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Talking Orlando September 2017

Taking the pulse of Greater Orlando parents and their kids

Each month, Talking Orlando speaks with parents and children throughout Greater Orlando to get their thoughts on a variety of subjects. This time, we asked participants:


“I use sun-shirts, hats and polarized sunglasses always. We avoid going outdoors or planning any outside activities during the hottest part of the day, because the amount of exposure makes a big difference down the line.

– Anna Linney, mother of Grace (age 8)

“We often visit the state parks all over Florida, and most of them have a lake or river nearby, so I make it a point to keep my kids a safe distance away from the banks. I am sure there are so many alligators in there!”

– Cindy Fosters, mother of Dillon and Jacqueline (ages 13 and 11)

“We do the usual stuff: apply sunscreen, stay away from wildlife, be respectful of all animals, etc. My son loves the water, so every summer he wants to watch Shark Week and I allow it, because it’s a good reminder of the power of nature.”

– Jeannie D., mother of Tyler (age 9)

“I try to educate my children on all of the possible dangers that exist so that they will learn to be aware of their surroundings. We love to be outdoors as a family, so I try to make our activities into opportunities to learn and have fun at the same time.”

– Anita Gompte, mother of Jessie and Javi (ages 8 and 6)

“Preparation is the key for our family. We avoid much aggravation by having a game plan in place for floods and hurricanes. We routinely talk about what we will do if anything should happen, and my husband and I make it a point to always have extra water on hand.”

– Barbie H., mother of Clara and Jon (Ages 12 and 7)

“We have a lot of lakes in my neighborhood, so I’m particularly wary of snakes and alligators. When we first bought our home, we installed a solid white fence around our backyard to keep my daughters and our pets safe.”

– Gavin Hamilton, father of Jess and Lexie

“My son is the epitome of Murphy’s Law; if something can go wrong, it will. Due to the constant anticipation of this, and the fact that he is allergic to almost everything, I have a medical plan and EpiPen with me at all times.”

– Linn Richards, mother of Sam (age 4)

“Both of my children have very sensitive skin and seem to be magnets for mosquitos, so I am always looking for the best bug spray and citrus candles available. The whole spread increase with the Zika virus has me on edge!”

– Anonymous, mother of two sons 

“Zinc-based sunscreen is my biggest daily task. Being constantly in the sun means I have to lather everyone up every time we plan to spend more than a few minutes outside.”

– Dave Greenburg, father of Sarah and Jonah (ages 3 and 2)

This article originally appeared in Orlando Family Magazine’s September 2017 issue.

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