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Embarking on a New Journey

Whether you’re looking to purchase or rent, Giant Recreation World offers a wide selection of top-of-the-line RVs and a dedicated team to help you embrace a new lifestyle and community. 

At Giant Recreation World, it’s not just about the destination. The journey is an equally important part of the adventure.

A family-owned and –operated business since 1976, the company boasts three locations in Winter Garden, Ormond Beach and Palm Bay. Those decades of experience combined with a highly skilled team allow customers to rest assured that they’re dealing with industry experts, no matter which location they are visiting. And whether you’re in the market to rent or buy, you’ll be in good hands thanks to an extensive range of options to choose from, in both brand and class. 

But, the experience at Giant Recreation World doesn’t end once you drive off in your new RV. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as you enter into this new lifestyle. 

“We often hear from our customers that the RV lifestyle is all about reconnecting with family and revisiting a time where wholesome fun is at the forefront of their summer agendas,” CEO Larry McNamara says. “And as a local business, we are proud to help families create those memories and build strong family values.”

And because Giant Recreation World houses its own service department, customers are able to bring in their vehicle for necessary repairs—though it should be mentioned that because the company works with so many different manufacturers, obtaining necessary parts can sometimes delay the turnaround time in fixing a vehicle.

What’s more, customers are encouraged to bring in their RV once a year for a service checkup and the findings are recorded as part of a Carfax-esque report card. Having these detailed reports allows owners to fetch top dollar for their trade when the time comes. 

But perhaps one of the biggest things to help Giant Recreation World separate itself from the competition is they are Central Florida’s only dealership to offer a lifetime warranty for customers who purchase a new RV, and select pre-owned RVs. That warranty covers things long after the coverage that was included by the manufacturer lapses, such as all major appliance, certain suspension, brake, and water system components to name a few.  

“It really does set us apart, to offer a lifetime warranty many items are taken care of by any certified RV Repair center with no deductible. It’s peace of mind,” says McNamara. 

Of course, not everyone is looking to purchase an RV—at least, not right away. And for them, Giant Recreation World offers an expert rental division. 

McNamara says that while a lot of dealerships don’t offer rentals at all, “we do it for a very specific reason.”

With a rental, people can test the waters before making a big splash. The rental fleet is also brand-new, with Giant Recreation World currently renting 2025 models so folks can get an understanding of what the features are, how they drive, etc. 

For those who think renting may be an arduous process, Giant Recreation World is ready to take the wheel to help. 

“We are here to get you on the road to your next family adventure. Our staff is here to get you set up with the best vehicle based on your needs, budget and plans. If you’re uncomfortable driving the RV to your final destination, we can even have the vehicle delivered and set up at the location where you intend to stay,” says McNamara. 

Of course, if you’re talking RVs, then a golf cart conversation is not far behind. Giant Recreation World’s golf cart division is located at Winter Garden across the street from one of its RV dealerships. It has its own showroom and sales department, and the location also offers parts, repair and maintenance. The company features a rental division for golf carts, too, much in the same way it rents RVs.

“It’s an integral part of the RV lifestyle. Once you park your RV, everyone likes to ride around the RV park in their golf cart,” says Dwayne Adams, marketing manager. 

With summer approaching and family excursions awaiting, now is the perfect time to consider an RV, and the folks at Giant Recreation World are eager to help guide you along the process. You can learn a lot by visiting one of the quarterly on-lot sales events complete with a catered lunch, plenty of giveaways and most importantly, a knowledgeable staff ready to answer any questions you may have. 

You can also check out McNamara on his weekly podcast, The RV Hour, where he covers a variety of topics and offers advice. The show also airs on Florida Man Radio 103.1 FM every Sunday from 10-11a.m. 

For those considering the RV life, stopping in at one of Giant Recreation World’s three locations is the first step. And there’s no pressure, instead customers are made to feel extremely comfortable as they are introduced to all the RV world has to offer. 

“We are heavily focused on our attention to detail and customer service,” says McNamara. “We are not just selling somebody an RV, they are entering into a lifestyle with us.”

Giant Recreation World
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