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Top Physicians 2020

364 of Central Florida’s leading doctors.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dominate our everyday lives, the renewed focus on our health and overall well-being has been increasingly important. Of course, that means not only keeping ourselves safe from the virus, but also staying on top of our other medical needs. Thankfully, Greater Orlando is full of amazingly skilled physicians from all areas of medicine who are more than capable of addressing our ailments. We asked our readers to let us know the names they trust in times of need and we received a record amount of online nominations. The result is our annual Top Physicians list, featuring more than 360 doctors from 50 disciplines who are making a noticeable impact in the health care world.

Dr. Dana L. Broussard-Perry | Orlando

Dr. Boyce Hornberger
Orlando | Oviedo

Dr. Hao “Mimi” Tran | Winter Park

Dr. Kirti Kalidas | Orlando

Dr. Candy Montoya | Orlando

Dr. Mojka Renaud | Lake Mary
407-333-1059 |

Dr. Mariam Tovar | Orlando

Dr. Robert Boswell | Orlando

Dr. R. Charles Curry Jr.
Orlando | Winter Park

Dr. Pradip Jamnadas | Orlando

Dr. Ahmad Kamme | Orlando

Dr. Louis Kantounis | Clermont

Dr. Brian Kelly | Orlando

Dr. Salvador Lanza | Lake Mary

Dr. Jose LeFran | Orlando

Dr. Neel Patel | Maitland

Dr. Scott Pollak | Orlando

Dr. Kishore V. Ranadive | Altamonte Springs

Dr. Karan Reddy | Multiple locations

Dr. Sanjeev Shroff | Orlando

Dr. Bruce Stein | Orlando

Dr. Babak Alex Vakili | Longwood

Dr. Lina M. Vargas | Windermere

Dr. Vikas Verma | Altamonte Springs

Dr. Adam Waldman | Orlando

Dr. Barry Weinstock
Altamonte Springs | Apopka

Dr. Jeffrey Bott | Orlando

Dr. Peter Wearden | Orlando

Dr. Joe Bellomo | Orlando

Dr. Anthony Harris | Ocoee

Dr. Ben Kersenbrock | Lake Mary

Dr. Robert Koch | Orlando

Dr. Montana Lichter | Ocoee

Dr. Joseph Morreale | Leesburg

Dr. Justin Napotnik | Windermere

Dr. Jae Oh | Orlando
407-423-4761 |

Dr. Daniel J. Pavlik | Orlando
407-423-4761 |

Dr. Martin Ressler | Oviedo

Dr. Allan Sidorsky | Ocoee

Dr. Troy Yeomans | Winter Park

Dr. David Young | Orlando

Dr. James Baker | Altamonte Springs

Dr. Clifford Clark | Winter Park
407-629-5555 |

Dr. Richard Gregory | Kissimmee

Dr. Edward Gross | Lake Mary

Dr. Jan V. Karlin | Orlando
863-604-6021 |

Dr. Charles Newman | Orlando

Dr. Anup Patel | Orlando

Dr. George Pope | Orlando

Dr. Donovan Rosas | Celebration

Dr. Christopher Savage | Multiple locations

Dr. Roxanne Sylora | Celebration

Dr. Thomas Trevisani | Winter Park

Dr. Ruth Hill Yeilding | Winter Park

Dr. Allison Arthur | Orlando

Dr. Christopher Crotty | Orlando

Dr. K. Wade Foster | Multiple locations
Clermont: 855-353-7546 | Davenport: 863-547-9670

Dr. Alfredo Gonzalez | Winter Park

Dr. William Grisaitis | Orlando

Dr. Michael Gutierrez | Orlando

Dr. Jeanette Hudgens | Windermere

Dr. Jerri Johnson | Altamonte Springs

Dr. Matthew Leavitt | Maitland

Dr. John L. Meisenheimer | Orlando

Dr. Panagiotis Mitropoulos | Multiple locations

Dr. Augusto Montalvo | Multiple locations

Dr. Michael Steppie | Multiple locations
800-827-7546 |

Dr. Brian J. Thomas | Maitland

Dr. David Weinstein | Orlando

Dr. Marty Yungmann | Multiple locations

Dr. Kathleen Zendell | Longwood

Dr. Jesus Roa | Orlando

Dr. Robert Constant | Orlando

Dr. Jose M. Mandry | Ocoee
407-480-4830 |

Dr. Angela Mazza | Oviedo

Dr. Louise Owen | Winter Park

Dr. Aymar Rodriguez- Perez | Kissimmee

Dr. Damon Tanton | Orlando

Dr. Juan Carlos Varon | Kissimmee

Dr. Michael Bougoulias | Lake Mary

Dr. Christopher Caggiano | Lake Mary

Dr. Don Buswell-Charkow | Ocoee

Dr. Joan Coupland | Oviedo

Dr. Akilah de Aza | Orlando

Dr. Edmund Delgado | Orlando

Dr. Rachel Eyma | Orlando

Dr. Julie Ferguson | Orlando

Dr. Dorie Goldberg | Orlando

Dr. Patrick Gonzales | Orlando

Dr. Tanya Haber | Orlando

Dr. Paul Jueng | Apopka
407-905-8827 |

Dr. Adam Langley | Ocoee

Dr. Joan Martich | Orlando

Dr. Wendellenna Mays | Clermont

Dr. Sandeep Pandya | Maitland

Dr. Jan Parrillo | Orlando

Dr. Pinkal Patel | Ovideo

Dr. Varesh Patel | Orlando

Dr. Maryam Phillips | Altamonte Springs

Dr. Bernice Pritchett | Orlando

Dr. Randi-Ann Rodrigues | Oviedo

Dr. Helen E. Simpson | Lake Mary

Dr. Tania E. Velez | Orlando

Dr. Gary Visser | Ocoee

Dr. Gary Winfrey | Clermont

Dr. Avanish Aggarwal | Orlando

Dr. Steven Feiner | Orlando

Dr. O. Andrew Giles
Longwood | Oviedo

Dr. Hadeel Haddad | Orlando

Dr. Barry Katz | Multiple locations
407-830-8661 |

Dr. Ian Martinez | Oviedo

Dr. Sanjay Reddy | Multiple locations

Dr. Harry Shephard | Multiple locations

Dr. Douglas J. Sprung | Altamonte Springs

Dr. Danelle Chambers | Orlando

Dr. Timothy C. Childers | Winter Park

Dr. Rhonda Harmon | Apopka

Dr. Muhammad A. Jawad | Orlando

Dr. Michael Kahky | Orlando

Dr. Thomas K. Mahan | Winter Park

Dr. Lisa Minton | Altamonte Springs

Dr. Vladimir Neychev | Orlando

Dr. Carlos Ortiz-Ortiz | Kissimmee

Dr. Chetan J. Patel | Orlando

Dr. Jay Redan | Celebration

Dr. Jeffrey R. Smith | Orlando

Dr. Ariel Cole | Winter Park

Dr. Adnan Akhtar | Kissimmee

Dr. Said Baidas | Orlando

Dr. Martin Dietrich | Altamonte Springs

Dr. Maneesh Gossain
Orlando | Sanford

Dr. William Grow | Multiple locations

Dr. Muhammad Imam | Multiple locations

Dr. Meera Iyengar | Multiple locations

Dr. Richard Lee
Orlando | Sanford

Dr. Steven Lester
Orlando | Sanford

Dr. David C. Molthrop | Multiple locations

Dr. Santosh Nash | Multiple locations

Dr. Gregory Ortega | Multiple locations

Dr. Neeraj Sharma | Multiple locations

Dr. Antonio Crespo | Orlando

Dr. Dan Cruz
Altamonte Springs | Orlando

Dr. Edwin DeJesus
Altamonte Springs | Orlando

Dr. Hari Madhosingh | Multiple locations

Dr. Ashley Thomas | Orlando

Dr. Rafael A. Cabrera | Orlando
407-603-0466 |

Dr. Sharon Jaffe | Winter Park

Dr. Randall Loy | Winter Park

Dr. George Patounakis | Lake Mary
407-804-9670 |

Dr. Mark Trolice | Winter Park

Dr. Jan Becker | Orlando

Dr. Annette Cabiac | Orlando

Dr. Neil Coskun | Orlando

Dr. Michelle de la Riva | Orlando

Dr. Rajan Kapoor | Winter Park

Dr. Carlos Ocampo Chacon | Apopka

Dr. Niral C. Patel | Windermere

Dr. Jorge Uribe | Orlando

Dr. Thomas Wentzell | Ocoee

Dr. Hilton Bernstein | Orlando

Dr. Darlene Calhoun | Orlando

Dr. Caroline Chua | Orlando

Dr. Armando Fuentes | Orlando

Dr. Lindsay Kahn | Orlando

Dr. Gregory Locksmith | Orlando

Dr. Lama Tolaymat | Orlando

Dr. Jeffrey M. Cohen | Orlando

Dr. Jorge A. Larranaga | Kissimmee

Dr. Uday K. Ranjit | Orlando

Dr. Robert M. Sullivan | Orlando

Dr. Timothy Youell | Orlando

Dr. Tawfiq Al-Lahham | Ocoee

Dr. Amparo Gutierrez | Orlando

Dr. Christopher Gegg | Orlando

Dr. Robert Hirschl | Orlando

Dr. Virgilio Matheus | Orlando

Dr. Max Medary | Orlando

Dr. Nizam Razack | Orlando

Dr. Paul Sawin | Winter Park

Dr. John Albritton | Winter Park

Dr. George Amyradakis | Multiple locations

Dr. Jason Bridge | Multiple locations

Dr. Aileen Caceres | Kissimmee

Dr. Theresa Carducci | Multiple locations

Dr. Pranav Chudgar | Orlando

Dr. Pedro Cruz-Torres | Orange City

Dr. Virgil Davila | Oviedo

Dr. Jack Faup | Orlando

Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand | Davenport

Dr. Thomas Gibbs | Orlando

Dr. Larissa Guerrero | Multiple locations

Dr. Christine Greves | Orlando

Dr. Marnique Jones | Multiple locations

Dr. Lindsey Koss
Orlando | Winter Park

Dr. Robert Lemert | Celebration

Dr. Marybeth Lewis-Boardman | Multiple locations

Dr. Sheryl Logan | Multiple locations

Dr. David Marcantel | Celebration

Dr. Matthew Mervis | Orlando

Dr. Melissa Moore | Multiple locations

Dr. Wendy Quirino | Multiple locations

Dr. Michelle Rothen | Multiple locations

Dr. Kanisha Sierra-Rios | Orlando

Dr. Pamela Snook | Winter Park

Dr. Jeanmarie Texier | Winter Garden

Dr. John Tramont | Orlando

Dr. Christopher Walker | Orlando
407-333-0496 |

Dr. David B. Auerbach
Maitland | Orlando

Dr. Thomas Barnard | Multiple locations
877-357-3846 |

Dr. Alexander Barnes | Multiple locations
877-357-3846 |

Dr. Richard Cohn | Maitland

Dr. Matthew A. Cunningham | Multiple locations
877-357-3846 |

Dr. Airaj Fasiuddin | Orlando

Dr. S.K. Steven Houston III | Multiple locations
877-357-3846 |

Dr. Jaya Kumar | Multiple locations
877-357-3846 |

Dr. G. Brock Magruder Jr. | Orlando

Dr. Elias Mavrofrides | Multiple locations
877-357-3846 |

Dr. Nader Moinfar | Lake Mary

Dr. Parul Pal | Orlando

Dr. Keshini Parbhu | Windermere

Dr. Chirag J. Patel | Orlando
407-857-3937 |

Dr. Javier Perez | Orlando

Dr. Michael J. Shumski | Orlando

Dr. Frank Bono | Orlando
407-449-8620 |

Dr. Bradd Burkhart | Orlando

Dr. Roderick Claybrooks | Orlando
407-449-8620 |

Dr. Dean Cole | Orlando

Dr. Stephen Goll | Orlando

Dr. Lawrence Halperin | Orlando

Dr. Brad Homan | Multiple locations

Dr. Ron Hudanich | Lake Mary

Dr. Matthew D. Hurbanis | Windermere

Dr. Michael Jablonski | Lake Mary

Dr. Matthew Johnston | Multiple locations

Dr. James B. Manzanares
Orlando | Winter Garden
407-440-2728 |

Dr. Douglas McDonald | Multiple locations

Dr. Craig Mintzer | Orlando

Dr. Steve Nguyen | Orlando

Dr. Daryl Osbahr | Orlando

Dr. Ravi Patel | Orlando

Dr. Jeffrey Petrie | Orlando

Dr. Bryan Reuss | Orlando

Dr. Janet Robison | Winter Park

Dr. Joseph E. Robison | Multiple locations

Dr. James Ronzo | Orlando
407-449-8620 |

Dr. Randy Schwartzberg | Orlando

Dr. Travis Van Dyke | Orlando

Dr. Steven Webber | Orlando

Dr. George White | Orlando

Dr. Harrison Youmans | Longwood

Dr. Henry Ho | Winter Park

Dr. Armon Jadidian | Winter Park

Dr. Aftab Patni | Winter Park

Dr. Brian Spector | Winter Park

Dr. Kiran Tipirneni | Winter Park

Dr. Avi Bhandary | Orlando

Dr. Shehzad H. Choudry | Orlando

Dr. Daniel Frohwein | Multiple locations

Dr. Lisgelia Santana-Rojas | Orlando

Dr. Daniel Schaffer | Clermont

Dr. Scott Sherman | Multiple locations

Dr. Indhira Almonte | Orlando
Sunshine Premier Wellness
407-412-5160 |

Dr. Riffat Qureshi | Orlando
407-370-0111 |

Dr. Jordan Smallwood | Orlando

Dr. Gul Dadlani | Orlando

Dr. Susan Desjardins | Maitland

Dr. Craig E. Fleishman | Windermere

Dr. Nasima Gowani | Orlando

Dr. Elise F. Riddle | Windermere

Dr. Mauri Carakushansky
Orlando | Winter Garden

Dr. Paul Desrosiers
Lake Mary | Orlando

Dr. Sonialy Lugo-Ruiz | Lakeland

Dr. James Franciosi | Multiple locations

Dr. Sanjay Nari Khubchandani | Orlando

Dr. Akash Pandey
Orlando | Windermere

Dr. Nishant H. Patel | Multiple locations

Dr. Shaista Safder | Orlando

Dr. Roberto Gomez Suarez
Orlando | Winter Garden

Dr. Kattya Antenor
Ocoee | Orlando

Dr. Rayyan Anwer | Celebration Pediatrics

Dr. Janelle Barfield
Ocoee | Orlando

Dr. Brooke Britton | Multiple locations

Dr. Robert Dabrow | Celebration

Dr. Mark Didea | Orlando

Dr. Sareh Dyer
Maitland | Oviedo

Dr. Salma Elfaki | Orlando

Dr. Rhonda Elton | Winter Garden

Dr. Cathy E. Franco | Apopka
407-905 8827 |

Dr. Marcia Gayoso | Orlando

Dr. Diego Heraud | Orlando

Dr. Michael Middleton | Orlando

Dr. Kevin O’Brien | Ocoee

Dr. Pamela Ponce | Winter Garden

Dr. Marie R. Quiñonez | Orlando
407-275-5700 |

Dr. Richard Rodriguez | Maitland

Dr. Susan Ryan
Ocoee | Orlando

Dr. Nasimul H. Siddiqui | Windermere

Dr. Maxine Silverman | Orlando

Dr. Andy Summers | Maitland

Dr. Michelle Tellado | Orlando

Dr. Jennifer Thielhelm | Maitland
407-660-7000 |

Dr. Melissa Velarde
Maitland | Oviedo

Dr. Lloyd Werk | Orlando

Dr. Barry Yarckin | Ocoee

Dr. Dorothea Douglas-Lindsay | Orlando

Dr. Kenneth Alexander | Orlando

Dr. Adriana Cadilla | Orlando

Dr. Alejandro Jordan-Villegas
Maitland | Orlando

Dr. Carlos Araya | Multiple locations

Dr. Jeffery A. Johnson | Multiple locations

Dr. Brenda Montane | Multiple locations

Dr. Deogracias Pena | Winter Garden

Dr. Ronald Davis | Winter Park
407-293-1122 |

Dr. Jasna Kojic | Orlando

Dr. Vikram Prakash | Orlando

Dr. Keyne Johnson | Winter Park

Dr. Louis C. Blumenfeld
Maitland | Orlando

Dr. Robert S. Gold
Maitland | Orlando

Dr. Robert W. Hered
Maitland | Orlando

Dr. John Lovejoy
Melbourne | Orlando

Dr. Jason Malone
Lakeland | Orlando

Dr. Tamara Topoleski | Multiple locations

Dr. Cheryl Cotter | Maitland

Dr. Joshua Gotschall | Maitland

Dr. Cedric Von Pritchett
Lake Mary | Orlando

Dr. Julie Wei
Melbourne | Orlando

Dr. Luis A. Faverio | Multiple locations

Dr. Floyd Livingston | Multiple locations

Dr. Aledie Navas Nazario | Orlando

Dr. Carlos E. Sabogal | Multiple locations

Dr. Adela Casas-Melley | Orlando

Dr. Donald Plumley | Orlando

Dr. Pamela Ellsworth
Lakeland | Orlando

Dr. Michael Keating | Multiple locations

Dr. Hubert Swana
Celebration | Orlando

Dr. Zachary Cavins | Multiple locations

Dr. Richard Cowin | Orlando
407-722-8750 |

Dr. David B. Moats | Multiple locations

Dr. Christopher Reeves | Multiple locations

Dr. Anthony D. Saranita | Multiple locations

Dr. Fraaz Sayeed | Multiple locations

Dr. Todd Talbert | Multiple locations

Dr. Daniel Wiernik
Orlando Orthopaedic Center

Dr. Sigfredo Aldarondo | Winter Park

Dr. Christian A. Hernandez | Winter Park

Dr. Radhika Verma | Lake Mary

Dr. Nusrath Baig | Orlando
407-370-0111 |

Dr. Jose Mendez | Orlando
407-370-0111 |

Dr. Anjum Mobin | Orlando
407-370-0111 |

Dr. Luis Olivera-Rodriguez | Orlando

Dr. Andrew Pleener | Windermere

Dr. Susan Curry | Orlando

Dr. Craig Johnson | Orlando

Dr. Pamela Freeman | Orlando

Dr. Jeff Brady | Orlando

Dr. Jason Cheng-En Sea
Kissimmee | Orlando

Dr. Daniel D. Cohen | Winter Park
407-622-2030 |

Dr. David Vaughan | Orlando

Dr. Kevin Claudeanos | Multiple locations

Dr. John D. Horowitz | Multiple locations
407-293-5944 |

Dr. Samuel Martin | Multiple locations

Dr. Michael Muehlberger | Multiple locations

Dr. Charles S. Thompson | Multiple locations

Dr. Lina M. Vargas | Windermere
407-228-2649 |

Dr. Jon Mark Wesley | Multiple locations

This article originally appeared in Orlando Family Magazine’s August 2020 issue.