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Tent & Campfire Treats

Create clever tent cookies and campfire crackers in your kitchen with a few simple ingredients. No baking required!

Tent Ingredients

• Chocolate candy melts (1/2 cup or less)

• Graham crackers

• Caramel apple wraps


1. Form tent with graham crackers: Melt chocolate candy melts in a microwave-safe dish. Pour into a pastry bag (or use a zipclosed bag with the end snipped off). Pipe the edges of three graham cracker squares with the candy melt; join to form an A-frame tent. Allow cracker tent to dry and harden.

2.Wrap tent in caramel: Place one side of the graham cracker tent on a caramel wrap. Fold caramel over the cracker tent until it reaches the bottom edge of the other side.

3. Seal tent back and create opening: Cut the front and back flaps of caramel. Wrap the back flaps to seal shut. Cut the front pieces to make the flap openings of the tent.

Campfire Ingredients

• Ritz crackers

• Pretzel sticks

• Chocolate covered raisins

• Powdered sugar

• Peanut butter

• Red and yellow Fruit Roll-Ups



1. Prepare the crackers: Spread peanut butter on the crackers.

2. Create the ‘flames’: Cut strips of red and yellow Fruit Roll-Ups into jagged, triangle, flame-like edges. Layer the red strips over the yellow strips and cut into 1-inch segments.

3. Attach the ‘logs’ and ‘flames’ to crackers: Insert tiny pieces of pretzels and Fruit Roll-Up flames into the peanut butter centers.

4. Add the finishing touch: Dust chocolate-covered raisins with powdered sugar. Attach chocolate-covered raisin ‘rocks’ around the outside edge of crackers.

5. Create your campsite: Present tent cookies and campfire treats together!