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Family Resolution Journal

Happy New Year! With the hectic holiday season finally settling down, it’s time to turn your focus toward setting your New Year’s resolutions. Try to incorporate resolutions that can engage the whole family and foster positive, shared goals.

A family resolution journal can be a fun and imaginative way to commit to new objectives. Together, you’ll identify things that are important to your family ─ like “creating more” and “recycling.” Choose a resolution for each month and then celebrate your family’s commitment throughout the year.


  • Tape/glues ─ don’t use liquid glue or hot glue
  • Hole punch
  • Large brown paper lunch bags
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or decorative yarn
  • Ruler or cutting board
  • Stickers and other embellishments


  1. Layer the paper bags (horizontally) in opposite directions. We suggest using 4 bags to achieve a total of 16 journal pages. Stack the bags neatly on top of each other.
  2. Fold the bags in half and press crease firmly. The ends may not line up perfectly due to bag irregularities.
  3. Open the paper book to the middle so that you can punch holes along the crease for binding.
  4. Choose ribbon or decorative yarn to bind your book. Cut more than you think you’ll need.
  5. Thread from the inside of the book. Tie a knot on the outside spine leaving a tail for additional embellishments.


  1. Glue scrapbook paper to each bag page, leaving a ¼ inch border.
  2. Use the bag openings to tuck in photos, drawings, notes, or any other additions.
  3. Label one resolution per page, leaving space to add pictures and journal entries. (See our suggestions below)
  4. Add to your family resolution journal throughout the year.
  • Love Lots
  • Play Harder
  • Read More
  • Laugh Longer
  • Dream Big
  • Lots of Hugs
  • Family Fitness
  • Help Others
  • Recycle
  • Be Thankful
  • Create More
  •  Celebrate Little Things.