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Punched Tin Candleholders for Valentine’s Day

punched_tincans-webLight your family’s table with “love”ly luminaries from the heart

Tin punching became popular in America during Colonial times because decorative items made out of tin were durable, lighter, and  less expensive than those made out of silver or crockery. The art is still used today for decorating homes with Colonial period pieces.
Not only will tin punching teach our kids a bit about early-American history, but it will also teach them the value of recycling used items such as tin cans, which can be turned into beautiful decorative artifacts.

Items Needed:

  • An assortment of tin cans in different sizes.
  • Felt tip markers.
  • Nails of different diameters or a hole punch.
  • Hammer.
  • Spray paint, or acrylic paint and brushes.


  1. Remove paper labels from tin cans, then wash and dry the cans.
  2. Spray paint the cans red, white, or pink, or paint with acrylic paint from the arts and crafts shop.
  3. Using a felt tip marker, draw heart designs or print lovey-dovey phrases on your cans, such as Be Mine, I Luv U, or QT.
  4. Fill the cans with water until nearly full and place them carefully in the freezer.  The ice will ensure that the cans hold their shape during punching and that the holes are of equal size.
  5. When the water hardens into ice, use a nail or punch and a hammer to punch holes along the lines you have drawn for the designs.
  6. Once the holes have been mane, simply let the ice melt a bit and remove from the can.
  7. Place a votive in the can, light the wick, and give your Valentines hugs and a kisses!  How sweet is that?

Note: Punched tin candleholders can be used to add sparkle to any holiday or game-day table. Just customize the colors and designs for the appropriate season or event.