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Exceptional Care

Dr. Colleen McCain had a particularly interesting introduction to the world of veterinary medicine. While spending her first few years practicing in rural Michigan, she gained valuable experience learning the industry and treating a number of different animals—including one skunk. But it was an unforgettable experience with an unruly cow chasing her around a stall that convinced her that maybe she needed a change of scenery.

Eventually, the Sanford native would leave Michigan behind to return home to the Central Florida area to be closer to family. Looking for the right opportunity to further her veterinary career, Dr. McCain purchased All Care Animal Hospital in Minneola in late 2011. For the past decade, she has dedicated herself to upholding the practice’s longstanding reputation as a trusted and leading provider of quality pet care.

“I actually have puppies that I’ve been seeing for 10 years now; from the first year I bought the practice, to now helping them as they become seniors,” Dr. McCain says of the relationships she’s formed.

All Care Animal Hospital strives to provide the highest level of care possible to each and every four-legged animal who comes through its doors. The clinic’s team of licensed veterinarians have extensive experience serving dog and cat owners throughout Lake County, whether for a routine check-up or in times of emergency.

By focusing on preventative care and taking advantage of technological advancements, Dr. McCain and her colleagues are able to increase their capabilities to care for the furry friends that owners love so deeply, and ideally catch problems before they are too far gone.

“We offer laser therapy, which helps with arthritis and allowing wounds to heal. And recently we purchased an ultrasound machine to be able to faster address medical concerns, including during an emergency. We can do a lot of diagnostics the same day, including bloodwork and digital X-rays,” says Dr. McCain.

What’s more, the practice also provides pet boarding for both canines and cats. With folks eagerly traveling more again as pandemic restrictions continue to loosen, Dr. McCain says the boarding services are also gaining in popularity, thanks to the familiarity between the hospital staff and the animals they care for.

“It’s good to see people getting out and doing more stuff again. And their pets are comfortable being with us because they know who we are and so usually the boarding is easier on them,” she says.

In addition to feeling passionate about treating animals, Dr. McCain also likes to create an inclusive environment at All Care Animal Hospital, like aligning the practice to welcome those with disabilities as fellow employees. Currently the staff includes one member who is deaf and another who struggles with behavioral issues but excels when working alongside animals.

“I think it’s important that businesses do what they can to help society,” Dr. McCain says of her strong desire to create these opportunities.

By surrounding herself with others who share her commitment to quality care, Dr. McCain and her team have become not only providers, but also confidants for pet owners in both the good and bad times. And with the pandemic spurring a lot of interest in dog and cat ownership, she has been working hard to educate new owners about how to properly care for the animals they’ve recently welcomed into their home.

“[During the onset of the pandemic] people weren’t getting out of the house, so it was a challenge to socialize your pet. So, primarily, what we’ve been concentrating on with new owners has been working on socializing so there’s less anxiety” as exposing animals to new environments will only help with their overall development, she says.

Having come a long way since that fateful morning in Michigan trapped in a stall with that rambunctious Holstein, Dr. McCain relies on her more than two decades of experience in veterinary medicine and the lasting bonds she forms with clients to continue to help All Care Animal Hospital evolve to better serve area residents and their cherished pets now and well into the future.

“Honestly, the most rewarding aspect of the job is being able to help their pets for their whole life,” Dr. McCain says. “The beginning part—playing, socialization and watching them grow; during middle age as they become young adults and settle in; and when they’re older, helping them with arthritis, vision and other problems that can happen as they age.”

With that level of dedication, it’s no wonder why Dr. McCain and All Care Animal Hospital have become synonymous with comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care.

All Care Animal Hospital

504 S. Highway 27, #2748


(352) 394-7444