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Top Dentists 2020

94 of Central Florida’s leading dental professionals.

There’s no reason to fear going to the dentist when you look at the many wonderful providers we have here in the Greater Orlando area. And so our readers spent months nominating and voting for their favorite dental professionals and the result is our annual Top Dentists list. The doctors chosen are known for going above and beyond for their patients, no matter if they are going in for a routine check-up or in need of an emergency procedure. Now, that’s a good a reason to smile as any.

Dr. Kathleen Anderson  Orlando

Dr. William Dunn  Orlando

Dr. Alfredo Gapuz Jr.  Orlando

Dr. Elena C. Puig  Orlando

Dr. E. Donald Thomas  Winter Park | 407-644-1455 |

Dr. Frances Ballagas  Orlando | 407-434-0305 |

Dr. Mauricio Chavarriaga  Orlando

Dr. Peter Chen  Multiple locations

Dr. Lina Cortes  Kissimmee

Dr. Frank Hernandez  Ocoee

Dr. Aaron E. Isler  Multiple locations | 407-581-9515 |

Dr. Sang Shin  Maitland

Dr. Tavis Sisson, DMD  Windermere | 407-544-9710 |

Dr. Timothy Temple  Orlando

Dr. Luis Acosta  Winter Park

Dr. Akmal Ahmad  Lake Mary

Dr. Jonathan Alvarez  Waterford Lakes | 321-340-3268 |

Dr. Jorge Angulo  Orlando

Dr. Monica Azer  Winter Springs | 407-699-9831 |

Dr. Mikal Baaqee  Ocoee | 407-293-3002 |

Dr. Drew Byrnes  Winter Park

Dr. Heather Childers  Orlando

Dr. Brian Coleman  Winter Park

Dr. F.H. Collins  Winter Springs | 407-699-9831 |

Dr. Avni Dhaliwal  Maitland

Dr. Linda Dowty  Windermere

Dr. John Gammichia  Apopka

Dr. Roberto Gil  Winter Garden | 407-614-5955 |

Dr. Carlos Gurreonero  Orlando | 407-219-5931 |

Dr. Zachary Hodgins  Winter Park | 321-280-9131 |

Dr. Thomas G. Holehouse  Winter Garden | 407-654-1296 |

Dr. Erik Holz  Winter Park

Dr. Fay Hu  Winter Park | 407-495-1886 |

Dr. Mitesh Jivan  Winter Park | 407-628-0200 |

Dr. Ziyad Maali  Orlando

Dr. Stephen T. McLeod  Clermont

Dr. Jorge Mercado  Orlando

Dr. Christine Nguyen  Winter Park | 407-629-4077 |

Dr. Joseph Orlando  Winter Garden | 407-614-5955 |

Dr. Jonathan Ouellette  Altamonte Springs

Dr. Justin Palmer  Orlando

Dr. Cuong T. Phan  Orlando | 407-282-7498 |

Dr. Nadia Ramdin  Winter Garden | 407-614-5955 |

Dr. Richard Rampi  Orlando

Jeff Rizzo  Orlando

William Rizzo  Orlando

Dr. Sonia Simmonds  Orlando | 407-982-1912 |

Dr. Randall Sipp  Winter Park

Dr. David Sutton  Winter Park

Dr. Amaury Valle  Orlando

Dr. Wendi Wardlaw  Winter Garden | 407-877-0141 |

Dr. Rebeca Weinstock  Oviedo | 321-204-8650 |

Dr. Hector Briceno  Winter Garden

Dr. Avery D. Goldberg  Multiple locations

Dr. Christopher Johnson  Ocoee

Dr. Hal Levine  Multiple locations

Dr. Spiro Pantzoulas  Celebration

Dr. Zakir Shaihk  Multiple locations

Dr. Arturo Ydrach  Multiple locations

Dr. Keisha Alexander  Apopka | 407-703-8330 |

Dr. Andre Baptiste  Multiple locations | 407-217-2927 |

Dr. Jason Battle  Dr. Phillips│Waterford Lakes | 407-381-3335 |

Dr. Breck Brewer  Ocoee | 407-656-0001 |

Dr. Kimberly Carlyle  Orlando | 407-447-9060 |

Dr. Carl Dann  Orlando | Winter Park

Dr. Nelson Diaz  Orlando

Dr. William Fravel  Ocoee | 407-656-0001 |

Dr. Ana V. Garcia  Orlando | 407-857-0800 |

Dr. David Lach  Lake Nona | Oviedo | 407-359-1960 |

Dr. Shannon McCarthy  Winter Park

Dr. Maria Mendez  Orlando | 407-855-6305 |

Dr. Brad Porter  Altamonte Springs

Dr. Scott Sakowitz  Lake Nona | Winter Garden | 407-627-1187 |

Dr. Andy Tringas  Windermere

Dr. Travis Weeks  Winter Springs

Dr. James Wortham  Clermont | Winter Garden

Dr. Olubisi Aina  Multiple locations

Dr. Michelle F. Aliotti  Orlando

Dr. Domenic Aloise  Winter Park

Dr. Lissette Bernal  Winter Garden | 407-614-5955 |

Dr. Jeresia Choice  Orlando | 407-422-2617 |

Dr. Michael DiMauro  Orlando

Dr. Andy Gooch  Celebration

Dr. Linnette Hernandez  Winter Park│Lake Nona

Dr. Troy King  Orlando

Dr. Allison Miller  Winter Park | 407-755-3136 |

Dr. Alberto Noguera  Orlando

Dr. Jason Sotto  Winter Garden

Dr. Lee Cote  Altamonte Springs

Dr. J. Edward Kennedy  Lake Mary | 407-833-8522 |

Dr. Lucia Roca Mendro  Winter Garden

Dr. Ryan L. Mendro  Winter Garden

Dr. Javier Martinez  Ocoee | 407-656-8080 |

C. Scott Schmitt  Altamonte Springs

This article originally appeared in Orlando Family Magazine’s September 2020 issue.