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DIY Chalkboard Lap Mat

These DIY chalkboard lap mats will keep kids occupied, entertained, and quiet when traveling in a car or airplane, or at restaurants.


  • 1/2 yard of thin vinyl or washable fabric (Note: Craft tested using waterproof PUL fabric.)
  • 2 felt squares for inner panels or 2 rectangles of scrap, 8×10 in. size
  • Chalkboard fabric square, 8×10 in.
  • Small scrap of 8-in. ribbon
  • Trim scraps (for pocket decorations)


Customize three panels for your mat needs to accommodate a fabric chalkboard with eraser, crayons, notepad, pencil, and pockets (for stickers or treats). The following DIY tips will create a left panel that has two pockets on top ─ 1 for stickers and 1 for the chalkboard eraser ─ and crayon / chalk pockets on the bottom. The middle panel holds the chalkboard, and the right panel’s pocket keeps a notebook and pencil.

  1. Instead of measuring for certain pocket sizes, simply lay out the things you will be inserting onto the felt squares and eyeball it for fit. Using scrap fabrics, cut out pockets for writing utensils, such as crayons or pencils, and allow for excess fabric which will next be sewn to fit around each crayon/pencil.
  2. Using a zipper foot, sew around each crayon/pencil to ensure snug fit.
  3. For the chalkboard eraser, use a small square of fur or felt to make a square with a scrap of ribbon attached ─ cut to fit top pocket. Alternative: Swap out eraser for a small piece of sponge.
  4. Lay completed panels on a larger cover piece; sew each top layer to cover fabric. Trim excess fabric as needed.