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How (and Where) to Plan a Family Reunion

Let’s face it; family reunions are a great idea… in theory. But, when the rubber hits the road, family reunions can require a crazy amount of work, especially for first-timer organizers. Yet, with a solid plan, some team effort, and a cooperative attitude, a successful weekend filled with cherished, lifelong memories ─ and maybe a new annual tradition ─ is definitely doable and, most importantly, worth it. Planning Tips Start early. Well-organized family reunions are planned months, or even a year, in advance so that all loved ones have enough time to work the gathering into their busy... 

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Uncle Sam and Your New Baby: Must-Know Tax Tips for New Parents

Perhaps you’ve made it past the pacifier phase, survived the crying stage, and conquered the art of diaper changing. Congratulations! Sure, baby chaos may have calmed down a bit, but there are many other concerns for newbie parents that soon need attention, such as college tuition, savings accounts, and taxes. Yes, taxes! New parents are often unaware of the changes in their taxes that come along with having children. Vanessa Borges, expert tax preparation supervisor for the Tax Defense Network, provides guidance on making this challenging task a bit more manageable. 1. What are some common... 

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Oh Baby! Newborn Nurseries with Style

Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, there’s nothing like the special anticipation that comes along with the preparation for a new bundle of joy. If the nesting urge has struck, we’ve got some creative tips for designing a nursery the whole family will love. There’s nothing wrong with classic Winnie-the-Pooh or pastel-loving princesses, but why not let your imagination run wild to create a striking space that suits both your sense of style and the needs of your newborn? Bold & Beautiful “Paint is one way to make a big impact,” says interior designer Carol Fisher, owner of... 

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