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Water Drop Magnets

Homemade gifts of gratitude are ideal for grandma & grandpa, especially for Grandparents Day (September 13). These personalized magnets look like water drops, but create a familiar splash when filled with the faces of grandchildren.


  • 1″ glass marbles with a flat side
  • Pictures
  • Hot glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Magnets


  1. Place marble on top of a picture. Using a pencil, trace around the marble; then cut the image out.
  2. Spread a drop of hot glue on the flat side of the marble. [Parent recommended step for safety.]
  3. Quickly press the image face down onto the glue-covered flat side of the marble.
  4. To ensure proper adhesion, flip the marble over while it’s still hot and press it down on a flat surface. Be careful ─ if you use too much hot glue, it may squish out from under the image and onto your fingers or the surface.
  5. Spread a drop of hot glue onto a magnet; press magnet firmly onto back of image (on marble).

Customized magnets make great gifts for just about any occasion. Instead of pictures, try using paper with various patterns or seasonal designs.

This article was originally published in Nashville Parent magazine.