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Animal Lovers

Our pets are like members of the family, which is why finding the right veterinarian is not a task to be taken lightly. The Greater Orlando region is filled with compassionate doctors who go the extra mile to ensure the long-term health and wellbeing of every animal they come across, making their work less of a job and more of a passion. Find out which trusted professionals our readers turn to.

Dr. Holly Brown-Tabbenor | Orlando
407-273-3336 |

Dr. Melissa Adams | Orlando

Dr. Dawn Agee | Orlando

Dr. Angela Avok | Orlando

Dr. Todd Beatty | Orlando

Dr. Jacki Bert | Winter Park

Dr. Dave Blake | Orlando

Dr. Watson Brown | Orlando

Dr. James Burk | Winter Park

Dr. Philip Callahan | Orlando

Dr. Norbert Christmann | Longwood

Dr. Jennifer E. Close | Ocoee
407-656-6050 |

Dr. Angela Chesanek | Windermere

Dr. Carrie Conley | Longwood

Dr. Santiago Diaz | Orlando

Dr. Enrique Duprey | Multiple locations

Dr. Alicia Eliscu | Orlando

Dr. Kelly Evans | Longwood

Dr. Michael Hayes | Orlando

Dr. Caitrine Hellenga | Winter Park
407-644-2676 |

Dr. Robert Hess | Winter Park
407-644-2676 |

Dr. Nicole Hancock | Orlando

Dr. William Klein | Orlando

Dr. Eva Krampotich | Orlando

Dr. Jessica Lannes | Maitland | Orlando

Dr. Kristen Lewandowski | Orlando

Dr. Dawn Logas | Maitland

Dr. Kelsey Marble | Longwood

Dr. Rick Marrinson | Longwood

Dr. James Clifford Martin | Orlando

Dr. Donita McCants | Orlando
407-217-7700 |

Dr. Andy Michaud | Winter Park

Dr. Peiman Milani | Windermere

Dr. Kim M. Neitzel | Winter Park

Dr. Andy Newman | Winter Park

Dr. Albert Núñez | Orlando

Dr. Thomas Oakes | Winter Garden
407-347-8514 |

Dr. Douglas S. Pearce | Windermere

Dr. Robert Porter

Dr. Lauren Prather | Winter Garden | Orlando

Dr. Bilal Qasim | Orlando

Dr. Anne Scholl | Orlando
Animal Hospital at Vista Lakes

Dr. Marcia Schwassmann | Maitland

Dr. Asma Shah | Orlando

Dr. Rey Suarez | Orlando

Dr. Hahna Thomas | Windermere

Dr. Giovanni Vergel | Orlando

Dr. David Vilallonga | Orlando

Dr. Sandra Villanueva | Winter Park
407-644-2676 |

Dr. Constance DiNatale | Winter Park

Dr. Deneen Fasano | Altamonte Springs

Dr. Annie Dion-Byrd | Orlando

Dr. Christine Cichra | Oviedo & Surrounding Areas

Dr. Jessica Graves | Oviedo & Surrounding Areas

This article originally appeared in Orlando Family Magazine’s April 2020 issue.