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Thumbprint Petal Vase

Photo-AShow your grandparents just how special they really are by creating a unique gift made with your own fingers…literally!  It’s simple and fun to do.  Most importantly, your love will stay in bloom throughout the year!

Supplies Need:

  • Smooth Glass Vase
  • Glass Paint (your choice of colors)
  • Paint Brush
  • Little Fingers

How to Make:

  1. Paint your child’s thumb with paint (we used green)  for the center of the flower. Press the thumb gently on the center of the vase.
  2. With a paint brush, draw a stem using brown paint from the center of the flower approximately 3” down.
  3. Wash the thumb and repaint it with another color (we used yellow), and press gently along the outside of the center to make a petal.  Continue to create petals around the center, reapplying paint along the way.
  4. Wash and reapply the thumb with green paint, and press along the side of the stem to make a leaf. For smaller leaves, you can use your child’s pinky.