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Book a Trip to the Library

Orlando Family Magazine and the Orange County Library System (OCLS) have aligned to produce this special section dedicated to literacy awareness and resources. Central Florida families can rely on OCLS for educational support and back-to-school preparations!  Abundant Back-to-School Help Available The new school year is a great time for parents to become excited about and engaged in their children’s learning. Research consistently shows that when parents are involved in their children’s learning, it positively influences their educational outcomes. Parents: The start of another academic... 

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Tips to Be School Shopping Savvy

Every summer, my children and I go on the great treasure hunt ─ also known as school supply shopping! And each time it seems that one or two things on our list prove difficult to locate. But now that I’ve been at it a few years, I’ve learned that unearthing the hard-to-find items means knowing where to look. Artist Supply Store Occasionally our school supply list features a very specific item that none of the regular stores seems to carry. Comparing notes with other moms can be helpful, but if it can only be found online and you don’t have time to wait for the item to be shipped,... 

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Adventures to Keep the Summer Soaring

Lake County is underappreciated…at least it was by me. So, what’s upped my love for this region of Central Florida? Among other discoveries, I credit Jones Brothers & Co. Air and Sea Adventures, a family-owned company operating single-engine and multi-engine aircrafts for both recreational eco-tours and aviation training! Docked just off the historic train tracks in Tavares, now known as “America’s Seaplane City,” Jones Brothers welcomes residents and tourists of all ages to climb aboard as co-pilots. Thankfully, the scenic roads leading to its lakeside launch pad helped calm my apprehension.... 

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