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Congratulations Class of 2024!

Bishop Moore

Alexandra Thomson  – Senior Class of ’24
Somewhere along your years at Bishop Moore you gained something. Maybe it was a new skill, a new language, a new passion, or a lifetime friend. We all walk away better than we were four years ago. Look ahead into the big world but never forget this special place on the lake. 


Champion Prep Academy

Sophia Borchardt – Valedictorian
Sophia graduates with a 4.0+ GPA and is a Florida Bright Future’s Academic Scholar recipient. Following graduation, she will attend either the University of Florida or Florida State University where she will pursue a STEM major. Sophia will continue her preprofessional ballet training off-campus alongside earning her degree.


Fiorella Preparatory School

Fiorella Preparatory School is incredibly proud of our young graduates. Their enthusiasm for learning and kindness towards others shine as examples of the values we cherish. As they move forward in their education journey, we are excited to see how they grow and continue to spread joy and curiosity. We applaud their accomplishments and the bright futures awaiting them.


Foundation Academy

Mia Sanders– Valedictorian
Ty Cannon – Salutatorian

Congratulations to the Foundation Academy Class of 2024 Valedictorian Mia Sanders and Salutatorian Ty Cannon. Both Mia and Ty have chosen to attend the University of Florida, where Mia will pursue a degree in aerospace engineering, and Ty will study mechanical engineering. 


UCF School of Teacher Education

Bruna Endler – Class of 2024
Bruna is an Elementary Education major on the K-6 certification track. She interned at Baldwin Park Elementary in a 2nd grade classroom. Bruna will return to her Alma Mater, The First Academy, to do a fellowship program in the fall while earning her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Reading Education.

Natalia Cruz – Class of 2024
Natalia is an Elementary Education major on the K-6 Certification Track with a minor in Psychology and an Undergraduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Natalia’s future endeavors include becoming an elementary school teacher and continuing to graduate school to further her education.

Justin Klawans – Class of 2024
Justin majored in secondary education with a mathematics track. During his free time, he likes to play golf, tennis, and attend UCF sporting events. After graduation, Justin will continue his journey in education as a Geometry teacher at Lake Nona High School, where he was recently hired.

Isabel Latorre-Lagos – Class of 2024
Isabel’s major was Exceptional Student Education. She is currently employed at UCP as a Teacher In Residence working in a 2nd/3rd grade part-time, self-contained and inclusion classroom. Her future endeavors are to be a full time special education teacher at her internship school.

Joseph Martin – Class of 2024
Joseph is a Secondary Mathematics Education Major who interned at Timber Creek High School. Joseph says, “It has been incredibly fulfilling to get to know my students and hopefully impact their views on mathematics positively.” After graduation, he wishes to teach mathematics at a middle or high school in Orange County Public Schools, the same school district he attended as a student.

Nicole Nelson – Class of 2024
Nicole is a passionate educator who majored in Early Childhood Education. She is currently employed at the Roth Family JCC of Greater Orlando, working with children 3 months old to 5 years old. After graduation, Nicole will be moving back home to Broward County, to contribute to a local elementary school by offering quality education to her future students.

Rebecca Sossai – Class of 2024
Rebecca was an Elementary Education major on the  K-6 Certification Track. Rebecca participated in the Teacher Certification Pathway in Orange County Public Schools for her internship, allowing her to be hired as the teacher of record in a Fifth Grade Math/Science classroom.  She will be pursuing a Master’s in Literacy and Language and hopes to keep working in fifth grade in the following years to come.

Patrick Sullivan – Class of 2024
Patrick graduated with a Secondary Education major in the Language Arts track. While completing his UCF Internship II he was in the Teacher Certification Pathway. Patrick has his own 7th grade ELA classroom and is a full-time teacher-of-record at Lawton Chiles Middle School. He hopes to continue teaching middle school or high school ELA in the future while growing his choreography business on the side.


Windermere Prep

Kaylan Patel – Valedictorian
Windermere Prep has molded me into the student I am today, providing me with the opportunity to be successful during the next stage of my academic career. The collaborative environment has allowed me to develop into a critical thinker that has a knack for solving complex problems. Outside of classroom experience, WPS has made me into who I am today. A person who values teamwork and differing opinions when dealing with challenging issues in our ever-changing world. 

Priyana Bhatta – Salutatorian
Windermere Prep has always provided me with the resources needed for both personal growth and academic achievement. Most importantly, the school cultivates a spirit of community and collaboration. Throughout my time at WPS, I have not only honed my individual abilities, but also developed into a more supportive and empathetic peer. Going off to college, I feel confident that I am able to honor and embody the school’s chief principles of virtue, truth, and unity.