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Valentine’s Day Teacher Gift

Help your child give his teacher some much needed relaxation with a spa day… in a jar.


  • Mason jar, such as Kerr’s pint size
  • Bath salts, such as ArtMinds bath salts
  • Pencil
  • Felt, red or pink
  • Scissors
  • Essential oil, such as ArtMinds Essential Oil Stress Reliever
  • Red mini duck
  • Scrap or decorative paper
  • White glue
  • Soap colorant, such as ArtMinds red
  • Ribbon (red or heart patterned)


Time required: 30 minutes | Difficulty level: beginner

  1. Pour bath salts into a disposable bowl. Add a couple drops of essential oil and soap colorant. Mix well, using a plastic spoon, to create an even color. Note: For a darker hue, add more colorant.
  2. Remove jar lid and pour colored salts into Mason jar.
  3. Disassemble lid (two parts). Using the round lid insert, trace shape onto a piece of felt. Cut out; glue to round piece of lid. Re-assemble lid; twist onto Mason jar.
  4. Glue rubber duck to top of the felted lid; let dry.
  5. Personalize a handmade tag using either scrap or decorative paper.
  6. Wrap ribbon around jar rim; add the tag and tie a knot.