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Orlando Family Readers’ Top Pets

May is Pet Month at Orlando Family. To celebrate, we reached out to our readers via social media and asked them to submit photos of their favorite pets, and we weren’t disappointed with the results. Want to see your photos, thoughts and more in print? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on our latest reader-submission opportunities.

Benelli (submitted by Jennifer Petersen)
Atlas (submitted by Alexa London)
Georgia (submitted by Clinton Euler)
Chanel (submitted by Georgette Booth)
Dior (submitted by Georgette Booth)
Bella (top) and Hollywood
(submitted by Lisa Burginger)
Cassie (left) and Kerry
(submitted by Mary Brill)
Jasper (submitted by Lora Scott)
Tucker (submitted by Debra Tompkins)
Smokey (submitted by Karen Scott)