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All About Balance

Simone Biles was smitten with gymnastics from the moment she discovered the sport as a six-year-old. Considered an elite athlete by the age of 14, Biles went on to become one of the world’s most celebrated gymnasts, with dozens of Olympic and World medals, among other awards, to her credit. “As soon as I started gymnastics, I loved the freedom of the sport and having so much... Read More

Last Man Standing

Ethan Hawke is a sucker for a good love story. When he first heard about the idea of taking on the story of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, he initially hesitated. The couple’s daughter, Claire Olivia Newman, wanted Hawke to make a documentary that would transcend their iconic status and take a deep look at their respective careers—and, of course, their made-for-Hollywood... Read More

‘Helping Others Help Themselves’

Central Florida is fortunate to have a strong presence of nonprofits and philanthropic organizations that strive to uplift the community in various ways. But even in that crowded landscape, Dr. Phillips Charities manages to stand out with its staying power, unique background and far-reaching impact. Comprised of two distinct divisions—Dr. Phillips Inc. and The Dr. P. Phillips... Read More

Worthy of Attention

Gabby Goodwin, Oviedo girls swimming A sensational distance swimmer, Goodwin was the 4A state champion in the 500 freestyle last year in a school-record time of 4:50.84 and also placed third in the 200 free. She is committed to Florida State. OFM: Has it sunk in that this is your last year of high school and is it a bittersweet feeling? GG: I kind of feel both ways. High school... Read More

Top Dentists 2022

As the pandemic put a renewed focus on one’s overall health and well-being, proper dental health has taken center stage. Sure, regular visits to the dentist will help protect your teeth and gums, but they can also help you avoid other serious health issues, like increased risk for cardiovascular disease or pneumonia. Here in Central Florida, we are lucky to have such a talented... Read More

Scenic South Florida

One of the best places to visit in the state, as the weather begins to cool, is South Florida. While only a few hours away by car, it can often feel like an escape to a tropical paradise. From its pristine beaches with relaxing days to clubs and restaurants with a vivacious nightlife to its deluxe accommodations, South Florida is an ideal vacation destination for Central Floridians.... Read More

An Inspiring Performance

Logan Marmino may be just 12 years old, but after spending a little time talking with the young man you instantly can observe that he is wise beyond his years. He’s spirited and eager to embrace life, seizing opportunities no matter how daunting they appear at first glance.  In fact, when he happened upon a worldwide casting call search on Instagram for a 12-year-old amputee... Read More

In This Together

On many different levels, the topic of suicide can be an uncomfortable one to discuss, but having those difficult conversations can help bring about positive change. For those struggling with their mental health to the point where they are thinking of ending their own life, to have folks lending their support and strength can make a world of difference in helping to avoid tragedy. But,... Read More

Top Physicians 2022

  It’s easy to marvel at modern medicine and the advancements being made to improve peoples lives. One needs to look no further than the rapid speed at which COVID – 19 vaccines and preventive medicine were developed to try and combat the ongoing pandemic . Here in Central Florida, we are considerably lucky to have so many talented and skilled medical providers... Read More

Reader’s Choice: Best of the Best 2022

              We're sorry, but this Readers' Choice poll expired  Read More

Living in Harmony

On March 11, 2020, Josh Groban was in Orlando, Florida, for a concert at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. Looking back, he remembers the performance because of the energetic give-and-take with fans, but also because the world would never be the same afterward.  “It was the last show we did before lockdown,” says Groban. “We were feeling the love and wondering... Read More

Come On Down

Forty years of harsh Pennsylvania winters can take a toll on anybody, especially someone like Jim Culp, who doesn’t have much tolerance for blizzards and blustery conditions. His decision to move to Central Florida in 2020 wasn’t entirely based on the weather, of course, but it certainly was one of the main motivating factors. In fact, when he was packing up his home outside... Read More

A Constant Community

Education, in all its forms, is an invaluable asset. When approached correctly, an academic education encourages the curiosity, confidence and critical thinking that help a child blossom into a citizen ready to take on the world. Beyond that, an emotional education that develops soft skills helps parents in need provide for and support their families in ways that give their children... Read More

Above Par

“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening—and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.” Those words from the late, great Arnold Palmer ring true for many golfers, no matter if they are on the PGA Tour or those of us who are just trying to... Read More

A Grade Above: The 2022 Public High School Report Card

With the new school year right around the corner, we are taking our annual look at how the area’s public high schools measure up in key areas. Gleaning information from the Florida Department of Education, we were able to gather key data in areas like average SAT scores, graduation rates and senior class sizes. Furthermore, we also had the chance to speak with Dr. Maria Vazquez,... Read More

Close Call

Glenn Close is truly in a class by herself. There are few film, stage and television actors who have portrayed such a wide range of unforgettable characters and consistently done so at such a high level of excellence and critical acclaim. In fact, Close has won more than 70 acting awards over four decades, including three Golden Globes and three Emmys. Her remarkable career serves... Read More

Parenting Guide: Special Needs

Tara Halaychick, the high school guidance counselor at Pace Brantley Preparatory, notes that students often greet their first day at the school—which exclusively enrolls K-12 children who have learning disabilities—with a learned mistrust. “Typically, when they first step foot on campus as a new student, they’ve had an experience before Pace that wasn’t so great, so they... Read More

Parenting Guide: Senior Living

The onset of COVID and the wide-ranging interruptions and upheaval it unceremoniously dropped on a global population meant that everyone had to adapt to a new normal, and fast. Suddenly, our worlds shrunk as loved ones, neighbors and daily routines were off-limits and feeling inaccessibly far away. Quickly pivoting to digital avenues to both stay connected and tend to those daily... Read More

Parenting Guide: Health and Wellness

For parents, the care and well-being of their children is one of the most important things in the world. Therefore, finding a pediatrician who best meets the needs of their child is paramount. But how do you know who the best doctor for your child is? Orlando Family Magazine recently spoke with several experts in the field who offered advice on things to look for and some pertinent... Read More

Parenting Guide: Family Fun

Now that school is out, many families are looking into summer vacation options. Living in Central Florida offers an abundance of choices for staycations, as well as easy access to cruising ports. Road trips and air travel allow families to explore areas outside of their everyday lives. Whatever the selection, traveling as a family has many advantages and can help create precious... Read More

Parenting Guide: Education

Parental support and guidance are often integral components to a child’s early successes. However, finding the right balance of nudging without nagging has proven to be a struggle for many parents. Tim McDermott of Tim McDermott Tutoring & Test Prep in Maitland believes, “it’s actually healthy for parents to hold their children to high standards, but only to the point... Read More