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Enjoying the Journey

At Giant Recreation World, it’s not just about the destination. The journey is an equally important part of the adventure.

“We are a recreational dealership. We have RVs—the difference here is we are a destination dealership,” Dwayne Adams explains, “meaning people will take a trip just to get to us.”

Adams is the marketing manager at Giant Recreation World, a dealer of both new and used RVs serving Central and South Florida, making him well-versed in why Giant Recreation World has earned its reputation as an expert in the industry.

Don McNamara started the business in 1976, and now his six children—including CEO and president Larry McNamara—run the show at its three locations in Winter Garden, Ormond Beach and Palm Bay. Additionally, many members of the sales staff have been with Giant Recreation World for 30-plus years, so customers can rest assured that they’re dealing with RV experts when they buy or rent from the Florida dealer, no matter which location they’re visiting.

“When customers come in, they get a really warm feeling. They feel like they’re part of the family,” Adams says.

The McNamaras don’t only want customers to feel like part of the family—they want their staff to feel that way, too. They host employee appreciation events throughout the year to support that culture of camaraderie.

“We have a great group here. They really take care of everybody,” McNamara says.

At some RV dealerships, there is a limited selection of products. What sets Giant Recreation World apart, however, is that customers can expect to find a wide range of RV options to choose from, in both brand and class.

“We’re able to, though our contracts and dealings, have all different types,” McNamara says. “Travel trailers, fifth wheels, class A, class C.”

Another thing that differentiates them from the competition? A lifetime warranty for customers who buy a new RV, covering things that are not covered by the manufacturer, such as suspension, brake and water system components. This includes discounts on the parts, too.

“It really does set us apart from other dealers,” Adams states. “It’s peace of mind.”

Of course, not everyone is looking to purchase an RV—at least, not right away. And for them, Giant Recreation World offers an expert rental division.

The rental experience

Rentals also set the company apart from most others, according to Adams.

“A lot of dealerships don’t offer rentals at all. We do it for very specific reasons,” he explains.

That reason is because many people have to dive right in when entering the RV world, which is not always ideal for newcomers. With a rental, they can test the waters before making a big splash. If they choose to make a purchase, the rental fee is applied to the cost. The rental fleet is also brand-new, reflecting the current model year “so you’re experiencing the best,” according to Adams.

The professionals at Giant Recreation World will deliver an RV and have it set up and ready to go for renters. When their vacation is finished, the team will pick it up, too. Fort Wilderness Camping at Walt Disney World is a popular rental location, but they offer this service across the state.

And a bonus, according to Adams, is that a rental from Giant Recreation World doesn’t look like a rental.

“There are no logos splashed everywhere. It doesn’t say ‘rent me’ in huge letters,” Adams says. “That also sets us apart.”

Golf Cart Division

Of course, if you’re talking RVs, then a golf cart conversation is not far behind. Giant Recreation World’s golf cart division is located at Winter Garden across the street from one of its RV dealerships. It has its own showroom and sales department, and the location also offers parts, repair and maintenance.

“With golf carts being so closely tied to the RV world,” Adams says, “you’ve got to have a golf cart! Test drive the Advanced EV and you will understand”

The company features a rental division for golf carts, too, much in the same way it rents its RVs.

“And it’s the same as with our RVs. You look like everybody else—not like you’re in a rental,” says McNamara.

VIP Camping Club

“This is the greatest ‘why buy’ the company has,” Adams says. “What ends up happening is you want to get into the RV world. You bought an RV, but you don’t know what to do with it. That’s when you join the VIP Camping Club.”

For only $50 a year (which includes parts and service discounts, too), customers who purchase an RV from Giant Recreation World can join the VIP Camping Club. There are monthly campouts—sometimes two—hosted by Mica and Jim Gratton. It’s an opportunity to hang out, learn from other RV owners and make friends.

“So you can get into that RV world and experience it a little bit more,” Adams shares. “It makes you part of the group.”

The VIP Camping Club includes all types of members, from single people to older couples to families with kids.

“It’s like a small village. It’s really something to experience,” Adams adds.

On the Airwaves

The VIP Camping Club isn’t the only way Giant Recreation World tries to familiarize its customers with the world of RVs. They can listen to Larry McNamara’s The RV Hour podcast, too, which Adams cohosts.

Available on a variety of streaming platforms, the show also airs every Sunday from 10 to 11 a.m. on Florida Man Radio. The show includes RV specifics, manufacturer representatives, tips, tricks and more.

Larry McNamara has been in the industry for nearly 50 years, so he can speak to the experiences he’s had and things to watch out for.

“Our podcast does really well,” McNamara says. “It has 600-plus downloads a month, which is great for the RV industry.”

On the Road Again

The RV life has always been a popular choice, but that popularity saw an uptick when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. That increased interest hasn’t waned, according to Adams, as more people have learned to appreciate the great outdoors.

For those considering the RV life, stopping in at one of Giant Recreation World’s three locations is the first step. The experienced sales team won’t put pressure on customers, but they will ensure customers feel comfortable while introducing them to all the RV world has to offer.

“It’s travel when you want on your terms,” Adams affirms. “That’s a big deal for people.”

Giant Recreation World
Winter Garden: (407) 573-1305
Ormond Beach: (386) 239-1110

Palm Bay: (321) 541-2205