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Where Patients Become Parents

For those struggling to become pregnant, scrolling through social media can bring up mixed emotions. As you look at pictures of smiling babies taking their first steps or puckering at their first taste of a lemon, there is happiness but also a deep sense of yearning.  But you keep scrolling until a post stops you in your tracks: a friend announced she is pregnant, and she says... Read More

Comprehensive Care

Our experience with doctors begins when we are young. While we don’t remember much from those formative years, we carry with us the experiences we have, and over time we develop an understanding of how important health care is.  Because a healthy body, mind and spirit are so important, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a primary care provider that you feel comfortable and... Read More

Health Care Done Right

The idea of putting the doctor-patient relationship at the forefront of primary care medicine continues to be the focus at MDVIP, a national network of primary care physicians. Founded in 2000, MDVIP’s mission is to help primary care physicians “provide life-changing personalized preventive care so members can lead healthier and more vibrant lives.” With more than 1,000 primary... Read More

Finding Hope

One in 44. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that is the number of children affected by autism in the United States. Despite the statistics, children with autism, and their families, still find themselves in a place of frustration, isolation and desperation, when it comes to receiving the help needed. Autism had not yet taken the stronghold it now... Read More

A Brave Step Toward Fatherhood

Since opening its doors in 2017 as the first Florida location of a nationally renowned network of fertility clinics, Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA) in Lake Mary has assisted hundreds of patients in achieving their dreams of becoming parents. Naturally, when these happy couples end up delivering healthy babies, they are eager to share photos of their little bundles of joy... Read More

Getting Better Together

Whether you’re struggling to find your footing in the midst of COVID’s drawn-out uncertainty, navigating ongoing personal issues, or in need of nonjudgmental feedback, help is never far away. Since 2015, Anne-Marie Miglionico and the Tranquil Waters Counseling team have been providing that sympathetic support and gentle guidance to Central Florida’s residents when they need... Read More

Beyond Banking

On June 9, 1902, in the small upstate town of Schenectady, the Schenectady Trust Company opened its doors for business with just 11 employees. The first branch, located at 320 State Street—which is still in operation to this day—served as the epicenter for the bank for many years until the demand for additional locations caused the bank to branch out into Schenectady and beyond.... Read More

Making Mental Health a Priority

Lindsey Phillips is quite familiar with the effects mental health struggles can have on families. As the director of external affairs for Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, she knows how difficult it can be to not only recognize that intervention may be necessary—whether it’s for a child who may be continuously acting out or a teenager who is suddenly full of angst—but... Read More

Keeping Your Skin Safe

With the arrival of spring, more and more Central Floridians will be eager to spend their time outdoors and enjoying the favorable weather conditions. However, all that time soaking up the sunshine is not without risk and it can ultimately lead to serious skin damage and dangerous outcomes.  Skin cancer rates are steadily rising in the United States, where more than 3.5 million... Read More

Exceptional Care

Dr. Colleen McCain had a particularly interesting introduction to the world of veterinary medicine. While spending her first few years practicing in rural Michigan, she gained valuable experience learning the industry and treating a number of different animals—including one skunk. But it was an unforgettable experience with an unruly cow chasing her around a stall that convinced... Read More

A Family Affair

It’s no secret that owners think of their beloved pets as true members of their family, showering them with love, attention and care. And just as one would seek out the best pediatric care for their child, choosing the right veterinarian is of the utmost importance for pet parents. Luckily, for the last four decades one area practice has distinguished itself from the rest by providing... Read More

A Bright Future for Patients Facing Infertility 

Infertility can be one of the most devastating events for patients to endure. There are psychological and emotional ramifications that pile up like hopelessness, guilt, frustration, anxiety, loneliness and even depression. When faced with infertility, having the support of a professional team that is known for high rates of success and—just as important—for their compassion... Read More

The Perfect Fit

Although the patients who visit Dr. George Patounakis at Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA) Florida can be described as hopeful parents, often, “hope” is exactly what they are most in need of. Many have been told at other fertility clinics that they cannot use their own eggs or sperm to make an embryo or will not be able to carry a pregnancy, and their dreams of becoming... Read More

A Bundle of Fun

Everyone is familiar with the phrase, “You can’t please everyone,” and the folks at Dezerland Park Orlando are no exception. They just don’t seem to believe in the tired, old cliché—and upon stepping foot in Florida’s largest indoor attraction, it’s easy to see why. The 850,000-square-foot space was officially unveiled in late 2020 and has quickly established itself... Read More

A Summer to Remember

Every day at Camp Rockmont for Boys, a Christian summer camp located in the mountains of Western North Carolina, holds the promise of a different adventure, whether the kids are participating in a favorite activity or trying a new one they never even dreamed was possible.  Before that, however, the mornings start with a tradition that might seem a little unusual at first, but becomes... Read More

A Closer Look

Every parent wants nothing more than for their children to grow up and live a long life full of happiness and good health. And while most will say just looking into their little one’s eyes can elicit tremendous joy, sometimes it’s what they don’t see that could be a cause for concern.  A young child’s vision plays an integral role in their ability to learn and develop,... Read More

A Reason to Smile

Fravel Brewer Orthodontics, photo by Roberto Gonzalez Dr. Breck Brewer acknowledges that his career path might be a little unconventional, but it was the perfect way to satisfy both his drive to help others and the desire to serve his country.  As he was preparing for the world beyond his undergraduate studies at Florida State University, the Central Florida native applied to dental... Read More

New Year, New You

Many of us were eager for the chance to spend gather with family and friends around the holidays given these trying times. But now that the New Year has arrived and resolutions are being made, many are switching their focus to their overall health and wellbeing. For those looking for a fresh start in 2022, a visit with a trusted skin care specialist should be on your checklist. In... Read More


Patient-centered care. An idea often conceptualized in health care facilities, but often never fully realized until now. For the staff at Orlando-based 26Health, it is not enough to say it is their goal to treat the entire patient. They make it happen. “The organization truly takes a holistic view of the patient,” says Manny Carames, director of behavioral health and adoptions.... Read More

Diabetes and Your Eyesight

Diabetes is said to be one of the fastest-growing chronic diseases in the world, and in the United States alone it affects 34.2 million people. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that’s roughly one out of every 10 of the population. Even more jarring is the fact that one in five don’t even know they have the disease.  What, exactly, does this have... Read More

Experts in Eye Care

The health and wellness of your eyes should never be overlooked. Proper care of your eyes and vision is a key component to your overall health. The physicians of Central Florida Eye Specialists understand this and are dedicated to excellence in ophthalmology. The practice has been tending to the eye care needs of Orlando-area patients for over 30 years. With six convenient locations... Read More