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There’s No Place Like a “Gnome Home”

Gnome Homes

Whimsical gnome homes of all sizes will add a touch of color and playfulness to your winter flower beds.  They are so easy to make and kids of any age can paint them!
Buy your rocks from a craft store or collect a few while on vacation. Larger rocks will be easier for younger kids to decorate.
•    Wash your rocks to make sure your paint will adhere.
•    Using a pencil, draw your house on the rock.
•    Where the roof and house meet, run a bead of wood filler and smooth towards the roof.  This gives the thatched roof a 3-D effect!  Don’t forget to make your
chimney!  Let the wood filler dry.  This takes about 2 hours.  Now the fun begins!
•    Using acrylic paint found at craft stores, paint your house.  You can use colors that mimic your own home, or use colors that you know the gnomes would love.  Try different types of doors and windows.  For fine detail work, you can use felt-tip pens in all colors.  You can use all sorts of items for embellishments…buttons, glitter…whatever suits your fancy.

After you have finished painting your gnome home, spray with a clear enamel to protect them from the weather.  Lastly, don’t forget to sign your artwork on the back.  These cute little homes will bring smiles to your face for years to come!