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Handy Snowmen Ornaments

These cutie-patootie snowmen are so easy to make and they won’t melt into a puddle after the cool holiday season has passed.

You will need:

  • Solid color glass ornaments that will fit in your child’s hand
  • Acrylic washable paint – white, black, orange, and red
  • Small paint brushes and fine tip markers
  • Empty egg carton
  • Thin white ribbon
  1. Brush your child’s hand with a thin layer of white acrylic paint.
  2. Hold a colorful glass bulb ornament from the top, while your child gently grabs the ornament with his/her painted hand.
  3. Fill in tiny areas where paint didn’t adhere with white paint to represent snow.
  4. Place ornament in egg carton or small glass to dry.
  5. When dry, using brushes, paint, and markers, paint a hat, eyes, nose, mouth, scarf and buttons on each finger image on the ornament to make your snowman family.
  6. Tie a ribbon to the top of the ornament.

TIP:    Make this a holiday tradition and watch your “hand”some snowmen grow each year.