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Sweet HeARTS

Fill these hand sewn hearts with your choice of a sweet surprise. Your little Valentine’s will adore your crafty labor of love!


  • Two heart-shaped lace doilies (6” doilies are pictured; smaller sized doilies are recommended for large quantities)
  • Silver or white marker
  • Craft cord
  • Plastic needle


  1. Write a heartfelt Valentine’s Day message on one or both doilies.
  2. Line up the two doilies so that the outside holes are aligned. Make sure your message is displayed on the outside.
  3. String craft cord through a plastic needle. Start in the center of the hearts’ top and begin to sew along the edge of the doilies by weaving front to back.
  4. Leave 5” of string at the top to (later) tie a bow. Stop ¾ of the way around the heart leaving a hole.
  5. Through the hole, fill the inside of the heart halfway with candy (we used Sweethearts).
  6. Finish sewing along the outside of the heart until you reach the top.
  7. Tie a bow in the front of the heart and cut off excess string.

Note:  If you do not have craft cord or a plastic needle, simply utilize glue to adhere the edges of the doilies.