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Breaking the Mold

When looking back at Keith Davis’ life, it is clear how important it is to him to set the loftiest of goals and then work hard to attain them. It makes sense, then, that the same approach is such a big part of his practice as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ at Executive Wealth Management of Raymond James in Orlando. Clients are encouraged to set stretch goals for their portfolio, and whether it be a total value goal or annual growth goal, he feels it can challenge their way of thinking.

“I may not fully understand why it means so much to him or her, I just need to know that it is important,” he says. “Proving the doubters wrong is a running theme in my practice and I encourage the challenge.”

Ever since he was young, Davis has refused to let the opinions of others determine his path. That was certainly the case when he became a Pinellas County Deputy Sheriff at the age of 19, much to the surprise of many around him. Davis, who later served as a Marine Corps reservist before graduating from Webster University, similarly surpassed expectations when he shifted gears completely to enter the financial services industry. He remembers one night when buddies from the Port Orange SWAT Team asked him to join them for a night on the town, but he declined because he was studying for his series 7 license. The consequent laughing and joking at his expense still act as a motivator.

“Like I tell people, 26 years later they’re not laughing anymore. I think I’ve made my point,” he says.
“I wanted to do something that was challenging yet rewarding and still help people—just like I was doing in law enforcement—and I think doing what I’m doing now definitely fits all three of those. That’s a true story and it shows the beauty of this country.”

Davis has applied many of the lessons he learned from the Sheriff’s Department and Marine Corps to financial planning, including discipline and the ability to act calmly in pressure situations. He also takes a thorough approach with each client, tailoring their plan to their specific age, goals and risk factors.

That could mean longevity planning for a retired couple or the evaluation of a financial offer from a college for a family, among a wide range of services offered.

“I’m probably the most detailed person you’re ever going to meet and I never forget anything, even the most minute detail,” he says. “With the level of detail that I like to put into my financial plans, I feel like I can almost reach out and predict certain benchmarks and when they’re going to be achieved.”

Davis is a believer in technical analysis and has developed his own model for gauging the ups and downs of the market, poring over data and mathematical technical indicators. He has enjoyed remarkable success in reading the economy, which is all documented and time stamped on his LinkedIn page.

“We’re not timing the market, but we know when to play hard and when not to play so hard,” he explains. “I think three of my best calls came last year. While I am not able to go into any specific details on those market calls, I would encourage readers or anyone with interest to look through my past LinkedIn posts or check out my website’s blog.”

Davis works with many executives and owners of closely held businesses, and no matter what stage of life they are at, they will receive the benefits of his foresight and close personal attention. At the same time, they can take advantage of the resources of a reputable firm like Raymond James.

“To me it’s the best of both worlds,” he says. “We have the support of a large, national brand, but they also trust us to run our business as long as we’re doing what’s right for the client.”

Executive Wealth Management of Raymond James
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301 E. Pine St., Suite 1100 | Orlando, FL 32801

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