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2017 Private High School Report Card

We’ve collected data from the area’s top private high schools to gain accurate statistical data in several key areas like tuition cost, SAT scores, the percentage of students going on to attend four-year colleges and more…


Trinity Prep $21,190
Windermere Prep $20,925
Lake Highland Prep $19,750
The First Academy $18,020
Lake Mary Prep $15,500
The Geneva School $14,150
Foundation Academy $12,260
Bishop Moore $10,692* / $14,772+
Orlando Christian $7,600
Faith Christian Academy $7,560


Trinity Prep 1330
The Geneva School 1250
Windermere Prep 1220
The First Academy 1130
Faith Christian Academy 1070
Orlando Christian 1070
Foundation Academy 1030
Bishop Moore N/A
Lake Highland Prep N/A
Lake Mary Prep N/A


Bishop Moore N/A-N/A
Faith Christian Academy 530-540
The First Academy 550-580
Foundation Academy 510-520
The Geneva School 600-650
Lake Highland Prep N/A-N/A
Lake Mary Prep N/A-N/A
Orlando Christian N/A-N/A
Trinity Prep 670-660
Windermere Prep 620-600


The First Academy 100%
Foundation Academy 100%
The Geneva School 100%
Lake Highland Prep 100%
Lake Mary Prep 100%
Trinity Prep 100%
Faith Christian Academy 96%
Windermere Prep 96%
Orlando Christian 88%
Bishop Moore 84%


The Geneva School 10:1
Foundation Academy 11:1
Bishop Moore 12:1
Lake Highland Prep 13:1
Trinity Prep 13:1
Lake Mary Prep 15:1
Orlando Christian 15:1
The First Academy 17:1
Windermere Prep 18:1
Faith Christian Academy 27:1


Trinity Prep 29
Bishop Moore 27
Lake Highland Prep 27
The First Academy 23
Lake Mary Prep 21
Faith Christian Academy 15
Foundation Academy 13
The Geneva School 11
Orlando Christian 5
Windermere Prep 3


Lake Highland Prep 64
Trinity Prep 48
Bishop Moore 43
The Geneva School 32
Faith Christian Academy 27
The First Academy 25
Lake Mary Prep 25
Foundation Academy 19
Windermere Prep 17
Orlando Christian 12

Answers to the questions parents and students need to know

How do you advise parents do their homework to see which private school is a right fit for their child?
“They should visit the schools they are interested in and take tours. Additionally, it is recommended to attend a school’s open house and talk with current students, faculty members and administrators about the school’s vision and mission. Find out specifics on how each school is meeting their students’ needs and delivering their promises. Parents should also seek out current and former parents and students to get their insight. Attend a school-sponsored activity so you have an opportunity to experience the school community.”
—David Manchon, director of admissions, Bishop Moore

“Finding the best match for each student is every parent’s goal. Looking at third-party websites is a great start. Then parents should look carefully at schools’ websites. They can find lots of information about exceptional programs, faculty and opportunities for student growth.”
—Patrick Mulloy, director of curriculum, Trinity Prep

How big a role does technology play in today’s education?
“Eighty-five percent of our classrooms have smart projectors and 15 percent have projectors and computers. Bring-your-own devices are allowed for classroom use and all classes have one or more computers for student use. The library is equipped with tablets and a high school computer lab with HP touch screen allin- one computers.”
—Pam Piorkowski, administrator, Orlando Christian Prep

“Technology is best when seamlessly integrated in the learning process. The First Academy provides teachers and students with a natural integration through advanced tools, professional development and great support services. The best learning experience occurs when technology connects students to the content and each other.”
—Sarah Donovan, director of admissions, The First Academy

Why are service projects an important part of the private high school experience?
“Windermere Prep places great emphasis on community service, and our dedication reflects our deep belief that we are our best and truest selves when helping others. Students learn at an early age that they can have a positive influence on others and the world around them, and it is a large part of our students’ high school experience.”
—Kristin Weissman, director of marketing and communications, Windermere Prep

“Faith Christian Academy does require our high school students do their service hours and projects to graduate. We believe this allows our students to get hands-on experience in helping others, meeting the needs of the general community and seeing how companies work.”
—Dana Henderson, director of admissions, Faith Christian Academy

“Service projects allow our students to put into practice the Christian ideals of serving one another. It’s one of the reasons we, as a school, dedicate an entire day each year volunteering in our community.”
—AnnMarie Hoyt, social media coordinator, The Geneva School

If thinking about a private school, how important is it to start the application process early?
“Starting the application process early allows a student the best opportunity to secure a spot at their first choice school well in advance. At Foundation Academy, we have an Early Decision opportunity that starts in October of the year prior to the school year the student would be enrolling. Students that meet the Early Decision criteria are given top priority for spots and can enroll before any other new students. Starting early is the key since many area schools are at or near capacity.”
—Michelle Campbell, director of admissions and marketing, Foundation Academy

“Many private schools look for well-qualified applicants sooner in the application process. To secure a space and be a leading candidate, Lake Mary Prep accepts applications beginning in September for the following school year. This encourages parents to complete research and meetings prior to others who may be looking later in the school year. While Lake Mary Prep accepts applications throughout the school year, we strive to gain the best candidates to fill any open spaces that may be present.”
—Rachel Freeman, admissions and marketing specialist, Lake Mary Prep

This article originally appeared in Orlando Family Magazine’s October2017 issue.

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