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Valentine’s Day Teacher Gift

Help your child give his teacher some much needed relaxation with a spa day… in a jar. Materials Mason jar, such as Kerr’s pint size Bath salts, such as ArtMinds bath salts Pencil Felt, red or pink Scissors Essential oil, such as ArtMinds Essential Oil Stress Reliever Red mini duck Scrap or decorative paper White glue Soap colorant, such as ArtMinds red Ribbon (red or heart... Read More

Natural Tie-Dye

This simple craft encourages kids to utilize natural elements ─ that probably can be found in your own backyard ─ as an eco-dye alternative. It’s time to extract color from your favorite flowers and plants! Supplies Natural-fiber fabric (cotton, silk, or wool). Note: Natural fibers hold color better than synthetic fibers; silk or wool works better than cotton. Fresh or dried... Read More

Bottle Cap and Scrabble Tile Magnets

These personalized magnets are a fun and simple recycled craft to create with the whole family. They can make the perfect party favor or unique gift. Try both creations! Bottle Cap Magnets   Materials Bottle caps Paint color swatches or colored paper Scissors A quarter Craft casting epoxy or resin Small stickers (to fit inside caps) A strong bonding agent or glue Magnets Instructions Cut... Read More

Glass-Bead Picture Frame

This craft is one that kids can easily make…just in time for Grandparents’ Day on September 9. Really make Nana and Grandpa’s day special and let the kids put a photo of themselves into this colorful frame for a unique, personal gift. Materials you will need: Wooden picture frame (craft store) or old framed mirror. Make sure frame has a flat surface and is wide enough to... Read More

Back to School “WOW” Board

With the end of summer vacation (sigh…) comes the start of a new school year. Soon your child will be working on new projects and accomplishing new things. But instead of just hanging your child’s important academic, artistic, and sporting accomplishments with a standard, run-of-the-mill refrigerator magnet, why not feature these milestones on a personal WOW Board made with... Read More

Make Your Own Dream Catcher

What is a dream catcher? Dream catchers are one of the most fascinating Native American traditions. According to legend, the hole in the center of the web allows good dreams to flow through to the person sleeping. The bad dreams are trapped in the web itself until the morning sun makes them fade away. Each dream catcher is unique, and kids will have fun scavenging items to... Read More