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Motivated by the Music

Decades after he took the world by storm and became a cultural icon, Paul McCartney is still having the time of his life. Just as the year 2020 has seen so many greats pass across to the other side, it does leave you to imagine the reaction that will follow when Paul McCartney leaves us. “I tend not to think about death too much,” he says, “but when you get to the age I am... Read More

Orlando Family Magazine: Year in Review 2020

Before we can fully close the books on 2020 and move on to what we hope are much brighter days ahead, we wanted to take our annual look back at the year that was. In the following pages you’ll read memorable quotes from our many celebrity interviews as well as find a comprehensive roundup of Central Florida’s top attorneys, dentists, doctors and realtors in addition to the best... Read More

Hope on the Horizon

As COVID-19 vaccines are beginning to be distributed in the United States, Central Floridians look towards 2021 with optimism. As we present Orlando Family Magazine’s annual look at what the new year will bring, the irony of making predictions is not lost on us. Yes, this time last year, we made some prognostications about 2020. At the time, we could have never foreseen the health... Read More