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DIY Braided T-Shirt Bracelets

Just in time for camp-inspired crafts! Encourage your camper to keep her friendships tightly wrapped using colorful T-shirts.


  • Cotton or jersey T-shirts, to cut

Tips: Select garments that you’ve outgrown or pick up used shirts at re-sale stores. White and grey are ideal base colors to pair with pastel or neon cord.

  • 1 yard of rattail cord, per bracelet (Available and inexpensive at craft stores. We’re using fun colors from JoAnn’s for 50-99 cents a yard.)
  • Magnets
  • Hot glue or tacky glue
  • Bobby pin or rubber band





  1. Cut the T-shirts into three strips, roughly 1-inch wide and 12-inches long. Don’t stress over precision as the ends will be trimmed later.
  2. Cut the rattail cord into three 10-inch pieces.
  3. Anchor the top with a bobby pin or rubber band; separate into three strands and braid.
  4. When the braid is complete, snip the end. Then, bunch all of the pieces together and glue on a magnet.
  5. Repeat to the other end. Wrap around your wrist to confirm size and length before attaching the second magnet.
  6. Cut two small pieces of fabric to cover the magnet ends.
  7. Fold the fabric over the magnet and glue together. is a website run by Stephanie Gerber, a mother of three who loves sharing easy, budget-friendly ideas for creative and stylish living.