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College Test Prep 101: ACT & SAT Tips for Parents

Guiding your high school student through college entrance exams can be intimidating, especially for parents who are navigating the process for the first time. But there’s no reason to worry. While you may not be able to teach trigonometry, you can still provide the support and guidance that all students need as they move towards the next chapter of their lives. Here are some tips: Know the Basics The two most widely used college entrance exams are the ACT and the SAT. Both are designed to assess a student’s academic readiness for college-level coursework.  To help your high schooler perform... 

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Loves Me, Loves Me Not: Supporting Kids Though the Ups & Downs of Friendship

Driving home from parent pick-up, you ask your kids what happened at school today. Your son mumbles, “Nothing,” in his casual, I-dare-you-to-ask-for-more information kind of way. Before you can follow up, your daughter chimes in “I hate Maddie. She told Sarah she thinks my hair is ugly, and now Sarah won’t let me sit with them at lunch. They’re not my friends anymore. I hate them both.” Catching Kids’ Feelings You were hoping to hear that your daughter had aced her spelling test. Instead, you’re sitting in the traffic wondering how to navigate a tricky emotional situation. Kids... 

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Single Parent or Superhero? How to Ask for the Help You Need

Carpool (check). Work (check). Lunch break (nope). Pay bills (check). Pick up kids (check). Homework (check). Dinner (check). Worry about cyber-bulling, referee sibling squabbles, etc. (check). Now, collapse on the couch. Single parents ─ and all parents ─ have important (and seemingly endless) responsibilities. Unless you have super powers, the stress of doing it all yourself can be overwhelming. But asking for assistance isn’t easy. “It can be an act of tremendous courage, humility, or coordination to seek out help,” says family counselor Suzanne Harrington, MA. Single parents want... 

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