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Shooting for the Stars

These 15 star students go above and beyond in their academic studies in order to create a shining future for themselves. Even as impressive as the works of Benjamin Franklin, Nicholas Tesla, Albert Einstein and the like are, the world’s brightest minds may not have even emerged yet. Today’s access to technology and a wealth of information available with the touch of a button... Read More

A Sizzling Summer

A Sizzling Summer Your ultimate guide to summer in Central Florida This year’s summer season has a lot to offer. From events aimed at unifying communities and celebrating patriotism to appreciating nature and enjoying tasty foods, there’s so much to do right here in Central Florida—and this is your guide to fun all summer long. June 1 Jerk Festival 2024 Noon-9 p.m., Clermont,... Read More

Hope for the Best, Brace for the Worst

With an expectedly active 2024 Atlantic hurricane season on the horizon, local meteorologists emphasize the importance of taking precautions now to minimize panicking in the face of Mother Nature’s fury. Without hesitation, WFTV meteorologist Brian Shields concisely summarizes what his fellow Floridians should expect from the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season.  “It is going to... Read More

On The Move

When it comes to buying or selling a home, navigating the real estate market can be difficult without the proper guidance. Our annual list of the Top Real Estate Professionals in Greater Orlando is replete with trusted agents and brokers who are known to go above and beyond for their clients.  REAL ESTATE ATTORNEYS David P. Barker Dean Mead Law Vicki L. Berman Dean Mead Law Kristilee... Read More

Men of the Year 2024

These dedicated individuals are having a positive impact throughout Central Florida and beyond. Some men are introduced to the idea of community service at a young age, inspired by the examples set forth by their parents and mentors. Others come to it gradually, and as they get older they realize that they may need more than personal or career goals to feel truly fulfilled. Whatever... Read More

Coveted Communities

A glimpse into some of the top cities and towns that Central Florida has to offer.  Central Florida has become more than just a tourist hotspot; it’s now a sought-after destination for new residents. With its beautiful beaches, parks and warm climate year-round, it’s no surprise that people are choosing to call The Sunshine State home. Orlando and its neighboring areas provide... Read More

Modern Men’s Health

Medical experts explain the breakthroughs in men’s health care, from science to technology and today’s societal implications. If there is one aspect of life one can never take too seriously, it’s their health. And if there’s one silver lining from the pandemic, it’s that a global health crisis demonstrated the importance of physical, emotional and social health, as well... Read More

Challenge Accepted

Chris Hemsworth has overcome several obstacles along the way to becoming a global superstar, but his latest role proved to be the most daunting—and rewarding—of his career. Chris Hemsworth, a powerhouse of talent and charisma, steps into the spotlight once again with his latest film, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. The Australia-born actor has carved quite a niche for himself in Hollywood,... Read More

Super Women 2024

These 15 exceptional females are leading the path toward a brighter future for our community as well as upcoming generations of women. Orlando Family Magazine annually honors women in the local community who are actively contributing to positive change. Through their generous donations of time, money and expertise, these women strive to make a difference and improve the world around... Read More

Hitting Her Stride

Following a long and successful career onstage, Hannah Waddingham rocketed to worldwide stardom on Ted Lasso, and now she is excited to see what comes next. British actress and singer Hannah Waddingham may be approaching her half-century, yet the London-born star has perfected the art of arriving late on the scene as she continues to captivate audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. For... Read More


TOP FIVE: ALCOHOL INFUSED DISHES A quintet of tasty things to try this month ‍FIRE FRIES at Thrive Cocktail Lounge & Eatery DOWNTOWN ORLANDO A flavorful mashup of beer-battered fries, kobachi sauce, spicy mayo, furikake, scallions, bonito flakes and sesame seeds. THE DRUNK BISON at The Whiskey DR. PHILLIPS A hearty serving of ground bison, topped with beer cheese sauce, smoked... Read More

Spreading the Word

As Mental Health Awareness Month arrives, local organizations want residents to know that help is available and there’s no shame in asking for it. With a lengthy career in health care, including her current role as the CEO of Central Florida Behavioral Hospital, Vickie Lewis knows as well as anyone that “mental health can touch anyone.” That is especially the case in Florida,... Read More

Raising the Bar

20 standout small plates to enjoy with your next cocktail, cold beer or glass of wine. Once upon a time, grabbing a bite to eat at the bar typically meant some sort of fried snack, a plate of wings or maybe a sandwich. But these days, many establishments are showcasing much more refined dishes on their menus, proving that a bite at the bar can be both elevated and approachable.... Read More

No Place Like Home

It’s no secret that Central Florida is a headquarters for entertainment, sightseeing and magic—but there is so much more to explore throughout the state just a day trip away.  Florida is famous for many things, enticing travelers from all over the world to traverse its varied destinations. From shore to shore, each area has its own culture and history, allowing one to feel... Read More

Celebrating 35 Years of Dedicated Service

As Dr. Michael Steppie and his team as Associates in Dermatology mark a significant milestone, their commitment to the prevention of skin cancer is as strong as ever. Springtime in Central Florida means a wealth of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, whether that’s taking in the natural beauty of the area, visiting one of the many local attractions or spending an afternoon... Read More

Top Vets

Dedicated docs providing high-quality care for our beloved furry friends… Let’s face it, owning a pet is a joyful experience full of love and appreciation. But, just like with our beloved family members, when the time arises to see medical care, you want to find a doctor you can trust. Allow us to present our annual list of the Top Veterinarians in Central Florida, as chosen... Read More

The Importance of Autism Advocacy

Autism Acceptance Month not only acts as a reminder to celebrate the differences within our communities, but also works to highlight both the resources and struggles those with autism face. Despite one in 36 children receiving an autism diagnosis, there’s much about the disorder that is shrouded in myths, conspiracies and stereotypes. Autism Acceptance Month provides an annual... Read More

Far From Finished

Orlando mayor buddy dyer has led the city for more than two decades, but in the midst of his final term he’s still motivated to do more. Having served as mayor of Orlando since 2003, Buddy Dyer is now the longest-serving mayor in the city’s history. After winning reelection this past November, Dyer announced this mayoral term will be his last. But, before he leaves office and... Read More

Coming Attractions

The Theme Park Capital of the World continues to evolve in new and exciting ways. From the latest in rides and experiences to a brand-new theme park, the best is truly yet to come for Central Florida. One big perk of living in the Orlando area is being in the center of all the amusement park action. With a wide range of upcoming rides and shows to experience, there is surely something... Read More


TOP FIVE: FRIES A quintet of tasty things to try this month JOJO’S FRIES at JoJo’s Shakebar POINTE ORLANDO These crispy waffle fries are topped with a trio of cheeses—mozzarella, provolone and cheddar—along with bacon, chives and sour cream. ITALIAN POUTINE at the Daily Poutine DISNEY SPRINGS This unique combination of fries features mozzarella, pecorino Romano and turkey... Read More

Embarking on a New Journey

Whether you’re looking to purchase or rent, Giant Recreation World offers a wide selection of top-of-the-line RVs and a dedicated team to help you embrace a new lifestyle and community.  At Giant Recreation World, it’s not just about the destination. The journey is an equally important part of the adventure. A family-owned and –operated business since 1976, the company boasts... Read More