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Living the Dream


It wasn’t always this easy, but Dwayne Johnson overcame the obstacles to become one of entertainment’s biggest and most beloved stars. Dwayne Johnson has appeared in countless films, yet his real life story could be its own movie. In fact, it reads like one of Hollywood’s true fairy tales. When he was 14, his family was evicted from their Hawaii home because his mother couldn’t... Read More

Top Physicians 2018


251 of Greater Orlando’s leading medical minds. From the family physicians we see for routine checkups to the specialists who help guide us through challenging times, finding doctors who not only care for you, but also care about you is no small feat. For our annual Top Physicians list this year we once again tapped our readers and asked them to vote for the doctors who have made... Read More

Smoke Signals


As vaping and e-cigarettes become more popular with teens, some worry that they are being led down a dangerous path. When electronic smoking devices were first introduced, they were marketed as a possible solution to help deter adults away from cigarettes and nicotine addiction. And while some folks did ditch tobacco to give them a try, so, too, did many of today’s youth. Now,... Read More

All Bets are Off


A recent Supreme Court ruling has opened up the gates for states to legalize sports betting, but the future of Florida’s gambling industry was already in question. In May, the Supreme Court struck down a 1992 federal law that prohibited the legalization of sports betting in most states. Now that the law has been tossed out, states are considering whether or not they should get... Read More

Win $250 CASH and Gift Cards to Local Restaurants


Orlando Family Magazine is conducting its annual readership survey so we can better understand you, the reader! Read More  Read More