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Comprehensive Care

Our experience with doctors begins when we are young. While we don’t remember much from those formative years, we carry with us the experiences we have, and over time we develop an understanding of how important health care is. 

Because a healthy body, mind and spirit are so important, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a primary care provider that you feel comfortable and are happy with. But it can be hard, and it causes some people to put off getting the necessary care they need. Orlando-based 26Health is trying to make it easier.

“Under our primary care umbrella, our primary care team of medical providers can customize care services for whatever the situation may be,” explains Ali Wilson, 26Health marketing manager. “We can provide care to any patient regardless of age, gender or health status.” 

Offering compassionate, quality care is in line with the mission of 26Health, which is to improve mind-body-spirit health in Central Florida’s LGBTQ+ and ally community, says Wilson.

“Our approach is integrated care,” she adds. This means patients at 26Health may visit for a primary care appointment with a provider, but can easily be referred to a specialist or another department for further consultation.

“If a patient needs treatment outside our scope of offerings, we do work with other offices to get the help the patient needs,” Wilson continues. “If there is a concern about the patient being uninsured or underinsured, 26Health will still work with the patient, and we only work with other practices and specialists that offer that same type of pricing.”

Integrated care at 26Health also means an easy referral could send them to the 26Health Patient Care Center for assistance with payment questions, housing concerns, clothing requests, food benefits and more. A consultation with a therapist, or time at the in-house spa is also available, all part of what 26Health considers its 360-degree modicum of care.

“There is a pharmacy on-site as well,” Wilson says. “It’s all very convenient, and we make sure everything is remaining affordable and always accessible to everyone.”

To make access easier, while 26Health does accept most insurance plans, the nonprofit also offers its own in-house insurance. The plan includes one annual exam with comprehensive labs—drawn right at 26Health, as well as five virtual consultations per year. Flu shots are also included, along with well-women exams, men’s wellness exams and transgender health care.

“We are able to treat chronic disease,” Wilson says. “Some of our patients might need disease management for HIV or AIDS, and we offer the prescriptions they need for those. We also treat Hepatitis C, diabetes, arthritis … all with prescriptions at a reduced rate.”

Individuals or corporate entities may purchase the insurance, with rates for individuals starting at $65/month and for corporations with one to five employees starting at $500/month. 

“If your business can’t afford major comprehensive coverage for your employees, or if you have less than 10 employees to cover, the expense can be cumbersome,” Wilson says. “This is also great for businesses that have recently grown or are rapidly expanding and are ready to support health benefits for the first time. When they’re strategizing for the future or developing employee retention strategies, when considering how to make their compensation package work, these health benefits can be a major selling point.”

The individual rate is also affordable, a relief in an otherwise pricey market. “It can be very expensive to do this on your own,” Wilson notes.

Whatever insurance you may have—or not have—26Health considers your health its top priority. The doctors and staff take the time to ensure every patient is well cared for and receives the attention they need, regardless of their condition or health status. Everyone is welcome at 26Health, and everyone will receive the health care they deserve.

“We don’t turn anyone away regardless of ability to pay,” Wilson concludes. “You will always be taken care of at 26Health.”


26 Health

801 N. Magnolia Ave., Suite 402


(321) 800-2922