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Festive Native American Napkin Ring & Place Setting

Turkey and ham and yams, Oh My!
Stuffing, green beans, and butter on rye.
Cobblers and pies a mouthwatering surprise.
Thanksgiving is on its way.

First comes the location, then the guest list…plans for Thanksgiving are officially underway! This year, when considering how to adorn your holiday table, invite your children to help by creating personalized place settings. These dual-purpose Native American-themed napkin rings will complement your traditional holiday décor and bring both cultures to the table, by using items found around your house, along with a simple supply list.


  • Cardboard paper towel tube
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint & paintbrush
  • Thin yarn or string
  • Beads
  • Feathers
  • Foam shapes & glue (optional)
  • Fine point sharpie or felt pen


  1. Cut the paper towel tube into 3” long sections to create ring.
  2. Paint your napkin ring inside and out. Let Dry.
  3. Cut ½” slits equally distanced apart around the top & bottom of the ring.
  4. Create Native American names for each of your guests. You can print out each name from your computer, or use a fine point marker to write the names on the napkin rings. Your napkin ring now has a dual function of also serving as a place holder.
  5. Cut your string approx.18” long, and begin stringing beads. Weave your string through the slits creating a pattern of V’s, adjusting your beads along the way, so that you have one or two beads per line.
  6. Tie both ends together creating a knot that will hide inside the tube.
  7. Cut another piece of string and tie the feathers to the front string allowing them to hang down.

Optional:  You can glue foam triangle shapes around the ring, or add beads of string tails to bottom.

FUN GAME:  Use only Indian names that you have given each of your guests, and let each of them guess which name is theirs.