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Sweet Tips for 4th of July

It’s easy to throw a 4th of July party that looks like you worked on it for weeks, even if you just started the planning process.Celebrate the holiday in style by serving classic entrees everyone loves and focusing your attention on delicious, easy-to-make desserts. With the right recipes, your sweets will be as captivating as the colorful spectacle of fireworks above. Hot Cinnamon Fireworks Cake: Crushed cinnamon drops add color and a slight hot cinnamon flavor to the inside of the cake, while simple melted candy details make the cake look like a firework bursting. Quick Pickled Strawberry... 

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Military Daddy Duty

Orlando Family Magazine’s Father’s Day Salute Lieutenant Daniel Shippy I am thankful for my husband, LT Daniel Shippy, who will SOON be a military dad! Dan is a physician in the United States Navy and will be deploying to Afghanistan (June 2014-February 2015) to care for our marines and soldiers. His deployment, like those of so many other brave military dads before him, will be during the birth of our first-born child. I am truly proud that one day we will tell our son or daughter how daddy volunteered to serve his country because he wanted to help ensure that other moms and dads could make... 

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Outstanding Teens Reign with Miss America’s Outstanding Teen

Leah Sykes is literally an “All-American Girl.” The Jacksonville native, who has four siblings and is currently homeschooled, plans to attend Nashville’s Belmont University and dreams of becoming a recording artist. The 17-year-old is also completing her year-long reign as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2014! During her span, Sykes has traveled throughout Florida and the country volunteering for projects for numerous organizations and fundraisers, while also raising awareness about the importance of ‘giving back.’ “I’ve learned of so many organizations out there that help people... 

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