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Water Drop Magnets

Homemade gifts of gratitude are ideal for grandma & grandpa, especially for Grandparents Day (September 13). These personalized magnets look like water drops, but create a familiar splash when filled with the faces of grandchildren. Supplies 1″ glass marbles with a flat side Pictures Hot glue Pencil Scissors Magnets Directions Place marble on top of a picture. Using a pencil,... Read More

Seashells Candles

Transform your collected seaside treasures into beautiful candles! These homemade seashell decorations can add a beach-inspired touch to your home, and are perfect for summertime table settings. Materials & Tools Wax candle flakes Tea lights Seashells Glass container Pot Essential oils (optional) Directions Candle wicks: Pop tea light candles out of their metal tins and... Read More

DIY Chalkboard Lap Mat

These DIY chalkboard lap mats will keep kids occupied, entertained, and quiet when traveling in a car or airplane, or at restaurants. Supplies 1/2 yard of thin vinyl or washable fabric (Note: Craft tested using waterproof PUL fabric.) 2 felt squares for inner panels or 2 rectangles of scrap, 8×10 in. size Chalkboard fabric square, 8×10 in. Small scrap of 8-in. ribbon Trim... Read More

DIY Tug Toy

Don’t toss that old t-shirt! Snip it up to make a simple tug toy for your furry friend. Every dog loves to play both fetch and tug-of-war, so this craft combines the two in one DIY toy.   Supplies 1 old t-shirt 1 tennis ball scissors       Instructions Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface and mark off your cuts. You’ll want to make two pieces that are... Read More

DIY Crayons

Is your child’s art bin full of broken crayons? There’s no need to throw them away when you can, instead, upcycle these partially used pieces into new, one-of-a kind, multi-colored creations! Supplies Crayons, broken pieces Flexible molds or ice cube trays (utilized shaped molds, if desired) X-Acto knife, optional Kitchen knife Cookie sheet Instructions Preheat oven to 200°... Read More

DIY Braided T-Shirt Bracelets

Just in time for camp-inspired crafts! Encourage your camper to keep her friendships tightly wrapped using colorful T-shirts. Materials Cotton or jersey T-shirts, to cut Tips: Select garments that you’ve outgrown or pick up used shirts at re-sale stores. White and grey are ideal base colors to pair with pastel or neon cord. 1 yard of rattail cord, per bracelet (Available and... Read More

From Trash to Treasure

Five Easy “Upcycled” DIY Projects Creative do-it-yourself (DIY) “upcycling” isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. Upcycling is simply transforming an old or unused item into something new, functional, and beautiful. With just a few easy steps, you can repurpose trash, like useless household items or garage sale finds, into treasure!   FUNctional Treasures: Planning... Read More

Coffee Can Drum

Kids love music and banging on pots, pans, and plastic containers. Combine their creativity with their musical talent by making this adorable homemade drum. An hour of craft time will end with music to your ears! Materials Aluminum coffee can with plastic lid 2 sheets yellow construction paper 1 sheet tan felt ½ sheet magenta felt Magenta yarn 1 rubber band Scissors Glue stick White... Read More

Jenga Keychain

Family trips create the fondest memories. This craft will keep vacation memories close to your heart and in the palm of your hand! Collect travel maps from your favorite destinations to pair with recycled board game pieces. Creativity and imagination are key to unlocking the treasured memories of your family travels. Materials: Jenga board game piece or other small wooden block Decorative... Read More

Dog Feeding Sign

Paws down… with this very handy sign, you won’t need to worry about when your dog was last fed. Materials: Thin Wood Sign (available at your local craft store) Acrylic Paint & Paintbrush or Colored Markers Ribbon (12” length) Wooden Decals (optional) Hot Glue Gun Steps: Paint a base coat on both sides of the wood sign, any color (we chose black). Paint or color the... Read More

Chalkboard Herbal Pots

These handy herbal pots are not only fun to make, but will also let your kids get involved in making a healthy meal. Once the plants are thriving nicely in their own adorable pot, let your little helper-bees select an appropriate sprig from the plant to be used as you prepare your next meal. When it’s time to plant a new herb in one of the pplanters, simply erase and write the... Read More

Thumbprint Petal Vase

Show your grandparents just how special they really are by creating a unique gift made with your own fingers…literally!  It’s simple and fun to do.  Most importantly, your love will stay in bloom throughout the year! Supplies Need: Smooth Glass Vase Glass Paint (your choice of colors) Paint Brush Little Fingers How to Make: Paint your child’s thumb with paint (we used... Read More

Psychedelic Flower-Power Pots


These colorful plant holders are far-out, man! Plenty of summer days left, so there’s still time to plant a pretty petunia in this groovy pot and enjoy some fab flowers. What you’ll need: Terra cotta pot –  use a 6 or 8 inch pot Terra cotta pot sealer – found at the hardware store in the gardening section near the pots Acrylic paints – assorted colors Brushes Clear glass... Read More

Colorful Stained Glass Block


Let your creative light shine through Any time you can get the kids involved in a craft that doesn’t have to be hung on the refrigerator, it’s a good thing. This pretty stained glass block is easy to make and incredibly useful on a windowsill, in front of a candle, or as a gift for Mom on her special day. It’s clearly a craft for family members of all ages and artistic abilities. What... Read More

There’s No Place Like a “Gnome Home”

Gnome Homes Whimsical gnome homes of all sizes will add a touch of color and playfulness to your winter flower beds.  They are so easy to make and kids of any age can paint them! Buy your rocks from a craft store or collect a few while on vacation. Larger rocks will be easier for younger kids to decorate. •    Wash your rocks to make sure your paint will adhere. •    Using... Read More