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Strength in Numbers

With the national shortage of health care providers affecting Florida’s doctors, nurses, specialists and more, medical professionals are doing everything they can to avert those incoming issues—and minimize the challenges that patients are already experiencing. It’s no small task ensuring that Central Florida residents have access to the high-quality health care they deserve.... Read More

Top Dentists 2023

Whether headed to the office for a routine check-up, cleaning or in desperate need of pain relief, trips to the dentist are an important piece of maintaining one’s overall health. Here in Central Florida, the region is filled with skilled dental professionals who provide the utmost care while forming meaningful bonds with their patients, young and old alike. Our... Read More

Suicide Awareness and Why Kindness is Key

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. suicide rate is at the highest it has ever been, with almost 50,000 Americans taking their own lives documented in 2022. Experts explain why a centuries-long epidemic is getting worse. Suicide has been a devastating epidemic in society that demonstrates no sign of losing momentum. The stigma surrounding mental... Read More

2023 Top Physicians

As hard as one may try, living a completely healthy lifestyle is an impossible task, and sooner or later, illnesses and injuries are going to happen. Fortunately, when that time comes, the Central Florida region is blessed to be home to many skilled medical providers across a number of specialties. These doctors not only have the drive to push their fields further... Read More

Health and Wellness Resource Directory

HEALTH & WELLNESS  (CENTRAL)                               DENTAL Christine Nguyen, DDS 1330 S. Orlando Ave., Winter Park (407) 629-4077 Dr. Christine Nguyen provides comprehensive general dentistry for adults and children including annual preventive care, oral cancer screening, Invisalign, veneers, six-month smiles, Zoom!... Read More

Parenting Guide: Health Care

Local professionals offer tips for parents whose young children fear a trip to the dentist or orthodontist. Spend just a few minutes with any pediatric dentist or orthodontist, and it usually becomes quite clear why they got into the field in the first place. Most come off as cheerful, positive people who genuinely take pride in helping patients, and their gentle approach works... Read More

Here to Help

Life for many has settled back into its pre-pandemic routine, though maybe with a little more caution and other behavioral adaptations that come from living through that unprecedented societal upheaval.  But even with a few seasons of getting reacclimated to “the old normal,” the psychological damage born of constant uncertainty, long-term isolation and a world gripped by fear... Read More

Oral Report

While February is most associated with sending flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day and whether Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow or not, the shortest month on the calendar also has another important meaning. Every year at this time, the American Dental Association sponsors Children’s Dental Health Month, bringing together doctors, other health care providers and educators... Read More

Strides in Women’s Health Care

From new contraception options to minimally invasive robotic technology, the world of medicine has made great strides in improving the way health care workers treat women. This demographic of patients requires specialized surgical techniques and tools to ensure that it receives the best quality of care, and according to local experts, there are tons of new innovations being used... Read More

Top Dentists 2022

As the pandemic put a renewed focus on one’s overall health and well-being, proper dental health has taken center stage. Sure, regular visits to the dentist will help protect your teeth and gums, but they can also help you avoid other serious health issues, like increased risk for cardiovascular disease or pneumonia. Here in Central Florida, we are lucky to have such a talented... Read More

Parenting Guide: Health and Wellness

For parents, the care and well-being of their children is one of the most important things in the world. Therefore, finding a pediatrician who best meets the needs of their child is paramount. But how do you know who the best doctor for your child is? Orlando Family Magazine recently spoke with several experts in the field who offered advice on things to look for and some pertinent... Read More

In Control of Your Health

Going to the doctor is a task that many adults put off, but men especially. A 2019 study by the Cleveland Clinic showed that 60% of men don’t go regularly, choosing to wait until they are seriously ill. This only does a disservice to their health, however, and physicians say delayed visits could mean diagnoses go overlooked and untreated. Dr. Benjamin Kaplan, an internal medicine... Read More

‘A History of Being Resilient’

It’s been a rough two years.  Whether you feel surreally suspended in March 2020 or are convinced you’ve somehow aged a decade since then, the upheaval of everyday life has influenced every facet of existence, leaving even those who sidestepped major loss, disruption and medical bills exhausted and wondering how much longer this can last.  There is some renewed optimism about... Read More

Helping Hands

Life as a mother of seven kids between the ages of 17 and 8 certainly gets hectic, to say the least, but Susanna Gedaro isn’t one to complain. Considering what she went through on the road to parenthood, she makes it a point to appreciate all of the highs and lows that come with the role. Gedaro suffered through multiple miscarriages—the first of which came very late in her... Read More

Paying Tribute

The past few months have provided renewed hope in the health care community. COVID-19 vaccines have helped change the tide from anxiety and isolation to relief and liberation. However, variants and vaccine hesitancy have continued to place hardships on medical professionals across the country. Even while all hands were on deck fighting the virus, the health care field hasn’t slowed... Read More

The Continuing Conflicts of COVID-19

Displeased man with cap, blue jeans and sunglasses holding a NO COVID vaccine sign with crowd of people in background. Supporting anti-vaccination movement. Anti-vaxxer activist. By spring of 2020, COVID-19 had begun to affect everyone, in some form or another. The lingering pandemic has not only brought about severe illness, death and financial hardship but the seemingly never-ending... Read More

Caring for the Kids

It’s no secret that pediatric providers play a key role in a child’s growth and development. And certainly every parent wants the very best for their kid, so prioritizing their health during their formative years is of the utmost importance—even more so during the nearly two years since the onset of the pandemic.  And while many of the headlines surrounding pediatric health... Read More

Varying Vaccine Viewpoints

According to data from the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than six million children have tested positive for COVID-19 since the pandemic began. Over one million of those cases occurred this past September, as many schools reopened with in-person classes. While the likelihood of COVID causing severe illness or death is a much lower risk for children than adults, over 500 children... Read More

Happy to Help

Asking for help isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Most people treasure their independence, and admitting that they can’t handle a problem on their own—even a medical one—can sometimes be a challenge. Whether it’s an issue they think they can put off until later, is embarrassing in nature or is just too scary to tackle head on, the consequences of not seeking assistance... Read More

The Mind-Body Connection

You don’t have to be a professional or even a casual athlete to benefit from the ways sports medicine is helping people from all walks of life get back to the lives and hobbies they love post-injury. While its name may conjure images of sidelined sports heroes clawing their way back to mobility, flexibility and recovery, the reality is that anyone can access the specialized, individualized,... Read More

Parenting Guide: Education

This past school year was by far one of the toughest years for learning. The challenges posed by the pandemic resulted in some degree of social and academic loss for all grade levels. Though teachers and administrators worked tirelessly to create as normal of a year as possible, many kids have fallen behind. Now many schools are looking to help students regain what was lost before... Read More