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The Man of the Hour

Blake Shelton talks new music, The Voice, getting engaged during the pandemic and why the party never stops at his new Orlando restaurant. The pandemic may have brought the world around Blake Shelton to a screeching halt, but the country superstar and television personality has still found plenty of ways to occupy his time over the course of the past year. This month, he’s returning... Read More

Whole Hearted

Leslie Odom Jr. has learned many lessons along the way to starring in Hamilton, One Night in Miami and other heights he could never have imagined. The pandemic has had a major impact on so many industries, and the entertainment business certainly has seen its share of challenges. Yet, one could make the case that the past year has been quite good to Leslie Odom Jr., the multi-talented... Read More

Fully Focused

A star actress, successful entrepreneur and doting mother of three, Kate Hudson isn’t letting the world pass her by. Photo by Action Press In her various guises as movie star, retail entrepreneur and wellness advocate, Kate Hudson leads a very active life. She’s the kind of woman whose indomitable spirit is both empowering and engaging. Drawing on the life lessons handed... Read More

Playing it Forward

At age 70, Steven Van Zandt continues to make a difference with his music, acting and activism. For the first 20 minutes of a lengthy interview, Steven Van Zandt, aka Little Steven, comes across as a very sweet and considerate man, willing to talk about a wide variety of subjects ranging from his music to his acting to his political causes. But then one question in particular sends... Read More

2021 Year in Review

Orlando Family Magazine Year in Review Quotes “I’ve been very blessed to play some of the most iconic venues in the world and be on those stages. But the gratitude I have for Orlando for the quality of training and what I was able to do here, I couldn’t be prouder to be from the city.” Michael James Scott, Broadway star and Orlando native   “I’ve had times where... Read More

Motivated by the Music

Decades after he took the world by storm and became a cultural icon, Paul McCartney is still having the time of his life. Just as the year 2020 has seen so many greats pass across to the other side, it does leave you to imagine the reaction that will follow when Paul McCartney leaves us. “I tend not to think about death too much,” he says, “but when you get to the age I am... Read More

The Show Must Go On

Michael James Scott sang his way from Orlando to Broadway and he’s refused to let the pandemic close the curtain on his creativity. Like the rest of us, Michael James Scott’s year hasn’t gone exactly as planned. But for the acclaimed Broadway star, 2020 ended similarly to how it began; with him on stage performing in front of a live audience in his hometown of Orlando. “I... Read More

Getting Personal

Spectrum News 13 Anchor Julie Gargotta on having a passion for storytelling, the movie and books she loves, and her proudest journalistic accomplishment. 1. When I was a little girl, I idolized the journalists I saw on TV.  I remember watching Barbara Walters on 20/20. I loved it: the interviews, the stories, her personal reporting style. When I was a little older, I watched the... Read More

Appreciating the Journey

Ryan Reynolds reflects on the ups and downs of his career and how he found happiness along the way. For 25 years, Ryan Reynolds has been following his Hollywood dream. He was just 18 when he loaded up his truck—actually it was a beat-up Jeep—and secretly drove from Vancouver to Los Angeles to take a shot at becoming an actor. He was so afraid that his parents—particularly... Read More

Getting Personal

Author Ilene Lieber on writing a children’s book, loving reality TV and her passion for animals. 1. My first job was as a babysitter and camp counselor, so life has really come full circle for me from taking care of kids to writing for them. 2. I recently released my first children’s book called Zoey’s Adventures to the Ice Cream Shop. It is a really sweet story about my... Read More

Prime Performers

Central Florida once again boasts a talented crop of student-athletes looking to leave their mark in the winter season. Although the fall season has certainly come with its share of challenges in high school athletics, we have learned that sports can go on and create some sense of normalcy for players, coaches and fans during these chaotic times. The winter will bring its own unique... Read More

Chief Arts Instigator

Orange County’s arts leader Terry Olson tells us what to look forward to at this year’s Fusion Fest. If you’re involved in Orlando’s arts scene, then you know Terry Olson. Besides being director of the Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs Office, a position he’s held since the office was created in 2001, Olson is well known for having had a hand in creating some of... Read More

Getting Personal

Recently re-elected Orange County Commissioner Emily Bonilla on getting into local politics, what she’s learned and how she’s coping with the coronavirus pandemic. 1. I moved to Central Florida in 1998. I have always lived in the city but my husband and I wanted to raise our family on a farm. We currently live on 6.3 acres in East Orange County and we are hoping to soon have... Read More

Seizing the Moment

By taking full advantage of her opportunities, Scarlett Johansson finds herself in some pretty elite Hollywood company. These days, Scarlett Johansson’s star couldn’t be higher. Not only has she spent the past couple years atop Forbes’ list for the highest-paid actresses, but her recent powerful performances in Jojo Rabbit and Marriage Story earned her rave reviews from... Read More

Getting Personal

Local social media star Nurse Blake on his ideal day in Central Florida, making funny and inspirational content for health care professionals, and advocating for positive change in the medical community. 1. I’ve been a nurse for six years. I started nursing school in the concurrent Seminole State College-University of Central Florida program back in 2012. During that time, I... Read More

Hidden Treasures

Jason Segel unveils a visually stunning “love letter” in the imaginative series Dispatches From Elsewhere. Jason Segel has had a lot of thrills in his accomplished career, but one of the biggest came a handful of years ago when he was asked to be part of a marketing campaign for Disney. The Disney Dreamers Portrait series saw famed photographer Annie Leibovitz capturing... Read More

Star Watch

Celebrating the area’s top varsity athletes for the upcoming fall sports season. Each year at this time, we focus a spotlight on area high school athletes who achieve big things in their respective sports as well as in the classroom. But this year, things are noticeably different thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while there’s still great uncertainty surrounding the upcoming... Read More

Getting Personal

Local artist Nelson Cardenas on painting with fire, reading classic novels and his most recent art series honoring health care workers. 1. I am a self-taught artist. When I discovered the television shows of Bob Ross, I was hooked on art. As a child, I would watch his show and as soon as it ended, I would run to my bedroom and replicate, from memory, his paintings on paper using... Read More

In a Good Place

After decades in the spotlight, Jennifer Aniston is staying true to herself. For those of us who have followed Jennifer Aniston over the years, she epitomizes one of the industry’s most curious juxtapositions—an actress so often represented on screen by bubbly, buoyant, energetic and humorous antics, yet someone who, away from the flashbulbs and the premieres has found the challenges... Read More

Serving Up Something Special

After raising $22 million to help restaurant workers across the country who were affected by the coronavirus shutdowns, Guy Fieri proves he’s a big personality with an even bigger heart. Guy Fieri may be one of the faces of Food Network, but it’s his signature blonde spikes that make him so easily identifiable. In this day and age of celebrity chefs with large résumés and... Read More

From the Front Lines

We recognize the local health care heroes that have gone above and beyond in the fight of their lives. The word hero holds a special meaning when you are talking about the countless health care workers locally and across the globe that have risen to the occasion and worked tirelessly to try and combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The unprecedented nature of this crisis has thrust these... Read More