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A Personal Approach

The team at Cramer, Price & de Armas, P.A. place relationships at the center of their legal services

When a legal matter pops up in your life, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed: Where do you start? Who do you call? How is this going to impact your future?

Finding the right help on Day One can make all the difference, which was why the lawyers at Cramer, Price & de Armas, P.A. focused their firm around building a team that works with you through any stage of your life.

Partners Charles (Charlie) Cramer, Stephen (Steve) Price, and R. David (David) de Armas, have been practicing together since 1997, but went into their business with decades of memories between them.

“We were longtime friends before we ever became law partners,” explains David. The trio grew up together at their local church and eventually established their full-service firm. This connection has helped make relationships the focal point of their mission every day. “The success of the firm originates from our strong friendships and is the basis for our solid business,” adds Charlie.

The three lawyers in the firm have almost 100 years of collective legal experience, allowing them to offer an extensive array of specialties. Charlie focuses his practice on estate and tax planning, which includes succession planning for business owners. Charlie and Steve have an established real estate practice.  Steve also handles litigation  in real estate, contract and construction issues.  David handles personal injury and business disputes, though his practice has evolved to finding solutions for his clients in an effort to keep them out of court. Indeed, David has been a mediator for more than 25 of his 35 years of practice.

Because of this experience, many of the firm’s clients have been with them for years, working through a variety of legal matters in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. “We’ve developed long-term relationships because we are able to provide services that touch on every element of a person’s life,” says Price. “Providing support during all of these times—from the celebrations to the setbacks—requires a diverse background with a variety of services that can meet a host of legal, business and personal needs.”

That includes matters close to the hearts of the Cramer, Price & de Armas attorneys, like adoption. In the firm of eight members there are six adopted children.  Price is the adoptive father of three sons now 31, 29 and 23. Going through the complicated process inspired him make adoption law one of the firm’s specialty areas of practice.

“I’ve been on both sides of adoption; I’ve experienced the emotion that goes into the process in so many ways. And I have come to learn the questions a parent might have as well as the legal processes they should know about,” says Price.

Price—who is a Board Certified Adoption Attorney and the current president of the Florida Adoption Council—works with adoption agencies, adoptive parents and biological parents, navigating the law with almost 30 years of experience. He stresses there are no bad questions and it’s never too early to have peace of mind.

“There can be a lot of anxiety in adoption, so there is no downside to talking to an adoption lawyer before contacting an agency. Some questions can be answered by an agency or a lawyer, but ultimately the legal process will come through a lawyer, so there are benefits to having an understanding before beginning the legwork.”

The longtime friends strive to not only provide the best legal representation, they also aim to make their presence felt by being an integral part of the community they live in. Besides serving in their church communities, they also volunteer their time with Orlando’s Guardian ad Litem program, which provides free legal services to children in need.

Price says it is only right to give back to the area that has given so much back to him and his colleagues.

“This is where we’re from,” says Price. “We strive to provide personalized attention and service to our clients because of that.”

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This article originally appeared in Orlando Family Magazine’s November 2020 issue.