can provide a safe haven, much-needed services... Read More

Parenting Guide: Family Fun

Whether it’s a beautiful, sunny afternoon or a cloudy, rainy day, there is always something fun to do in the Orlando area. While out-of-towners may be hitting up all of the major theme parks that Central Florida has to offer, locals know that some of the best things to do and see in the area are often right around the corner or a short drive away. Here are a few of the many area... Read More

Far From Finished

In the epidemic of mass violence across the nation, it is important to remember and to honor the victims and survivors that have been impacted. It is difficult to hear about, to understand and, most importantly, to ignore. It is common for Americans to personally know someone or somewhere that has been affected by gun violence. Within that horror, there have been increased efforts... Read More

Summer Fun

This season, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a sun – soaked afternoon or enchanting evening around Greater Orlando. From neighborhood celebrations to larger events, this is your guide to enjoying summer in style!   Click HERE to view our roundup of all the hottest summer events going on this year!    Read More

Notable Neighborhoods

Approximately 320,000 Americans moved into Florida between 2021 and 2022, the largest number in the continental United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. With no state income tax, an affordable cost of living and an average of 230 sunny days a year, it’s no surprise that so many opt to relocate to the Sunshine State. Orlando’s growth rate is above the state average... Read More

Preventive Health for Men: Why It Matters

There’s a common perception that men hate to go to the doctor and won’t go, even if they’re feeling sick. This theory has persisted throughout the years and is often the subject of jokes within families. But is it true? Unfortunately, this premise is sound: Men do not go to the doctor if they are feeling well. A 2019 Cleveland Clinic study found that up to 60% of men don’t... Read More

Bracing for Impact

Hurricane from space. The atmospheric cyclone. Elements of this image furnished by NASA With Ian’s and Nicole’s lingering devastation—not to mention the still-healing emotional scars and overall uncertainty they foisted on many in their paths of destructions throughout Florida—and The National Hurricane Center’s announcement last month of a reassessment that shows the... Read More

An Unlikely Hero

There’s a common denominator in Chris Pratt’s rise from pudgy funny man to power-packed superhero, and it’s not a set of weights. The 43-year-old star of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World franchises admits he always had it in himself to ascend to to the heights of the major players in Hollywood, both in terms of film choices and physique—the only thing holding... Read More

2023 Men of the Year

The kind of people who end up on our annual Men of the Year list don’t set out to make an impact in the Central Florida region and beyond in order to receive personal accolades. Rather, they do things like create a difference-making organization following a family tragedy, devote their lives to nonprofit work or look for new ways to reach young adults on the autism spectrum because... Read More

Bringing It Home

No matter if you’re buying or selling a home, it’s a big process and one that can be stressful without the right guidance to help you see things through. Our annual list of the Top Real Estate Professionals in South Jersey is full of trusted experts who know the ins and outs of the marketplace and repeatedly deliver for their clients.    REAL ESTATE SALES John Alexandrou... Read More

Here to Help

Life for many has settled back into its pre-pandemic routine, though maybe with a little more caution and other behavioral adaptations that come from living through that unprecedented societal upheaval.  But even with a few seasons of getting reacclimated to “the old normal,” the psychological damage born of constant uncertainty, long-term isolation and a world gripped by fear... Read More

Inspiring Through Action

From a young age, teachers play such a pivotal part in one’s life. From the youthful exuberance shown at the grade school level to the high school teacher who helps a student find a deeper appreciation for academics, there’s no shortage of important educators right here in Central Florida. That’s why we reached out to several area school districts to have them nominate the... Read More

A Chance to Unwind

Central Florida residents, whether they’ve grown up in the area or moved here later in life, probably have done their fair share of exploring this beautiful state, but chances are there are still plenty of prime spots they’ve yet to enjoy, from world-famous destinations to hidden gems. Now is the perfect time to plan a getaway for the upcoming summer months, and for those who... Read More

A Transcendent Talent

Actress Rachel McAdams has always shown an ability to seamlessly move in and out of different types of films during her notable career, from comedies like Wedding Crashers and Mean Girls to romantic fare like The Notebook to the key dramatic part she played in Spotlight, an Oscar winner for Best Picture. Lately the role she has been focused on is mother to her two children with... Read More

Holding All The Cards

Y­­ou may have heard that the sports trading card world is back in a big way and everyone from first-time collectors to those intrigued by the nostalgia of it all are on board and paying top dollar for the rarest of finds. But before you go rushing into your basement to uncover all those cards you think are worth a mint, Ken Goldin would like you to know that they are indeed not. “Literally,... Read More

Big-Time Burgers

There’s just something about a good hamburger that elicits feelings of euphoria. Sure, they may not be the healthiest option for our diets, but how can one resist the temptation to sink their teeth into a juicy burger and be overcome with the onslaught of flavors from the various ingredients lovingly slid between two buns? And from the classic cheeseburger to more modern twists... Read More

Top Vets

The animals in our lives are treated like members of the family and so it’s only right that they receive the utmost in medical care. Thankfully, the Orlando area is full of top-notch animal care facilities and leading veterinarians who are using the latest technologies and treatments to better serve their patients. The following list of Top Veterinarians in Greater Orlando were... Read More

All the Right Moves

Salma Hayek has always been a fighter. In her early 20s, she gave up a career as a top TV soap opera actress in her native Mexico in order to move to L.A. and pursue her dream of becoming a Hollywood star. Despite her limited English, a thick accent, and a lack of roles for Latinas, Hayek persevered against all odds and eventually made her mark with roles in From Dusk Till... Read More

A Hub Heats Up

In the past decade or so, the Central Florida region’s world-renowned hospitality and service industry has been making room for a new sector to blossom alongside it, as Orlando especially has become a hotbed of technological jobs, companies, opportunities and growth. And while there are myriad factors contributing to that explosive expansion of an industry more traditionally... Read More

A Healthy Appetite

Phil Rosenthal loves to talk about food, travel, comedy, friends, family and the important connections they help us foster with one another. And anyone who has ever caught any episodes of his wildly popular Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil has witnessed this firsthand. The sixth season of the show recently premiered at the same time he released a new 341-page companion book Somebody... Read More

Excitement Awaits

Magic Kingdom’s: Tron Lightcycle/Run With spring upon us and summer not far behind, it’s time to take a look at some of the bigger things taking shape at Orlando’s theme parks and nearby attractions. From new rides, experiences, shows and more, there’s lots of reasons to eagerly await your next visit to any one of these destinations for family-friendly fun and lasting... Read More