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Cool Under Pressure

With over 35 years of service to the community, Matt Thurman built Advanced Refrigeration & Air into an incredibly successful business based on integrity, innovation and top-notch service. Now he turns over the reins to the new CEO, his son John Thurman. Established in 1986 in Orlando, Advanced Refrigeration & Air is a family-owned and operated company with five locations... Read More

Bringing It Home

No matter if you’re buying or selling a home, it’s a big process and one that can be stressful without the right guidance to help you see things through. Our annual list of the Top Real Estate Professionals in South Jersey is full of trusted experts who know the ins and outs of the marketplace and repeatedly deliver for their clients.    REAL ESTATE SALES John Alexandrou... Read More

An Empathetic Ear

Dan Marcone’s interest in mental health is rooted in his youth. He grew up in a warm, loving home, but struggled with anxiety and depression for years without knowing how to describe those challenges.  Like any good mental-health professional will emphasize, though, nothing is quite as formative as those childhood experiences. And nothing cuts through emotional barriers, mental-health... Read More

Have You Had Your Skin Checked Lately?

With the arrival of spring, more and more Central Floridians will be eager to spend their time outdoors and enjoying the favorable weather conditions. However, all that time soaking up the sunshine is not without risk and it can ultimately lead to serious skin damage and dangerous outcomes.  Skin cancer rates are steadily rising in the United States where more than 3.6 million... Read More

Here to Help

Life for many has settled back into its pre-pandemic routine, though maybe with a little more caution and other behavioral adaptations that come from living through that unprecedented societal upheaval.  But even with a few seasons of getting reacclimated to “the old normal,” the psychological damage born of constant uncertainty, long-term isolation and a world gripped by fear... Read More

Enjoying the Journey

At Giant Recreation World, it’s not just about the destination. The journey is an equally important part of the adventure. “We are a recreational dealership. We have RVs—the difference here is we are a destination dealership,” Dwayne Adams explains, “meaning people will take a trip just to get to us.” Adams is the marketing manager at Giant Recreation World, a dealer... Read More

Ready for Takeoff

Planning a family vacation, especially with little ones in tow, can be a stressful experience, but once all the reservations are made and the suitcases are packed, a feeling of anticipatory excitement takes over. The only thing left to do at that point is get on the plane and start creating lifelong memories. Of course, the path to boarding isn’t always an easy one, and obstacles... Read More

Making Mental Health a Priority

Lindsey Phillips is not unfamiliar with the affects mental health struggles can have on families. As the director of external affairs for Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, she knows how difficult it can be to not only recognize that intervention may be necessary—whether it’s for a child who may be continuously acting out or a teenager who is suddenly full of angst—but... Read More

A Trusted Ally

Adopting a child can be a long and arduous process with plenty of twists and turns to navigate. But the road to adoption can prove even more difficult for same sex couples and other members of the LGBTQIA+ community, who are often discriminated against and faced with further obstacles and complications. Luckily, here in Central Florida is where you’ll find 26Health, an organization... Read More

Animal Instincts

There’s a tradition at Winter Park Veterinary Hospital in which every new hire to the team is asked to read a book by Dr. Spencer Johnson titled Who Moved My Cheese? A guide to preparing for change in the workplace—and learning how to embrace it—the bestseller’s theme fits in perfectly with the philosophy of a practice that has been one of Central Florida’s leading providers... Read More

Top Vets

The animals in our lives are treated like members of the family and so it’s only right that they receive the utmost in medical care. Thankfully, the Orlando area is full of top-notch animal care facilities and leading veterinarians who are using the latest technologies and treatments to better serve their patients. The following list of Top Veterinarians in Greater Orlando were... Read More

The Perfect Fit

Although the patients who visit Dr. George Patounakis at Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA) Florida can be described as hopeful parents, often, “hope” is exactly what they are most in need of. Many have been told at other fertility clinics that they cannot use their own eggs or sperm to make an embryo or will not be able to carry a pregnancy, and their dreams of becoming... Read More

Excitement Awaits

Magic Kingdom’s: Tron Lightcycle/Run With spring upon us and summer not far behind, it’s time to take a look at some of the bigger things taking shape at Orlando’s theme parks and nearby attractions. From new rides, experiences, shows and more, there’s lots of reasons to eagerly await your next visit to any one of these destinations for family-friendly fun and lasting... Read More

Building a Community All Year Long

April might mark the beginning of World Autism Month but for those whose lives have been touched by autism spectrum disorder (ASD), awareness and advocacy efforts aren’t limited to just one month a year. “We have to educate every day,” affirms Silvia Haas. “We have to keep educating our audience.” Haas is the chief executive officer and one of the “founding sisters”... Read More

A Winning Formula

In addition to being former No. 1 overall draft picks and current NBA superstars, there is another common thread that binds Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons and Cade Cunningham: They were all once mentored by the man who many consider to be the best high school basketball coach in the country. First at St. Patrick’s in New Jersey and for the past 12 years at Montverde Academy here in... Read More

A Guiding Light

Jessica Villegas knows as well as anyone that the teen and young adult years can be a tricky time to navigate, especially with no guidance on the journey. Although she is a successful career woman now—and the mother of three daughters—her childhood was anything but ideal, and having a strong role model or mentor in place would have done wonders for her self-esteem, not to mention... Read More

A Better View

Ask any parent about what they want most for their children and the response will likely revolve around seeing them grow up to live long lives full of happiness and good health. And while looking into their little one’s eyes can elicit instant feelings of joy, sometimes it’s what they don’t see that can be a cause for serious concern. A young child’s vision plays an integral... Read More

Tax Talk

Whether it’s the looming tax season or a formidable letter from the IRS, taxpayers should never go through such daunting circumstances alone. That’s why Kimberely Bates, EA, is committed to supplying her clients with the results and professionalism of a large-scale corporation while supporting them with the intimate attention and care found in small businesses. After years of... Read More

Oral Report

While February is most associated with sending flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day and whether Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow or not, the shortest month on the calendar also has another important meaning. Every year at this time, the American Dental Association sponsors Children’s Dental Health Month, bringing together doctors, other health care providers and educators... Read More

An Eye Opener

Women are often expected to wear many hats during a typical day, from wife and mother to busy professional and everything in between, all while holding themselves to impossibly high standards. Self-care and beauty regimens can sometimes take a backseat to the other demands they face, but that’s where a national brand with a growing presence in Central Florida can help. The Lash... Read More

Season’s Greetings

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, now is the time to make your plans to celebrate the season in style. Across Central Florida, there are a number of festive events taking place, from longtime traditions to new events sure to put a smile on your face. Check out this guide to see what’s going on in the local communities and at the theme parks. Now through Dec. 5  Pet... Read More