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Private School Report Card 2023

With the new school year underway, it’s time for us to take our annual look at how some of the region’s leading private high schools are challenging students academically while also engaging them socially to give them the tools needed to succeed. We worked directly with several schools across the region to glean information in key areas like average SAT scores, graduation rates, percentage of graduates attending four-year colleges and much more. 

Student Success’

SAT Score Average SAT Math Score Average SAT EBRW Score Average Percentage of Students Attending 4-Year Colleges
Bishop Moore 1171 570 601 98%
The First Academy 1193 584 609 100%
The Geneva School 1274 626 648 100%
Lake Highland Prep 1295 650 645 100%
Lake Mary Prep 1217 611 606 100%
Montverde Academy N/A N/A N/A 99%
Trinity Preparatory School 1318 672 646 98%
Windermere Prep 1232 613 619 100%


School Information

Enrollment Number of AP Classes Offered Number of Honors Classes Offered Student to Teacher Ratio Tuition, Per Year
Bishop Moore 1,450 28 34 13:1 $14,172
The First Academy 461 23 44 13:1 $22,730
The Geneva School 266 10 28 10:1 $18,900
Lake Highland Prep 797 33 82 12:1 $27,900
Lake Mary Prep 178 20 21 12:1 $18,700
Montverde Academy 790 30 20 17:1 $21,745
Trinity Preparatory School 531 36 39 9:1 $26,375
Windermere Prep 644 2 70 13:1 $27,195


We also spoke to various school officials to find out what they look for in prospective students and how they help them grow as individuals, as well as what parents need to know when considering a private education and how they can directly involve themselves in their child’s academic journey. 

When raising a child, fewer decisions weigh on parents as much as education and the pros and cons of public vs. private schools. While the cost of tuition and overall academic approach are key issues, there’s a lot more that factors in when talking about the private school experience. To get a better sense of some of these details, we spoke to leadership from some of the area’s leading private high schools to find out how they help foster a learning environment and allow students to grow into well-rounded individuals. 

What are things every prospective student and their parents should consider when weighing the benefits of a private education?

Choosing the environment your child will grow up in is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. Parents and students should identify their most important values and goals and seek a school that aligns accordingly. These priorities include things like culture, curriculum, academics, extracurricular offerings, and college or career readiness. At The First Academy, we aim to equip each student to be successful and excel in all areas of life—spiritually, academically, socially and professionally. We encourage all families to consider and weigh their family values and goals when researching local private schools in their area.

–TJ Ross, senior director of school growth and improvement, The First Academy

How does a private education help prepare students and help them grow both in and outside of the classroom?
At The Geneva School, we provide students the “tools of learning” (writing, speaking, thinking logically, etc.) that they can apply to any academic field of study and that also serve them well in areas outside the academy such as in the work space. Teachers are better able to invest in relationships, cultivate skills and nurture the whole person. The integrated curriculum, focus on character formation, and emphasis on persuasive writing and speaking all contribute to well-rounded graduates who are better prepared for a life of flourishing.

–Russ Kapusinski, assistant head of school, The Geneva School

If considering a private education, how important is it to start the application process early?

Starting the application process early is an essential part of successfully gaining enrollment at a leading private school. Unlike public schools, private school applications require multiple steps such as going on a campus visit, going through interviews, taking entrance exams and submitting letters of recommendation. Additionally, many private schools have limited space and submitting your application early can aid in securing a spot in a competitive admissions process.

Angel Nguyen, director of marketing, admissions and communications, Windermere Preparatory School

Why are service projects an important part of the private high school experience?

Service projects are the most effective way for students to transform their empathy into compassion to take collective action in an effort to make a difference in our community and in the world. Lake Mary Prep believes that action through service has the power to show students that they have the ability to change the lives of others as responsible, global citizens looking to make an impact in meaningful ways.

 — Amy Petrousky, upper school principal, Lake Mary Preparatory School

What are you looking for in a student who attends your school?

A Bishop Moore Hornet is a student who is hard working, loyal and kind. Bishop Moore students are all uniquely designed with a purpose designed by God. It is our hope that Bishop Moore Catholic will help each student achieve their greatest potential. 

–Sarah Luter, director of communications, Bishop Moore Catholic High School

How do smaller class sizes help private schools give students more individualized attention and what are the major benefits of having those strong relationships?

Smaller class sizes truly create an environment where students receive more personalized attention, benefitting from a really strong mentor-student relationship, which results in students being better equipped to succeed academically and personally. Our teachers become mentors to their students which leads to a more meaningful relationship, greater trust and a better understanding of each student’s strengths, weaknesses and interests.

–Denise Turner, director of admissions and financial aid, Trinity Preparatory School