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Kids Say the Darndest Things…

Mrs. Swank, a first-grade elementary school teacher at Parke House Academy in Winter Park, let Orlando Family Magazine gain some lighthearted perspective from her witty students. We read half of a commonly used proverb to the pupils and asked them to complete the sentence with what they thought made perfect sense. And, in our opinion, perhaps these hilarious youngsters have, indeed, coined better phrases! Never underestimate the power of…first grade.  ─ Natalie You can lead a horse to water but…you can’t lead a horse to a barn.  ─ Charlotte Don’t bite the hand that…your write with.... 

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Easter Eggs the Natural Way

This Easter, brighten up the holiday with beautiful, naturally dyed eggs. You’ll be impressed at how nature can create a rainbow of colored eggs, with the benefit of no added chemicals or artificial dyes. It’s a fun experiment for parents and kids alike, and will be appreciated by the Easter Bunny! Color chart Red onion skins = soft lavender to red Beet juice or cranberry juice = pink Paprika = orange Yellow onion leaves, turmeric, orange/lemon peels, cumin, or carrot tops = yellow Dill seeds or Yellow Delicious apple peels = gold Spinach or grass = green Red cabbage leaves = robin’s... 

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Etiquette Essentials:

Etiquette Essentials: Formal Events with Informal Children As adorable and well-mannered as young children can be, they often create embarrassing moments for their parents, especially if brought to an event intended for a mature audience. To avoid that bit of awkwardness, here are a few pointers to consider (and share) when you are organizing an adult-oriented event, such as a bridal or baby shower, surprise birthday party, retirement celebration, shopping spree, or a wedding. Clear Invitations It’s appropriate to emphasize ”Adults Only” when sending out invitations for the special... 

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