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An Eye Opener

Women are often expected to wear many hats during a typical day, from wife and mother to busy professional and everything in between, all while holding themselves to impossibly high standards. Self-care and beauty regimens can sometimes take a backseat to the other demands they face, but that’s where a national brand with a growing presence in Central Florida can help. The Lash... Read More

Giving the Gift of a Smile

Although Fravel Brewer Orthodontics has been a fixture in the Central Florida community for more than three decades, and has been able to restore the self-esteem for countless teens and young adults during that time, the feeling of helping a child never grows old. In fact, the orthodontists’ love for coming to work is shared by the entire team, especially on those days when they... Read More

‘A Genuine Passion’

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health is one of the most comprehensive nonprofit behavioral health care organizations in the country, offering services in 13 states. Founded in 1912 by one of the first pioneers in the field—Helena Devereux—it launched operations in Florida 35 years ago to meet the emotional and behavioral needs of local youth who have experienced significant trauma.... Read More

Building a Strong Foundation

Education isn’t just about academics: It’s about guiding and supporting children as they grow while showing them how to become conscientious community members, and Foundation Academy approaches that tremendous responsibility with the respect it deserves. The private Christian school for children from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade also ensures that faith-based fellowship... Read More

A Global Impact

From the moment it was founded in 1912, Montverde Academy (MVA) has been devoted to enriching the lives of students both inside and outside the classroom, and has established itself as a forward-thinking academic institution that inspires every child to reach their full potential. Of the school’s many unique aspects, perhaps none is more impactful than its incredible diversity,... Read More

Filling the Void

The long and arduous road to adopting a child can be a difficult one to navigate, full of twists and turns and cause for a range of emotions. But the process can be even more daunting for same-sex couples and other members of the LGBTQIA+ community, who often incur other obstacles that can further complicate matters.  Here in Central Florida, 26Health is an organization easing... Read More

The Doctor Is In

Friends’ social media confessions, celebrities opening up about their troubles conceiving and popular entertainment increasingly addressing the very real struggles of trying to get pregnant have all, in recent years, helped diminish the taboo of talking about infertility.  But as helpful as it is to have more resources and avenues for connecting with others who understand that... Read More

Leading the Charge

It happens every October. Across the country, pink ribbons are prominently displayed, survivors gather in support of one another and millions of dollars are raised all in the name of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And while there is considerable momentum built up during these 31 days on the calendar, the truth of the matter is the battle against the disease is very much... Read More

Love Your Skin

Florida has always been an attractive place to call home, but during the course of the pandemic the Sunshine State has welcomed hundreds of thousands of new residents in one of the biggest population increases seen across the entire country. And while there are undoubtedly several things these new Floridians find alluring, the favorable weather conditions are certainly at the top... Read More

The Heartbeat of the Neighborhood

Residents of College Park, Pine Hills and the surrounding areas are eagerly awaiting the opening of the new Leonard & Marjorie Williams Family YMCA. Slated to open later this year, the facility hopes to cater to the needs of all in the community.   Executive Director Sonya Crider, known affectionately as “Coach,” took on her new role in the fall of last year. Since that... Read More

Tackling a Social Injustice

Human trafficking, and more specifically, commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), is a large and growing concern around the world. Florida is ranked third in the nation for the most calls to the national hotline for trafficking cases. This is happening globally and domestically, in urban and suburban areas. Children, adolescents and adult survivors of human trafficking... Read More

One of a Kind

Whether they are limiting their big day to a few special guests or hoping to spend it with 100 of their closest friends and family members, there is no question that most couples beginning their life together want it to start with an unforgettable wedding. No site in Central Florida is better suited to deliver that experience than Gallery J, a one-of-a-kind venue in Winter Springs... Read More

Growing a Community

When Green Source FL held its grand opening last month, owner Tony Burrows estimates that nearly 200 people came out for a day filled with family fun and warm introductions.  It’s exactly the kind of positive response and promising turnout Burrows was hoping would greet Downtown Orlando’s new medical marijuana health center.  “The purpose of the grand opening was to introduce... Read More

An Eye on the Future

Diabetes is said to be one of the fastest-growing chronic diseases in the world, and in the United States alone there are 1.5 million new cases each year. The numbers for hypertension are even more alarming, with nearly half of all American adults experiencing high blood pressure and being in jeopardy of heart disease or stroke. What, exactly, does this have to do with the eyes?... Read More

Lifeguards on Duty

There has perhaps never been a time with a greater focus on mental health and the direct need to address anxiety, depression and other issues that continuously haunt individuals. One local organization understands this mission wholeheartedly and has established itself as a strong support system and leading provider for folks all across Central Florida who may be struggling. The... Read More

Together as One

Situated on an idyllic 48-acre campus in southwest Orange County, Windermere Preparatory School offers its students a one-of-a-kind experience, thanks in part to the lessons learned not only in the classroom, but also from one another. That’s because Windermere Prep, despite calling Central Florida home, is truly an international school with nearly 70 different nationalities represented.... Read More

Where Healthy Habits Begin

So much of our personalities, fears and habits have their roots in childhood’s developmental, foundational experiences. That’s why Baptiste Orthodontics & Baptiste Dentistry for Kids are dedicated to taking all the scariness out of oral hygiene, setting up their youngest patients for a lifetime of healthy habits.  “It’s really key to make that early experience as pleasant... Read More

Welcome to Florida’s Springlands

Nearly 200 years ago, Columbia County was regarded as The Gateway to Florida. That moniker recognized how the region both advantageously abuts the state’s northern border and boasts wide-open spaces and land bridges that allowed for easier travel.  Today, the region is known as “Lake City, Florida’s Springlands,” and it’s waiting to welcome everyone from far-flung tourists... Read More

Helping to Heal

For women struggling with their mental health, one of the hardest things for them to do is let their guard down and confide in others. Many are hesitant out of fear that their extreme vulnerability will further deepen the hole they are so desperate to climb out of or that others may view them as incompetent. Traci Powell knows this all too well and so she’s made it her mission... Read More

Turning Frowns Upside Down

Education is a big part of any dentist’s job, and it’s one that Dr. Peter Chen, DMD, MMSc, wholly embraces. Dr. Chen leads the dedicated team at Advanced Endodontics, where he’s owner and CEO. Their main focus includes not only treating aches, pains and emergencies with state-of-the-art technology and exceptional care, but also preventing any future issues that may threaten... Read More

Protect, Don’t Neglect Your Skin

During the pandemic, there has been an influx of folks who have moved to the Sunshine State and are now calling Central Florida home. And while there are undoubtedly many things about this area they find alluring, the favorable weather conditions are certainly at the top of the list. But as they have eagerly taken advantage of the warm climate, many aren’t accustomed to the year-round... Read More