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Lifeguards on Duty

There has perhaps never been a time with a greater focus on mental health and the direct need to address anxiety, depression and other issues that continuously haunt individuals. One local organization understands this mission wholeheartedly and has established itself as a strong support system and leading provider for folks all across Central Florida who may be struggling. The... Read More

Together as One

Situated on an idyllic 48-acre campus in southwest Orange County, Windermere Preparatory School offers its students a one-of-a-kind experience, thanks in part to the lessons learned not only in the classroom, but also from one another. That’s because Windermere Prep, despite calling Central Florida home, is truly an international school with nearly 70 different nationalities represented.... Read More

Top Dentists 2022

As the pandemic put a renewed focus on one’s overall health and well-being, proper dental health has taken center stage. Sure, regular visits to the dentist will help protect your teeth and gums, but they can also help you avoid other serious health issues, like increased risk for cardiovascular disease or pneumonia. Here in Central Florida, we are lucky to have such a talented... Read More

Where Healthy Habits Begin

So much of our personalities, fears and habits have their roots in childhood’s developmental, foundational experiences. That’s why Baptiste Orthodontics & Baptiste Dentistry for Kids are dedicated to taking all the scariness out of oral hygiene, setting up their youngest patients for a lifetime of healthy habits.  “It’s really key to make that early experience as pleasant... Read More

Welcome to Florida’s Springlands

Nearly 200 years ago, Columbia County was regarded as The Gateway to Florida. That moniker recognized how the region both advantageously abuts the state’s northern border and boasts wide-open spaces and land bridges that allowed for easier travel.  Today, the region is known as “Lake City, Florida’s Springlands,” and it’s waiting to welcome everyone from far-flung tourists... Read More

Helping to Heal

For women struggling with their mental health, one of the hardest things for them to do is let their guard down and confide in others. Many are hesitant out of fear that their extreme vulnerability will further deepen the hole they are so desperate to climb out of or that others may view them as incompetent. Traci Powell knows this all too well and so she’s made it her mission... Read More

Turning Frowns Upside Down

Education is a big part of any dentist’s job, and it’s one that Dr. Peter Chen, DMD, MMSc, wholly embraces. Dr. Chen leads the dedicated team at Advanced Endodontics, where he’s owner and CEO. Their main focus includes not only treating aches, pains and emergencies with state-of-the-art technology and exceptional care, but also preventing any future issues that may threaten... Read More

Protect, Don’t Neglect Your Skin

During the pandemic, there has been an influx of folks who have moved to the Sunshine State and are now calling Central Florida home. And while there are undoubtedly many things about this area they find alluring, the favorable weather conditions are certainly at the top of the list. But as they have eagerly taken advantage of the warm climate, many aren’t accustomed to the year-round... Read More

Where Patients Become Parents

For those struggling to become pregnant, scrolling through social media can bring up mixed emotions. As you look at pictures of smiling babies taking their first steps or puckering at their first taste of a lemon, there is happiness but also a deep sense of yearning.  But you keep scrolling until a post stops you in your tracks: a friend announced she is pregnant, and she says... Read More

Comprehensive Care

Our experience with doctors begins when we are young. While we don’t remember much from those formative years, we carry with us the experiences we have, and over time we develop an understanding of how important health care is.  Because a healthy body, mind and spirit are so important, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a primary care provider that you feel comfortable and... Read More

Come On Down

Forty years of harsh Pennsylvania winters can take a toll on anybody, especially someone like Jim Culp, who doesn’t have much tolerance for blizzards and blustery conditions. His decision to move to Central Florida in 2020 wasn’t entirely based on the weather, of course, but it certainly was one of the main motivating factors. In fact, when he was packing up his home outside... Read More

Health Care Done Right

The idea of putting the doctor-patient relationship at the forefront of primary care medicine continues to be the focus at MDVIP, a national network of primary care physicians. Founded in 2000, MDVIP’s mission is to help primary care physicians “provide life-changing personalized preventive care so members can lead healthier and more vibrant lives.” With more than 1,000 primary... Read More

Finding Hope

One in 44. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that is the number of children affected by autism in the United States. Despite the statistics, children with autism, and their families, still find themselves in a place of frustration, isolation and desperation, when it comes to receiving the help needed. Autism had not yet taken the stronghold it now... Read More

Parenting Guide: Special Needs

Tara Halaychick, the high school guidance counselor at Pace Brantley Preparatory, notes that students often greet their first day at the school—which exclusively enrolls K-12 children who have learning disabilities—with a learned mistrust. “Typically, when they first step foot on campus as a new student, they’ve had an experience before Pace that wasn’t so great, so they... Read More

Parenting Guide: Senior Living

The onset of COVID and the wide-ranging interruptions and upheaval it unceremoniously dropped on a global population meant that everyone had to adapt to a new normal, and fast. Suddenly, our worlds shrunk as loved ones, neighbors and daily routines were off-limits and feeling inaccessibly far away. Quickly pivoting to digital avenues to both stay connected and tend to those daily... Read More

Parenting Guide: Health and Wellness

For parents, the care and well-being of their children is one of the most important things in the world. Therefore, finding a pediatrician who best meets the needs of their child is paramount. But how do you know who the best doctor for your child is? Orlando Family Magazine recently spoke with several experts in the field who offered advice on things to look for and some pertinent... Read More

Parenting Guide: Family Fun

Now that school is out, many families are looking into summer vacation options. Living in Central Florida offers an abundance of choices for staycations, as well as easy access to cruising ports. Road trips and air travel allow families to explore areas outside of their everyday lives. Whatever the selection, traveling as a family has many advantages and can help create precious... Read More

Parenting Guide: Education

Parental support and guidance are often integral components to a child’s early successes. However, finding the right balance of nudging without nagging has proven to be a struggle for many parents. Tim McDermott of Tim McDermott Tutoring & Test Prep in Maitland believes, “it’s actually healthy for parents to hold their children to high standards, but only to the point... Read More

A Brave Step Toward Fatherhood

Since opening its doors in 2017 as the first Florida location of a nationally renowned network of fertility clinics, Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA) in Lake Mary has assisted hundreds of patients in achieving their dreams of becoming parents. Naturally, when these happy couples end up delivering healthy babies, they are eager to share photos of their little bundles of joy... Read More

In Control of Your Health

Going to the doctor is a task that many adults put off, but men especially. A 2019 study by the Cleveland Clinic showed that 60% of men don’t go regularly, choosing to wait until they are seriously ill. This only does a disservice to their health, however, and physicians say delayed visits could mean diagnoses go overlooked and untreated. Dr. Benjamin Kaplan, an internal medicine... Read More

‘A History of Being Resilient’

It’s been a rough two years.  Whether you feel surreally suspended in March 2020 or are convinced you’ve somehow aged a decade since then, the upheaval of everyday life has influenced every facet of existence, leaving even those who sidestepped major loss, disruption and medical bills exhausted and wondering how much longer this can last.  There is some renewed optimism about... Read More