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Tax Talk

Whether it’s the looming tax season or a formidable letter from the IRS, taxpayers should never go through such daunting circumstances alone. That’s why Kimberely Bates, EA, is committed to supplying her clients with the results and professionalism of a large-scale corporation while supporting them with the intimate attention and care found in small businesses.

After years of experience with tax services in other businesses, Kimberely Bates decided to branch out on her own, founding Central Florida Tax Solutions in 2007. Since then, she’s tirelessly served the area as a trustworthy tax advisor for both individuals and small businesses.

Kimberely Bates kick-started her career by becoming an Enrolled Agent (EA) licensed by the IRS. Taxpayers can also be represented by certified public accountants (CPAs) and tax attorneys.  Professional certification isn’t the only thing setting Kimberely Bates and Central Florida Tax Solutions apart from other taxpayer resolution companies. The team also incorporates personal aspects into every business-client relationship it forms with personal attention to its clients’ needs.

This precedent begins with the team’s 24/7 service, ensuring that every client’s voice is heard no matter what. Whether it’s Sunday afternoon or 2 a.m. on a Tuesday, Kimberely Bates says there is never a bad time for any of her valued clients to contact her Firm.

“Say someone comes home, they’ve had dinner and put the kids down to sleep. Then they sit down, dive into their mail and see an IRS letter, and it’s like 10 o’clock at night, so they panic. … We’ll be there for them,” Kimberely Bates says. “There’s really nothing we can do with the IRS at that time, but we’re there. We always respond and we respond as quickly as we can.”

This personal approach and the team’s overall devotion to its clients, Kimberely Bates says, are huge distinctions from other tax relief and resolution companies. While other companies farm clients in and out to reap a surplus of profits, Central Florida Tax Solutions takes the time to cultivate its relationships with clients while ensuring that they make the best decision for their individual circumstances.

Central Florida Tax Solutions offers every tax settlement and starts each client partnership with an interview and research to learn the ins and outs of the situation.

“Generally speaking, the taxpayer doesn’t really know what’s going on in their case, mostly because they get the notice from the IRS, and it kind of paralyzes some people into inaction. Sometimes they just throw away the IRS notice thinking it’s just going to disappear, and by the time it gets to the point where the IRS could be knocking at their door, they really don’t know what’s going on and what’s happening,” Kimberely Bates says.

After becoming familiar with the case, Kimberely Bates presents each client with their best options for settlement of their tax issue, each with its own pros and cons, and they go from there. “We treat everybody as an individual, as though they are our only client.”

Central Florida Tax Solutions also allows clients to pay in installments without added interest, allowing them to get back on track financially without breaking the bank in the process.

From re-sharpening her tax law knowledge to attending training classes and webinars, the impending tax season has Kimberely Bates busier than ever. She has a few recommendations for the upcoming season: Do a mini audit while doing your tax returns to ensure that you have everything needed to support any claimed deductions, and keep scanned versions of documents and receipts just in case something goes wrong with the physical copy.

And, if all else fails, it’s comforting to know that you have a highly experienced and supportive individual in Kimberely Bates in your corner.

Central Florida Tax Solutions

400 E. Hwy 50 Clermont, FL 34711

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