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ZOOm Air Adventure Park Orlando

zoom_webA thrilling aerial adventure at the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Sanford to test your balance and have you flying over the tree tops!

Think swinging from tree to tree is something only for the daring in the exotic Rainforest?  Well, you can experience a tropical arboreal escapade right here in Central Florida. The ZOOm Air Adventure Park located in Sanford offers four zip-lining adventures, giving each member of the family a safe, fresh, perspective of the forest from high above the ground. Each aerial adventure offers various degrees of challenges…all integrated into a beautiful natural setting.

Children can choose from two courses: “Kids’ Jungle” and the more challenging “Kids’ Upland.”  With their harnesses connected, children can safely trek their way through the jungle along planks or wood, netted bridges, and narrow logs elevated two to four feet above the ground.  Parents can follow along and take photos of their brave little ones as they try to conquer each new obstacle. What better way to end this adventure than on a cool zip-line swing?

Older kids and adults don’t have to sit on the sidelines. They can have just as much fun and get a unique view of nature from approximately 15-30 feet above the ground. The more challenging course lets adventurers navigate their way across 30 tricky obstacles, such as suspended logs, tightropes, floating planks, and even through a long, narrow barrel. The “Upland” course takes from an hour to an hour and a half to complete and includes a journey across four invigorating zip lines.

For really daring souls who find themselves not completely satisfied with their thrill-seeking experience on the Upland course, there’s an even higher and more demanding option available called the “Rainforest”.  The Rainforest is the most challenging course with five breathtaking zip lines, including stepping off a platform to whoosh above the treetops on a 500 foot awesome ride starting nearly 50 feet in the air. This advanced course is only available to those who have successfully navigated the Upland course. Those who desire to take on this exhilarating feat should plan two to two and a half hours to finish both courses.

For an even more thrilling eco-experience, ZOOm Air also offers nighttime adventures, allowing all ages to journey through the trees and catch sight of some nocturnal creatures along the way.  This unique experience is available by reservation only, for a minimum of eight people. Other group packages available through ZOOm Air Adventures are birthday parties, team building opportunities, and school field trips.

So don’t spend another beautiful weekend indoors. Pack a picnic lunch, bring the camera, and give the family a wild adventure they won’t stop talking about… the thrill of negotiating a forest canopy and zipping through the treetops like a jungle animal on the prowl!

Located at: Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens, 3755 N.W. Highway 17-92, Sanford, FL 32771
Phone Number: 407-330-0767
Open daily, except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, at 9:00 a.m. No reservations are required for individuals. In case of inclement weather, please call ahead to confirm operation.

Admission Fees: (tax not included):
Kids’ Courses (must be 36” – 60” tall) $14.95
Second Round on Kids’ Course   $9.95
Upland (must be over 54”tall) $22.95
Add Rainforest after Upland $18.95
Upland & Rainforest $39.95
Season Pass (with Black-Out Dates) $98.00

Note: Adults will need photo ID as a deposit for harnesses.  ID will be returned upon receipt of all harnesses.

Come Ready for Your Towering Adventure:
* Wear comfortable outdoor clothing
* Wear secure, closed footwear, preferably sneakers
* Tie back long hair and secure your eyeglasses
* Remove any jewelry and scarves that could get caught in cables or tree branches